03 January 2013 @ 05:04 pm
*Allen's looking a little on edge when he starts the recording, half annoyed and half wary.*

I think...we need to talk. In person, preferably. Meet me in the third floor library when you have the chance.
09 August 2012 @ 02:37 am
I need help!

[ Doc Brown doesn't look different from usual when he appears on the screen. Mind you! He has gotten a lot of sleep lately... But he looks like- In dire need of assistance! ]

Doctor Emmett Brown here. I have been working on an electronic game that involves humanoid interaction with a specifically designed user interface in order to generate visual feedback on a video device, or like it is more commonly called, a video game- Nothing special, simply a game to ease the mind of the people in this tower. It is a fighting game, with the intent to feature the administrators of this tower as a stress reliever.

[ QUITE CLEARLY That's the best kind of video game. Who here wouldn't want to beat up Jason and unlock all trophies and achievement? Not to mention the competitive multiplayer mode. ]

But I will never be able to finish it alone! I need people to help me design it, the making of a video game is something very complicated and unfortunately I am not qualified to make it alone!
31 July 2012 @ 08:48 pm
[ Guess who has already settled well into his apartment? Wilhelm has set himself up into a nice little corner, with a desk, a small phonograph playing some rather old music, and a strange, golden disc, complete with two rotating circles similar to a sextant, and a green, translucent cube made of energy. ]

What a fascinating world this is.

[ Wilhelm muses, though his face isn't quite in the camera; just the left half of his body, and the bottom part of his chin visible as he rests it in his palm. One of the circles of the Compass is rotating madly, while the other is only slowly turning. ]

The collective unconscious has become difficult to read. I find it difficult to believe that my world was destroyed, but the collective unconscious has never been this uncooperative before.

[ Despite the fact that he's been ripped out of his own world and into one entirely unfamiliar to him, he seems... calm. Perhaps even content. The truth is, he's feeling absolutely devastated right now, due to him knowing that somehow, he might have failed at his mission. Only one person here will be able to tell, though; and it's the only person here mentally connected to him that can tell his true emotions beneath the pokerface. ]

Might I ask what became of my own world? Or how it met its fate?