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[There's only one 'mysterious anon' behind the keyboard today, even if their secret identity had been somewhat compromised - Sayaka's banking on the hope that no one had really figured out what was up that day, and that no one read back through the network entries like they had.
The sheer amount of people that questioned who Jason was, and what he had done - it was just teeth-grinding. That had to be fixed. Thus, she had once again turned on anon and changed her font to the eponymous Times New Roman.

...This whole thing took her literally hours to type because writing professional sounding things is hard ugh Jin.... she... really needs to talk to you after that mess the other day....]

In the spirit of unity and spreading accurate info, we made a list of happenings connected to the admin named Jason. They're presented with no comment by us, so make your own opinions.

June, last year:
Jason's been a figure in the tower since people were first taken here. Maybe a week or so after things 'opened for business,' the four admins appeared in person for a question and answer session in the cafeteria.

September, last year: a mandatory survey appears. Everyone who comes in contact with it is forced to answer questions on a confusing range of topics.

October, last year: Eight people are abducted and presumably taken into the lower, admin-only levels of the tower. There they are put through wildly variable surgeries (one girl had a Phantom forcibly connected to her, while someone else mentioned a variety of minor body modifications). Meanwhile, seemingly random individuals in the tower are assigned into lettered groups. The eight victims were returned to the tower at large, and shortly after the groups began acting out in unusual ways against them, mostly violently. Connection to Jason is drawn by us retrospectively.

April, this year: Another survey, like the prior one. People are this time forced to answer what their fears are.

May, this year: We were preemptively warned about Jason being in charge this month, by Dax. A large amount of people were placed into a labyrinth with a single weapon, and expected to fight to the death. They were trapped until all but one person had died. This lasted a week, and was constantly broadcasted over the network. People who had answered the earlier survey but were not selected to be part of the fighting were able to lend limited aid, through a menu, to the people trapped. This inflicted them with nightmares as a backlash.The food provided to the cafeteria was similar that month to what we have now.

EDIT: Also in May was another Q&A session, this time ran over the network, and answered exclusively by Jason. The validity and sincerity of his answers are in question.

June, this year: Three of the admins, Riki, Dax, and Jason himself, participate in a contest to determine who can run the tower 'the best.' This contest is run by a fourth admin, Ruana. Each participant maintains different living conditions in a small space with a small group of people. Jason's group were put into individual cells, all with a view of an operating room. They were given a diet also similar to the food available in the cafeteria now. At least once weekly, each person would be carted into the operation room and altered horrifically. This went on until Jason was disqualified from the contest, and Ruana took over running his group for a last, final week.

September, this year: Three individuals who had submitted a request to the suggestion box woke up with answers to their questions attached to their hands via scalpel. The notes were all signed 'J.'

If you have any reports of other events you can tie to Jason's previous behavior, please post them here.
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accidental video

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[A video is sent out as Lancer slams his hand against the keyboard and accidentally activates that function. There's nothing being said for the first minute or two, just the sound of him gritting his teeth as he glares at the text.]

...Fuck them.
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Lemme guess. Monsters in the library also their doing?
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Re: [anon text]

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Are there any times when he's not being an asshole?
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Re: [anon text]

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[No need to talk about something he couldn't beat.]

Is he the worst of the lot?
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Re: [anon text]

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Well, that's a small comfort.