04 April 2013 @ 05:00 pm
[Standing in front of the terminal, Waver looked like hell. More accurately, like he got the hell to a terminal within two minutes of sleep paralysis wearing off. His suit jacket forgotten, the usual sunglasses were hanging off a collared shirt as black as his disheveled, untied hair.]

[Let it never be said Waver Velvet was an unkempt mess; there were just much more important things to consider right now than his personal appearance.]

I have a question. Technically several, though all geared toward the same subject.

Has there yet been any evidence of limits to this place's resurrection capabilities? An upper limit on times one can return, for example?

And what of side effects: has there ever been any indication of lingering illness or other such afflictions?

You'll have to excuse me if these are stupid questions. I hadn't had time or reason to consider the implications of this until now.