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I am Sephiroth.

[Though which Sephiroth is it? The ID number attached to the post reads S1297993 rather than S1727002, for those who know there are two Sephiroths, are familiar with those numbers, and take the time to notice. Then again, the tone of the post may also be a hint.]

I have been researching the monsters in the Tower. I am curious as to why they are treated so differently than we are, although they likely come from other worlds as well. They have no collars, and they roam freely. They are not wire constructs containing souls, as we are. They were not altered during the glamour failure. They appeared as normal. Many of them are absent during the day. Where do they go? What is their nature? Why are they here?

If you have any ideas or theories, I would be interested in hearing them.

Also, I have noticed that there is a discrepancy in my memories. If there is anyone capable of reading or altering memories, please contact me.

Thank you.
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—So dat wasn't jus' my imagination!

[The feed's sudden, with David's mug up close and personal to the camera before leaning away, as if he'd just punched the transmit button while reacting to Sephiroth's message.]
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[Huh. David wasn't expecting that young on the other end of the line. He's visibly taken aback for a moment while Sephiroth responds, but David doesn't hesitate in answering.]

Yeah. That whole glamour failure stuff? When we found out we're just made of bendy wires and goop? Ran into a pack of dose punks.

[He rubs the back of his neck, where his helmet tends to clink against his collar. Or, well—that's his real neck, isn't it?]

Still tryin' to figure dat out. Why dey got flesh an' blood bodies an' we don't.
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[David leans forward where he's sitting, thoughtfully tapping the knuckles of an armored glove against his chin while Sephiroth replies.]

Dat's weird, if it's da former. 'Cause da types I ran into? Dey looked pretty human. Uh—well, really badly messed up, but you could kinda tell what they shoulda been. Before whatever it was messed 'em up.

Dere's somebody I met a few times, goes by Enoch—he was tellin' me somethin' like da latter. But only with a certain kind of monster. Phantoms, he called 'em. Dey sound a lot like vengeful spirits to me, if you know da type.
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Sorry about the long delay! I posted a notice on the OOC comm about what's going on with me.

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Lesse ...

[David repositions the unlit cigar in his mouth before responding.]

Dey suck da life outta ya if you get too close. I dunno if it's life-force soul stuff they're takin' or if dey're suckin' our collar—dat soul jar fluid. Either way, you don't wanna be near 'em. Here's da ting, though—Enoch says dey're likely people one of da admins tried pullin' to da tower an' failed.

[He leans back in his chair, crossing his arms, revealing the powered armor suit he's wearing. Alas, if only everyone's belongings weren't just film and framework in the Tower ...]

If dat's true, den we gotta help 'em somehow. Enoch told me he tried lettin' dem suck on him deliberately, but saw no change. He thinks dey gotta have a body here. We were gonna try somethin' else, see if my Medical Device woulda fixed 'em without endangering people, 'cause I've used it on disembodied spirits an' souls back home. But—well, dat plan went out da window when we found out all our stuff is just goop here.