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✪ 002: Video (Backdated to 19th)

[For the next couple of days since he responded to Waver Velvet's summons, David's spent a few days in Aria's hideout looking over the reports Reno's collected, trying to get an idea of what to expect once the stealth operation is a go. On the 19th, he posts a video to the Network. Judging from the background, he's on Floor Three, the library.]

Arright—so I'm gonna get dis out of da way first, since I think dere's a lotta people who ain't seen me around an' I didn't introduce myself last time.

[He points a thumb at himself.]

I'm da Darin' Little David—but if you ain't into superhero names, David's arright with me. I've been spendin' a lotta my free time in da past year tryin' to get around a problem. I figure I might as well ask about it on da network 'cause I ain't gettin' nowheres—

[David leans off to the side. There's some rustling of something that sounds lacquered and metallic—and when David sits back up, he's got a rifle in his hands that's as big as he is, given he's kinda short. It's painted in the same "olive drab" and dull gold color scheme as the suit of armor.]

Dis thing here? When da Admins brought me to da Tower, dey left me without any ammo for it. Or any of my other stuff. I've been lookin' for somebody who can fix dat for me. Makin' it, creatin' it with magic or somethin', whatever works.

[As he speaks, he lets the video get a good look at the rifle as he turns it over in his hands, but keeping proper trigger discipline and handling at all times. After that, David leans over to the side again, putting the rifle away.]

If you can help me out but don't wanna talk about it over da terminals, lemme know an' well go someplace eavesdroppin'-free.

[... Maybe he should have worded that more like how Waver did when he posted his summons a few days ago.]

—but yeah, uh—anybody dat can help, I'll owe ya one!

[After that, David reaches over to the monitor and cuts the feed. Now, he just has to hope that someone responds ...]

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