25 November 2013 @ 05:39 pm
Is everyone okay? I went down to the carnival this morning and it wasn't looking very good. Did something happen? Is anyone hurt?

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Can I talk to you about something, in private? I'm sorry for being so abrupt, but it's important.

--Patrick Dawn
17 October 2013 @ 10:00 pm
[The feed blinks on to a close-up of blond hair. The mic just barely picks up the sound of someone muttering in a thick French accent.]

How do I get this stupid thing to-- Augh, I hate these-- [The shot of hair is replaced by one blue eye, which quickly blinks in surprise.] Aah!

[France moves back until he's in the frame properly, and, contrary to how he just sounded, he looks vibrant. Sparkling eyes, pink cheeks, bouncy hair; it seems he's finally getting over his stint on his dead world (as much as a nation can get over something like that, anyway). What's more, there's a small white bird fluttering around his head, chirping noisily.

France greets the viewers with a flourish.]

Bonjour, mes amis! How are you feeling? Well, I hope! The chill of fall is setting in, and big brother France wishes to keep you all warm, ohonhon~

[He hugs himself and sways side-to-side in his seat, filled to the brim with energy. His bird seems just as cheerful as France does, its high-pitched chirps overlapping with his (very stereotypically French) laughter. After a moment of that, they both seem to tire themselves out, and France lets out a long sigh and purses his lips. The bird lands on his shoulder.]

Though I am afraid that is not why I am fiddling with this ghastly computer, friends. You see, these clothes of mine have gotten terribly dingy. I know how to make my own, of course, but... [He looks off to the side and shudders, like he's remembering some frightening memory.] The floor with all the sewing supplies does not have a very, euhh, shall we say, hospitable air to it..

[He smiles again and claps his hands together, bright and eager. The bird flutters in surprise.]

So! If any of you are bored, or longing for companionship while the weather grows oh-so-cold, I would love to have some company while I work. You see, my poor Pierre refuses to go back to that floor with me. Isn't that right, Pierre?

[He nuzzles the bird and tickles under its beak with the tip of his finger, and it chirps in affirmation. France gives a solemn nod and turns back to the computer.]

I would even be willing to make some clothing for you to show my gratitude. The quality of the fabric in this place leaves much to be desired, but rest assured, once I am finished, you will look like you have just stepped off of a runway in Paris!

[He leans forward and flashes the camera a softer, flirtier smile.]

Well then, how about it~? Any takers?

La peur et l'espoir sont deux notions inséparables. )
15 October 2013 @ 08:35 pm
...Is there anyone around tht can woknows how to work glass or something? Say, to make a pair of lenses for glasses?

[The man basically has his nose to the screen right now and he still can't see what he's typed. Oh well, hope it's legible!]
15 October 2013 @ 03:08 pm
 I know this month isn't going to be a very nice one....

So, I was wondering - perhaps some of us can get together and make cookies and cakes and stuff? I think we can only make pumpkin ones, sadly, but we can still make them as delicious as ever! Unless some of you guys have other fruits that we can use? That would be wonderful, too!

Zelos, Feferi, Diarmuid, Kyoko and Cu, maybe you wanna help! Both the Rikus, too! And what about you too, Ryoji? And if you've got friends, bring them along too!

I think if if we all do something fun together, it might be a nice distraction from what might happen this month and....[And she brushes her hair behind her ear, trying not to be too sad about what happened to Diarmuid recently] well, what's been going on lately...
07 October 2013 @ 03:22 am
[Is that an undead woman on the video feed? Yes, yes it is. One that's still getting herself acquainted with the functions of the network terminals, judging by the fiddling and mumbling she's doing.

Is this thing on... oh!

Hello, everyone! My name is Annika Whittenberg, and I have a few things that I would like to announce, if it's no bother. To start, I've noticed that there's not much clothing in this place. I'd like to offer my services as a tailor to anyone that might need something made. This robe is one that I've made myself... [She holds up an arm to show it off, then stands, turns herself about, and sits back down.] ...but I can make many other things. I'd appreciate a little bit of payment for my time, but I'm sure that won't be hard to work out. I've always been reasonable about such things. I believe you can send me a message on this... network? Or look for me in the dorms, I suppose. I'm in room 1-05.

Ah, yes, and also... if you're out and about and trying to fight monsters, please don't attack me. I'm not one of them. I'm one of you. Honestly, we're all pretty much on the same side, let's not be too jumpy...

Oh, and... I ought to ask properly... if there's anyone else here from Azeroth? Please let me know. Thank you.
13 September 2013 @ 06:10 am
[Okay, this has been bothering him for a really long time. Even back in his world, he didn't know the answer. So he just has to ask flat-out now, since he can't find a book in the library about it.]

Okay so.

Who the heck is Icarus?

[... Yep. That's it.]
02 September 2013 @ 08:31 pm
[ Sealand’s face can be seen, very close to the screen, his expression bewildered yet somewhat excited. He's on the terminal closest to room 1-20, and he might seem familiar to anyone in the tower who knows England. The only real differences between the two are his somewhat tamer hair, his blue eyes, and the fact that he looks no older than twelve years old.

Oh and guess who totally hasn't read either of those important letters by his bed yet? Who needs to read when it's finally his birthday. He's pretty proud of himself for having figured out how to use the terminal without any help. Technology can help him out here!


This is the weirdest birthday surprise I’ve ever had and I don’t know if I like it yet. It’s for a party, uh, right? A surprise party? …Here, for me? This is a strange place for a party, but it’s okay, there must be some reason for it!

I bet my dad organised it! Is he here? And Fin and Wy and everybody? Is this like a game? Is there a cake?! And why did you change me into this suit thing? It's weird.

Anyway, I’m forty-six years old now, you know, I'm practically ancient and more than ready for true nationhood! I hope I have lots of presents and you’ll all take the opportunity to realise how much I’ve grown!

Oh, also, I think this computer’s broken. I can’t find the internet link and I need to get on facebook! I should have lots of birthday messages!
27 August 2013 @ 04:00 pm
ok i need some help here. does anyone know how to sew and stuff? i can show you how to cut the shapes and get the materials and stuff but idek how to get started. and i'm really done wearing the same stuff every day.