07 August 2012 @ 03:22 am
[ It is a perfectly good and responsible looking young man that appears on the network's screen. Don't go say the contrary. His voice is collected and calm as he talks, with perfect manners. ]

Very interesting machine... Allowing anyone to speak from a distance. If only it could be reduced and made portable...

[ He looks up at the camera afterward and nods. ]

Forgive my manners. Like you may have guessed, I am new to this tower. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lezard, Lezard Valeth.

Speaking of which, this tower is certainly an interesting place… So many possibilities, so much to discover. It's a shame that for us to be here our homeworlds had to die. Such a high price to pay for such little reward….

[ He readjusts his glasses. ] 

Does anyone here have concrete proof one way or another as far as the fate of our worlds are concerned? The letter and projection are not proof enough to me I'm afraid, no matter how likely to be the truth it is.

Any group of research that may confirmed the veracity of the letters maybe?

Oh, and I have heard a lot of talks about people sleeping for abnormally long time period. Do such occurrence happen often in the tower?