19 May 2013 @ 03:02 pm
[Accelerator has been in his room since seeing a strange rumor regarding others suddenly being able to hear your thoughts. To Accelerator, this rumor is not only possible as far as he's concerned, but even substantiates the fact that this tower is similar to his home world- where strange powers (like mind reading) were taught. He has little to say, and gets straight to the point. ]

My thoughts are none of your goddamn business, assholes! Stay the fuck out of my head!

[Ordinarily, Accelerator wouldn't worry too much about strange powers considering his own power simplt reflected most of them off him, but he wasn't too sure about how strong his powers were here- or even if he still had them, as well as whether or not they'd be effective against these mind reading powers.]

19 May 2013 @ 02:42 pm
[So there's been an unusual amount of activity in the tower lately, and Yata seems to have been affected by it. Unlike some situations in the tower, this one's fairly humorous. He hasn't used the network in a while, but he might be recognizable to a few.]

...When I first got here, people told me this tower was crazy. But seriously? Giant chickens attacking this tower? What the fuck? That sounds like some shit from a cheesy video game.

[Although he seems to be aware that the idea itself is ridiculous, he's totally convinced enough that it's true.]

Even though it's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard of, we can't have people attacking this tower because we still have to find a way back home, assuming our worlds weren't actually destroyed.

[an annoyed sigh]

So what the fuck are we gonna do about these damn chickens?