02 September 2012 @ 03:20 am
AG: Sso I guessss thiss place issn't the Veil or anything like that, huh?
AG: Thiss note iss sort of vague. Doess it mean Alternia hass been desstroyed or that the meteor hass? Becausse the firsst one I already knew about.
AG: If it meanss the ssecond one hass too... Did everybody from my ssessssion make it here ssafely??
AG: I guessss this putss my planss on halt, though it could alsso mean that the Demon iss gone too? That would be kinda great and really convenient!! It'd be nice if I didn't have to get sstabbed after all.
AG: Maybe I had ssome of Tavross'ss luck?
AG: Anyway, all of that doessn't matter much right now, I ssupposse. I jusst really want to make ssure that my friendss are alright too.
AG: Honesstly, I'm not even ssure if anybody elsse is here, but I ssaw ssome other namess on the placard outsside the room I woke up in, sso that'ss gotta mean ssomething, right??
AG: I really hope ssomebody iss here, because it would really ssuck to be by yoursself in a huge tower with nothing to do! I guessss I could jusst go back to sshoveling hoofbeasst sshit or ssome other animal sshit on one of thosse floorss I checked out.
AG: But it would sstill really SSUCK even if thosse were the breakss, and that would mean that I'm a dumbassss who keepss talking to hersself. But alsso a dumbassss who issn't embarrassssing hersself if there are people around.
AG: Ughhhh, anyway!!
AG: If anybody iss here, esspecially if it iss ssomeone I know, but it'ss OK even if I don't know you, pleasse jusst messssage me back.
AG: Hopefully there iss ssomebody here that knowss more about thiss place than I do, that hass maybe been here longer? }:)
AG: Thankss in advance!!