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[video] Hints

[[OOOC: Backdated to the beginning of the month because I fail really really hard.]]

[Dani's post is short, simple, and to the point. She's looking a bit worn out, and disgruntledly so. She holds up her regain, an odd device]

Hey, did anybody get something that they don't know what it is?

[And that's it. Feed cut.]
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[On his end, David leans forward into the camera. Though it can't be seen through the red sheen of his visor, he's squinting his eyes at the device she's holding in her hand.]

"Ecto-dejecto," huh ...

[He readjusts the (still unlit) cigar in his mouth while taking a moment to think on that.]

Y'know—I ain't an egghead, but any time I come across somethin' with "ecto" in it, it's usually some kind of supernatural goo. Usually ghost gunk.
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[And David is none the wiser!]

Good question. All's I can say is, use it on a ghost, see what it does. We got ghostie-type monsters in dis tower, right? People were tellin' me about phantoms before.