13 May 2012 @ 07:04 pm
For those who want to know of my whereabouts:
I would appreciate it if you did not find me.
So far this month has proved extremely unpleasant, all thanks to that labyrinth game.
I also f33l that I have become very unstable, especially after having a horrible nightmare replaying in my mind.
I do not think I am safe enough to be around.
Therefore, I am isolating myself until I f33l I am strong enough.
I also pray that your nightmares were not as awful as mine was.

On a lighter note, does anybody know what Popplers and Slurm are?
I have no clue what those are but that was my last meal before I died, and it tasted really good.
Somebody help me figure this out!

[Filtered to [au3] Disciple, but has accidentally filtered to Signless as well.]

I was very surprised to know that there was another like me, but it seems like you came just in time.
You s33...I had a vision where I failed to protect everyone I cared for.
This also included the Signless...
I failed so hard not saving any of them, that he was extremely disgusted with me.
So since you are me, I feel I can trust you to protect the others, while I disappear and train to get stronger.
I trust his protection in your hands, so please do this for me!
Thank you.

[For anybody curious, Disciple's Nightmare]
[The video feed opens on a very cross, blackish-purple reptilian thing glaring at the camera with harsh, yellow eyes.]

This is General Ridley - any Space Pirate that intercepts this message is ordered to respond with a sitrep. I do not know where I am, nor why I've had this device put upon me... [He turns his head to point to the collar on his neck. The way he refers to it is very disdainful.]

What I do know is that this is NOT Zebes, and if this is the work of those damned Chozo or that infernal Aran woman, THEY WILL PAY DEARLY!