[ After Sertoria's noticed something's wrong with the coffee maker and weird behavior, especially Allen's transformation, she knew she had to inform others before people were hurt. So, here we are. She looks to be focused, but there's vague hints of worry in her eyes. ]

Attention, everyone. Please listen to what I have to say.

If you go into the cafeteria or anywhere where there is food being served, please do not drink or eat anything as I am certain it has been tampered with in some way. I tried to identify what, if any, poisonous substances could be laced in the drinks itself and my database was unable to find a source.

I also am to believe that this substance can transform others, either be by a monster or something else. Please exert caution when approaching them.

I do not know if this is the administration's doing or one of our own. If anyone out there has any information, it would b appreciated. I can show what I have seen as proof, too.

Be safe when this is happening. Thank you for your time.
25 August 2012 @ 05:09 am
[It's about time she tried this thing out, so here she is sitting in the library.]

Heya! Thought I'd make a broadcast and here it is! This is the United States of America speaking. Crazy I know, I bet you're all like, "Oh shit, she's so awesome!" Don't worry if you can't handle how great I am, that's totally natural and everything.

[SHE CLAPS her hands together once and rubs them together in apparent anticipation.] Now that I'm here, these Tower dudes really have it comin'. See, I'm gonna get you guys outta here. Don't know how, where or when, but I promise! [slams a fist into her palm with a firm nod, determination glittering in her eyes.]

Between now and whenever the hell that is, let's get to know each other! You got that part about me being America, which is totally like... the best part, and also that I'm fuckin' awesome. Yeah that's right, I'm the U.S. of A. Comin' right atcha from...

[she looks around]

Uh. This library. [A pout. Which immediately disappears, because she's back to smiling again.]

Whatev, whatev. [Who could ever tell she's looking for information? Really looking, actually. It's a ruse.

... It's a ruse, and she really is showing everyone how fabulous she is. And don't you forget it.]

Peace out homies, and stay frosty!~ [she points at the screen and mock-shoots it with her finger, and with a wink from Amelia, the broadcast ends.]
23 August 2012 @ 11:41 pm
[Feferi's been careful to look nice for the camera this time, or as nice as she can look here. Her hair's brushed out, so it's not unruly, she's set her goggles off her head and is wearing them like a headband, her jewelry is on straight and looks shiny, and she's found lipstick so her lips are just the right shade.

But despite all that, she looks pretty upset and pretty nervous. Something's got her shaken up.]

Um, hi. It's Feferi. I have a question, after this...rude...conchversation...

...I know I look...different. But I don't look like a monster, do I? I never thought I did. I always thought I looked, whale, pretty. Not like I was full of myself or anyfin! But everyone should feel pretty, you know?

I mean, I know I don't look the same as a human gill looks, but I didn't think I looked like a monster. Not till now. If I look like that to anemoneone, I apologize. I'm reely not a monster.

...I also think that stuff that he's talking about is absolutely disgusting. I don't know where anyone would get such a sick idea. It kind of makes me want to throw up...
Alright, so I've been here a couple of days already, and I've just got one question.

What's up with all the furries around here? No one told me there'd be one of those creepy comic book sex cult conventions going on in this place!

What is wrong with the people running this place, and why couldn't they have at least mentioned something about this?! Jesus!

((OOC: I will probably be slow on tags after today, BUT I will tag back a few days later! Just need to get a few things sorted after today first.))
02 August 2011 @ 01:30 am
 [ Taps the camera and then leans back on his chair.

Looks left. Looks right. ]

Tch. I hate this place.

[ Hesitantly takes a sip of coke and then stares at something on the side. While totally tuning out, he is eating licorice. ]

That idiot has been gone for a long time...
20 July 2011 @ 08:54 pm
[He seems a bit distracted as he settles down, seemingly confused. Then, with a startled sound he begins to mess with his hair. A series of muttered curses in French color his preening as he tries to plaster down stray hairs that do not exist, staring rather blankly after putting his hands down as if observing something. Hushed:] I look like a recluse! Mon dieu!

[Leans forward, more determined than ever. He goes from trying to plaster them down to brushing them down for more volume, letting that prized hair cascade like a boss. He finally leans back ten minutes later, seemingly quite pleased. Yes. You guessed correctly; he used the camera as an impromptu mirror, not quite understanding that it was broadcasting. Of course he's not quick to leave. He did just spend around 15 minutes fussing over his hair and getting up too quickly would 'disturb' it.]
16 July 2011 @ 06:20 am
[She fumbles with a piece of paper and sighs]

If anyone sees the following people, would they let me know?

Prussia, Sweden, Lillet, Fletcher, Oichi, Dawn...Homura?

They appear to be missing. If you've any information, let me know?

[tiny smile] Also sorry to be late Maman, but happy birthday. Ah--

On a lighter note all around, they've had the things for pancakes in the kitchen since the first so I'll be there later. I know you'll be there America...both of you. So I'll make a ton.

Merci everyone in advance and I hope you're all well.
31 May 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Ignore. ♥
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