18 January 2013 @ 03:24 pm
just cause askin aint evver hurt anyone
i dont suppose some a you feel like sharin a pint or twwo a blood wwith a poor starvvin undead abomination
i mean
here i am
askin all politely an shit
an its all goin to the good cause a me Not Starvvin
cause lemme tell you
Not Fun at all
i mean wwe havve Great Concerns an all wwith all this Temporal Fuckery messin up shit all ovver the place
an i Get It
its important stuff
but seriously
help a brother out

that said
if yer Drunk or Drugged or you havve a Condition
the answers no
but No
sharin is carin an all
except wwhen it comes to hangovvers
20 December 2012 @ 09:49 am
i owwe a lot a people apologies for last wweek
i dont really remember things clearly
but wwhat i do remember is pretty fuckin shitty
im sorry about that, please dont take anythin i said
to heart
im just
i wwish there wwas somethin i could do to make it better
but i dont evven knoww so
im just goin to stay out a evveryones hair from noww on

[By which he means you won't be seeing him again til mid-January at the earliest. 8) Yay for highly avoidant wangsty teenagers. He won't be replying to this entry, either. Sorry.]
er, the jadeblood one?
i think i havve somethin thats yours
hopefully you havve somethin thats mine
ill be in the media floor if you wwant to chat, hon
02 September 2012 @ 03:20 am
AG: Sso I guessss thiss place issn't the Veil or anything like that, huh?
AG: Thiss note iss sort of vague. Doess it mean Alternia hass been desstroyed or that the meteor hass? Becausse the firsst one I already knew about.
AG: If it meanss the ssecond one hass too... Did everybody from my ssessssion make it here ssafely??
AG: I guessss this putss my planss on halt, though it could alsso mean that the Demon iss gone too? That would be kinda great and really convenient!! It'd be nice if I didn't have to get sstabbed after all.
AG: Maybe I had ssome of Tavross'ss luck?
AG: Anyway, all of that doessn't matter much right now, I ssupposse. I jusst really want to make ssure that my friendss are alright too.
AG: Honesstly, I'm not even ssure if anybody elsse is here, but I ssaw ssome other namess on the placard outsside the room I woke up in, sso that'ss gotta mean ssomething, right??
AG: I really hope ssomebody iss here, because it would really ssuck to be by yoursself in a huge tower with nothing to do! I guessss I could jusst go back to sshoveling hoofbeasst sshit or ssome other animal sshit on one of thosse floorss I checked out.
AG: But it would sstill really SSUCK even if thosse were the breakss, and that would mean that I'm a dumbassss who keepss talking to hersself. But alsso a dumbassss who issn't embarrassssing hersself if there are people around.
AG: Ughhhh, anyway!!
AG: If anybody iss here, esspecially if it iss ssomeone I know, but it'ss OK even if I don't know you, pleasse jusst messssage me back.
AG: Hopefully there iss ssomebody here that knowss more about thiss place than I do, that hass maybe been here longer? }:)
AG: Thankss in advance!!
...i Am Awware
that i havve not been particularly
so i wwould like to Apologize to anyone wwhos gotten caught at the receivvin end a me bein a grubfuckin asshole

...that includes you, vvan--karkat
i said a lot a shit i shouldnt havve
oh WWell
so much for that
i guess im back noww
id ask wwhat i missed but
wwhy dont i savve us all some time
an just assume shit wwas throwwn into the biggest fan avvailable
good enough?

[ The video clicks on to show Dolorosa fussing with the computer. Well, most of her. Only the bottom of her head is visible, as whoever used this terminal last is far shorter than she is. After a few moments of this, the camera shakes and refocuses to show her face, and after double-checking it against the display on the monitor, she smiles and places her hands in her lap.

She looks tired, and the bags under her eyes have deepened from getting very little sleep this past month.

Well, I'm pleased to see they have heard and followed my suggestion to improve the cafeteria menu! The recent state of affairs has been simply atrocious, we can't have growing children expected to receive their necessary sustenance from such negligent offerings.

More than this, it allows little excuse for one to not eat healthfully, so I must encourage you all to observe your proper nutritional schedule each day. Should you require assistance, or perhaps more direct motivation, [ ie. her pulling you by the ear to the cafeteria ] my services remain available.

I'm glad to see local operations improving following the dreadful events of the past weeks.

[ Of course, she...doesn't know about the puffer fish soup... ]
02 July 2012 @ 09:56 am
Specifically for the occupants of 2-10
[When Dirk awakens and can't move at first, he finds himself panicking. This isn't something that normally happens, so it's a huge relief when he actually is able to move. Immediately, he's able to tell he's not where he should be. His memory is a little hazy due to the fact he's still waking up, but he knows that the last thing he was doing, which certainly wasn't sleeping. Who could sleep when their home was under attack?

The letters he finds answers a few of the initial questions he has, but it leaves a billion more unanswered. His world was destroyed? Given the state it was in, he isn't surprised, but he was supposed to get into the game first. He's pretty sure this isn't it. This is horribly disconcerting, because he can't help but wonder about his friends. Did they make it to safety? Are they here?

After another few moments, he's aware he's not the only person in the room either. Well then.]

...Who are you people.

Network; open.
I'm not entirely sure what is going here, so perhaps someone can shed some light on this situation.
How is it that I've arrived here?
I'm finding the information provided by the welcoming committee highly doubtful for a multitude of reasons that I don't have time to get into at this time.
With that, I'll cut to the chase; in the off-chance that it's actually correct, that my world was destroyed, I must ask.
Does anyone know Roxy Lalonde, Jake English, Jane Crocker and their whereabouts?
25 May 2012 @ 08:39 pm
I've been thinking about what to do about the giant spider everyone's been getting eaten by lately, and I think I came up with something. I'm going to ask the admins to get rid of it in the suggestion box. They keep saying they want to help us, so they should put their money where their mouth is.

To anyone that was wondering what it is, someone posted saying it was a lusus? Which is like a big animal thing that acts as a guardian for a troll. Not that that explains why it was eating people, which brings me around to--

Okay, I hardly know you, but Vriska Serket, what the heck where you thinking?! If it's your lusus, you can't exactly have missed what was going on! How could you just let it eat people? I don't care if they came back, it still ate them.

Are all of you that got attacked okay?
i thought i wwas done wwith this but apparently im not
oh fuck
wwere just
goin to organize ourselvves
as usual
consider this a memo wwhat wwith the lack a an actual memo
maybe itll wwork out better in the long run this wway
try not
you knoww
wwell you knoww
just remember this is public because i
dont knoww howw to lock stuff an
if any a you figured it out
pass it along
you knoww wwhos stuck here in the towwer
you knoww wwhat to do
an please
dont be grubfuckin shitstains that evveryone hates
one a us
wwill end up stuck here
dealin wwith the aftermath
Dont Screww Up

the rest a you
readin this
im really sorry about this

[ooc: Time shenanigans! Eridan has been splitting off into several dozen doomed selves who are now running around the tower getting killed, and will probably descend on this entry en masse. Which is gonna get very confusing, very frustrating, very soon. Have fun?]
06 February 2012 @ 10:39 pm
[Teal text appears on the screen, but it is not accompanied by capital letters or numbers.]

I hλve λ problem!
Ψhoever is in chλrge of this tower, I'd lichen it if you could lend λn eλr.
It is λ big problem. I just don't know ΨHλT I'm going to do with this bλd little seed.
You see, this isn't λt λll where I'm supposed to be.
This L-ΣTT-ΣR is λ LI-----Σ! I think it's wreλthsonλble thλt I'm λ little bit UPS---ΣT!

How do I know it is a lie?
Because this isn't what I agreed to.
No, no, not at all.
I was working with plenty of time to spare.
You didn't save me!
Nothing could have saved us.
Well, you must already know if you've already gone and... interrupted it.

And to be honest, that's making me pretty angry.
Really angry.

I knew exactly what I was doing, and you'd dare to

[The text suddenly cuts off as if the writer has tried to gain a grip on their anger. When it returns, the tone is decidedly more cheerful.]

I hλve no interest in stλying!
So if λnyone could point their fork towλrds the exit, I'd be releλfed. :)

[It then switches to video. A young female troll is shown on the screen. Nothing out of the ordinary for those familiar with her kind.

Except, maybe, for the fact that she looks like she's splattered with a rainbow of paint. Huh. There is a strangely dreamy look on the girl's face, and she gazes at the camera in an unfocused manner, a smear of dark red on her cheek.]

I am Feferi, by the way. I almost forgot my shrubbin' manners!

translation for text )
I Am Informed By The Practitioners In The Infirmary That It Is Recommended That I Remain Confined To This Slab They Mistakenly Believe Is Conducive To Slumber, Despite Its Lack Of An Appropriate Sopor Baptism, But I Find The Inactivity To Only Inspire Further Restlessness.
It Has Taken Some Time For Me To Familiarize Myself With This Contrivance, So I Hope You Will Forgive Any Missteps I May Take As I Practice My Initial Attempt At Bipedal Mobilization With It, As It Were.
As An Example, I Seem To Have Forgotten My Manners; Here I Am, A Perfect Stranger To The Majority Of Individuals Monitoring This System Of Messages, Rambling On Mindlessly Prior To Accomplishing A Proper Introduction.
I Pray You Will Consider Forgiving Me For This Unconscionable Oversight.
I Am The Dolorosa.
You May Be Already Familiar With My Little One, The Signless, And I Bear No Shame As I Inform You That I Am His Lusus, Though That Is Rarely The Title I Prefer.
But It Is Hardly Myself That I Bear Interest In Hearing About In This Venture--Well, Reading May Be More Appropriate, I Suppose--But I Would Like To Learn About Each Of You.
Until I Am Granted Opportunity To Greet Such A Collection Personally, I Suppose This Will Have To Be Sufficient.
i think this is a stupid thing to ask
but i cant think a any other wway to phrase it

wwhat are wwe evven Supposed To Do here?
not get culled by monsters at night an eat wwhatevver they feed us an just

thats it?

[...someone is not taking well to being "aimless". Help? Also, if you want to run into him he's in the Network terminal closest to 1-10. I'm cool with action tags.]