Huh, that time of the year again huh? Man, I feel so old.

It's been over three years huh? I wonder what everyone's doing now.

[ She's not really paying attention to what she's saying over the computers, but she knows the computer is recording. ]

I wonder how everyone is...hmmm.

[ ooc: Ishtar's Birthday and she's reminiscing the past. silly pointless post but feel free to bother her. She'd be happy to make new friends :> ]
19 November 2012 @ 03:01 am
[Immediately after this thread, Waver types up a text entry on the network. He doesn't really think about what he's saying, he just needs to warn as many people as possible.]

I assume most people here read this. This is important. Ryuunosuke Uryuu is from my world, and he's said he doesn't see a point in doing the same here, but nonetheless, I think everyone should be aware of any potential danger. If I said nothing and something happened...I would be partially to blame.

He was a serial killer - children, mostly.

[Even still the memory is terrible, and his hands shake as he types.]

I found where he kept the bodies. He calls it 'art'. I can't imagine anything worse than that scene. They didn't even look human anymore.

Just be careful. He seemed nice enough. That's the worst part.

Edit -

It was noted I should describe him rather than only give a name. He's tall, maybe 5'8", orange-brown hair, he has piercings in his ears, and his personality seemed to be helpful and amicable to me.

[that's only particularly tall to Waver...]