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dumb teenage antics #24781 [voice]

Okay, guys, I've given this request thing some thought.

[Quite a bit, since he's been quiet for quite a while, and hasn't been doing much of anything-]

After Jason gave Sayaka, Ven, and I our matching set of scalpel wounds, I realized that we may have actually irritated him, even if only a little bit. And if this is his month, then next month he theoretically won't be handling requests.

[A pause.]

So, who wants to join in flooding the request box? If a bunch of people request for him to get punched on a month that isn't his, we might get somewhere. I kinda doubt it, but I have to try.

'Course, if you request this, you might wake up with a hand stab- or worse, if he somehow hijacks the situation. Which he probably will. Just, be ready for potential pain, okay?

[[OOC: Here is a convenient link to the IC request box!]]
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Why are we bothering to ask him for things again?
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Re: [voice]

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I heard there was a special elevator shaft.
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Re: [voice]

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I don't die easy.

[Which means he's going to try it sooner or later.]

I've also heard that you can get them up here if you make a big enough riot, but not even the shit in the library got to them.
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Like, get to the people running this place, fuck up their shit, drag them out of their little hidey-hole, and kick their asses until they send us home?