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Aqua ([personal profile] prayerless) wrote in [community profile] animus_network2014-04-20 01:37 am
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[The woman who appears on the video feed might be familiar to some of the Tower residents, particularly the older ones; though, really, not necessarily as old as she thinks, but she doesn't realise there have been other Aquas here since she left.

Despite the situation, she sits up straight and offers a smile.]
Hello. My name is Aqua. Some of you might know me, but I've been gone for a long time.

If anyone remembers the whale that attacked the Tower, I was returned home after that. I know it's been... [a small pause, and though her smile doesn't falter, her gaze does, just for a moment. Her eyes fall away from the camera as she continues, in a slightly softer voice.] ...a while, so I think I've missed a lot.

[She looks into the camera again, holding her head up straight.] If anyone could tell me what's happened since I left, I would appreciate it. [And, with resolve:] I want to help.

I'm in the library on the third floor if you'd rather meet in person. [She nods her head in a small, polite gesture of recognition.] Thank you.

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