03 February 2014 @ 04:34 pm
you know, it's kind of funny.
The first day I woke up here, they were serving heart-shaped pancakes.
and now, after my little forced vacation, what's the first thing I see?
the same ridiculous, twee pancakes.
happy anniversary to me, I guess.
I'd say try harder next year, but I guess that won't be an issue anymore.

FYI, anyone still hanging onto the hope that your home is really okay? don't bother.
and the people crowing about how they're going to "fix our dead worlds" sure as hell better, since I'm in no hurry to go back to THAT.
I was so bored I thought I'd go insane.
I hate to think about how the rest of you bleeding hearts would fair.
sheesh, just THINKING about how pathetic it'd be is making me cringe.

[Since it's not like he was bothered or anything!!!]

[Shinji can also be found skulking around the libraries and the media room, should anyone want to stumble across him in person.]
02 February 2014 @ 05:52 pm
There is a concept in my world known as 'Second Magic'. The details of it are not common knowledge, nor is it widely used or explored at all by more than one individual. What is known is its definition in the broadest sense: 'the operation of parallel worlds'.

In short, parallel worlds where I come from are confirmed fact. And while I am not a scholar of Second Magic itself, now I find myself seriously considering the subject. Personally, I don't believe things are predetermined...and yet now I find myself wondering. Even if we restore everything to the way it was, what is the probability any of us live in a timeline that will end well? Mathematically, the odds are astronomical.

I don't know what I hoped to accomplish by communicating this. Maybe I'm so fucking tired I'm just going to ramble incoherently about magical theory until I officially go insane. Of course, maybe I already have gone insane. I might not be able to tell anymore.

On the slim chance anyone decides to come looking for me, I'll be in the laboratory. Exhaustion or not, I have work that needs to be done.
07 January 2014 @ 05:16 pm
So. That month certainly happened. As usual I'll be the contrary fool who points out that leaping directly for Jason's throat was foolish and hastily conceived. I hope at least some of you understand that outright murdering the one person that makes our own deaths a minor inconvenience would be ill-advised at best. When next this opportunity presents itself, I advise that quick planning should lead to a less half-baked idea.

[Deadpan as ever (or perhaps even more so), Waver appeared today in much better shape than he had been the previous month, though for some reason he was currently lacking the usual sunglasses. If not for the frown set deeply on his face and disapproving tone, one might dare think he might have been in a good mood.]

Now that that's been said--and without touching upon specifics--I'd like to hear how everyone else is faring at the moment. [It would be stupid to outright say HEY GUYS HOW'D THE COLLAR EXPERIMENT GO FOR YOU ALL, so Waver elected to be vague.]

If anyone should care to answer that, I have quite a lot of work to do- [He idly held up a number of sheets of what appeared to be parchment, the topmost one having runic writing on it.] -so I will most likely be found on floor twenty-seven in a half hour or so. [And for the next few days without a break, probably.]

[There followed a short pause, after which the severity in the cold and British accented speech lessened slightly.]

...My disapproval of the methods aside, congratulations. Ill-advised or not, you did accomplish something. Don't allow yourselves to think this a failure.
20 September 2013 @ 02:07 am
So I hear tell about some pretty interesting people around here- namely, all you 'Servants' or Heroic Spirits or whatever.

[She leans forward, chin in her hands, and taps her fingers against her cheeks.]

You guys have got to tell me some stories. Being all legendary has to make for some interesting stuff to share.

[She makes a slight face.]

It'll sure beat waiting for terrible stuff to happen at least, right?

[You can all blame Archer and Lancer.]

[ooc: this post is in the afternoon after this log.]
12 August 2013 @ 07:56 pm
[There isn't a person seated in front of the terminal. Instead, there's a pair of shadow children, grinning in their typical eerie way. What makes it worse is the way the video on screen doesn't seem to want to display properly, meaning they appear twisted and strange. Nue's voice sounds from somewhere above the camera's range, though, so she must have been the one who turned it on... Her words might not be entirely clear to a listener, and especially with how she isn't facing the terminal directly, but Nue doesn't know how these things work, so.]

I've seen these things before. [Specifically, she saw them when she...woke up in the lower levels, she supposes would be the way to say it. She has been writing off the sense of familiarity as being thanks to that—maybe they're the same ones that tried to carry her off?] Am I the only one?
21 July 2013 @ 04:34 pm
--ridiculous. I suppose you'd just let them get away with it. [Jason's voice crackles over the network, catching him mid-conversation. His anger is obvious.]

It's my month and I get to do what I want. [Zo sounds childishly petulant.]

Your month but my collar checkups. We're lucky we've at least trained some of them in learned helplessness or who knows how much worse it could have been! [Jason's anger only increases--he obviously doesn't know he's being recorded and broadcast.] And you know the rules.

Yes, but Riki already-- [Zo's petulance increases, but Jason cuts him off sharply.]

Riki's concerns aren't mine. They've interfered with my business, I'll punish them.

[Zo's tone darkens--still childishly angry, but there's an edge to it.] You know I have to approve whatever you're gonna do.

[Jason sighs, but his tone softens a little. It's difficult to tell why with just audio to go on, though.] I realize that. I'm hardly going to request experiment time; it's my turn next month anyway. All I want from you is--

[The feed cuts out.]

(There will be no NPC responses to this post.)
13 July 2013 @ 09:32 pm
 [The screen shows a boy with light teal hair. He stares curiously out from the monitor, though in reality, he is looking at a camera. He tilts his head, perhaps fascinated with the way that his image is being recorded back to him. Static runs across the monitor, and he jumps a bit at this, quickly shutting the monitor down. He has, however, forgotten to turn the camera off.]

S-so that's how it works... oh!

[There are sounds of fumbling fingers in the background as the audio finally cuts off too.

Clearly, this is the first time that the boy has ever encountered a computer.]
18 June 2013 @ 11:23 am
This is a bit embarrassing, but does anyone know where to find a prosthetic leg or cane? I got into a tangle with one of those new monsters recently and, well, that about explains it, don't you think? Of course I plan to put in a request, but I don't feel much like hopping everywhere in the meantime. Hopping is fun, but it's a lousy way to get around. Thanks for hearing me out.

PS: to the person who rescued me - thank you, and thanks to your friend. Sorry for the trouble.
[Yes, she's calling Minato's persona a friend, because what is a persona anyway?]
10 June 2013 @ 03:31 pm
[V/V seems a little hesitant to ask her question.]

Does anyone mind if I sleep with them tonight?

I don't want to be troublesome, but I really can't defend myself very well.
02 June 2013 @ 09:30 pm
*It's a recorded video. Enoch stands before the terminal. He eyes the screen before taking a breath and beginning to speak.*

Shall I tell you a tale, Animus?

In another world, there was a dark and foreboding tower with no name, ruled by seven Fallen Angels. Heaven sent a man to capture these rulers, but in the three hundred years this man searched for them, the Tower built its own story. Inside the Tower, people thrived, and enjoyed a life of luxury and abundance in beautiful, otherworldly lands. Each level was as its own world, and had beauty all its own. Even the land of cold steel and eternal lights was breathtaking in an eerie way. But all was not as wonderful as it seemed. The people lived luxurious lives surrounded by beauty and wonders, yes, but when they died, their souls did not ascend to Heaven. They were taken from their rightful course and sent to The Darkness, to sate the gluttony of the demon prince Belial. No one seemed to know this but Belial himself and a resident of the Tower named Ishtar. Ishtar heard the voice of God, and knew that the Fallen Angels were not to be trusted - she gathered followers. It meant severing their connection to the safe and the familiar, to spurn the luxury of trust and plenty and ease of life. It meant turning their rulers against them. But...

*Enoch pulls something from his pocket - something small. Those who look hard enough might be able to catch a faint green glow before he closes his fingers around it, and a strong female voice speaks.*

They became the Freemen. The Fallen Angels became angry and rebuked us. I knew then that God's Word was true.

*Enoch's fist lowers, and he continues.*

But the Freemen knew the truth. Ishtar died in battle against the children of the Fallen Angels, who were in such misery they ate one another to end their brothers' pain. But she left behind prophecies. Messages that outlived her, to aid the Freemen that had sworn to follow her. The prophecies promised Ishtar would return to save them, but until then, they had to work hard to survive when those who were as gods in the realm were against them. And then, when the time came, they surely would not stand by while the resurrected Ishtar fought alone.

That is the story of the Freemen, a story that I did not know of until my own intersected it. Do not forget, Animus, that there are always stories other than your own. Thank you for hearing me.

*The recording ends, showing Enoch sitting at the terminal, feed live to hear responses.*
13 May 2013 @ 11:40 am

[ There's a Hylian on your screen, Tower! You might recognize the blondie with elf ears, you might not--regardless, there's a smile. Though instead of speaking, there will be an accompanying text message, since Link's voice is still a little... rough. They've got a cute little tiny blue cucco in their arms that can be heard clucking on occassion, and there's a few things laid out on the Terminal table nearby. Jewelry, trinkets, to be precise. Some made of wood, some metal, some other things. They're simplistic, but fairly well-made. ]

Ah... good morning. I have a few things I would like to address... amongst what has been happening here of late. For those that are new, if I can assist you by answering what I know, I would be happy to. I am Link, it is nice to meet you. That out of the way... First of all, I would like to mention that if anyone would like music lessons or archery or sword training, I have been considering giving such, though I am not sure what exact system the others have set up for this recently, so if anyone would like to explain to me if there has been a change there, please let me know.

Second... I will be making very simple clothing and objects to wear down in the workshop if anyone would like something or has a request, as I know these things are scarce here. I am not the most skilled tailor, but I can make tunics and earrings and bracelets, as well as bows and arrows for anyone who is an archer, though if you would like to assist me in this task, I would not at all mind.

Finally, I would like to pose a small question: is there anyone here from a world where they are able to teach others magic? To be specific, I speak of healing magic; it is a skill I am certain I could learn with proper instruction, and I am finding after... last month, it would be nice to have on-hand.

[ Link will also be found on the workshop floor once they're done responding to this post, so if you'd like to go with action as a response, go right on ahead! ]
01 May 2013 @ 10:06 am

[Lancer takes a deep breath before speaking.]

So I'm gonna be throwing my brother a birthday party. Who wants to come? And do any of you know what people do for birthday parties in this day and age?

[A pause.]

Oh yeah, Archer, stay away from the party if you know what's good for you.
20 April 2013 @ 08:49 pm
[V/V smiles at the screen gently, a little more subdued than normal.]

A lot of people here need a lot of happiness in their lives right about now... I'm not good at a lot of things, but I can try to do the best I can at what I can do.

I'm going to have a concert at the start of the next month, where there'll be food to make a really good concert experience. Everyone who wants to play or sing is welcome to perform, and I'll be singing.

Do you know any songs from your home? Can you teach me? I only know songs from my world, but I know they won't mean as much to you as songs from your homes. It's okay if they're in languages I don't speak, I'm good at mimicking them.

And if you don't like music...

What makes you happy?
08 April 2013 @ 01:33 pm
Hello. [The person seated in front of the library terminal is a pale, white-haired woman dressed in something reminiscent of a nun's habit, though there's nothing to cover her head. One of her yellow eyes is covered with an eyepatch. She tries to smile and does about as well as one might expect of a person in her situation, the expression both pinched and weak.] My name is Claudia Kotomine. I've—just arrived.

[There's definitely some uncertainty in her voice about how she should describe the situation, but nonetheless, she carries on.] If there are any other members of the Holy Church here, I'd like to hear from them as soon as possible. Or— Anyone else I'm acquainted with. And, mm, even if there aren't...

[She trails off momentarily, her one visible eye flicking away from the terminal as she considers something. Her lips purse together for a moment, and then she sighs. Well, she doesn't want to be ungrateful—at least she's able to eat—but—]

Ah, it's just that the kitchen seems equipped to do a lot more than it currently is! [She laughs, but the sound is nervous.] Is the food always in the state that it is now? I just thought—if there are better ingredients around anywhere, I could make something nicer. I'm more than willing to share with anyone who helps me with this, so...

...Ah, in any case, thank you for your time. [She forces another slight smile.] If there's anything you would like to ask of me in turn, I'm happy to assist or answer you to the best of my ability.

[For those that would prefer action, immediately after this she can be found browsing the library (and frustrating herself with her inability to find anything of immediate use), and later on she'll be investigating the thirteenth floor/the cathedral.]
04 April 2013 @ 07:24 pm

if you want to start an intro to philosophy class, there's a classroom you can use.