09 June 2013 @ 12:24 am
i'm not dead.
so what's up with everyone?
the atmosphere is heavier than usual.
i for one took a fantastic vacation.
destruction all around me.
sorry i didn't get anyone a postcard.

oh hey.
other me.
i hope you got my mail.
11 May 2013 @ 10:15 pm
[Unlike others who panicked over the fact that their worlds are destroyed, there's certainly a young girl who doesn't seem to buy any of those empty words on her letter. Y u p, this girl.

Instead of direct contact though, Aisha's going with text for this one. Better be careful if you're in an unknown place, after all. She's not even going to mention her name in her first step here.]

El Shard.
Elves and Dark Elves.
Black Crow.
Red Knights.
Temple of Frozen Water.

[Well, guess those are enough? She better starts with that much first. Not to menton that some of those are ambiguous as well.]

Contact me if you recognize any of them. Immediately.
04 May 2013 @ 11:24 pm
[A month long visit to a dead world was not the best vacation she could ever have. Not even close.]

How in Elrios do you all manage to go on, knowing that your worlds are decimated beyond repair, by means of magic or otherwise?

[Hence, text. If she talked now she'll probably break into tears.]
02 May 2013 @ 04:44 pm
[Arturia appears on the video, turned halfway and politely asking someone behind her to step to the side. Those who are not new to the Tower will recognize it as a retrieval unit. Apparently the one following Arturia is obliging enough to move out of the frame when she politely asks. She turns back to the screen, runs a hand through her hair to straighten it out. Then begins speaking, apparently unaware she hit the 'record' button a few seconds too early.]

Good evening. For those who don't know me I am 'Saber of White,' a resident who has stayed in the Tower for four months now.

In my time here, a colleague of mine named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and I have been working on a map of the residential area of the Tower. It includes a list of the dangers of the various floors and the monsters that normally lurk there.

We've recently completed the map and would like the help of the residents of the Tower. Our intention is to create copies and pass them out among the populace so they will be aware of the dangers here. However, we are only two people. Is there anyone amongst you willing to help us pen and create copies? Diarmuid is on another terminal in the media room and will be answering questions alongside myself if you have any.

(ooc: As usual, threadjacking is a-okay! Replies will come from both Diarmuid and Arturia.)
20 April 2013 @ 01:37 am
Greetings, my name is Naoya Toudou.

I was one of the affected, and for that I apologize if we met during this time. I was fully aware of what had been done to me but unable to stop myself and my actions, except for parts of complete clearness.

[Like that time when he was able to stop himself and Chidori and...]


However, that is not why I am posting currently.

For those that don't know me, I patrol at nights in the tower with a few others. This was started by Minami Arisato, a previous resident of the Tower.

I realize that at a time like this, it may almost seem trivial, but I will continue to do so to ensure the safety of others. If you are interested in joining me, please understand that this is extremely dangerous, especially with the tower having so many floors now, but having more numbers would be appreciated. If we end up being enough, we can start a rotation between ourselves.

Moreover, if for any reason you need to be in the tower at night and require assistance against the monsters, I am available for your aid as well.
10 April 2013 @ 11:35 pm
[The feed starts with this young guardian prince fidgeting around a bit as tries to see if he's doing this properly. So for a moment, there's a closeup of one of his aquamarine eyes with rather unique pupil that appears to be a pawprint. Then he sits back and clears his throat a little with a smile.]

Hello. Can anyone see me?

It's nice to meet you all. I'm Chung Seiker of Hamel. I've been here for around two months now but this is the first time I've used this device so I do apologize if I'm doing anything wrong.

Anyway, my purpose for communicating with all of you in this manner is that I would like to ask if there are any existing patrols set up in the dormitory levels, especially at night to help anyone who might be stranded outside their rooms and left at the mercy of the monsters. If there are, I would like to join them and if there aren't, are there any plans to set one up?

And another question I have is... does anyone know of any good places for fishing here? Can we eat the fish in the aquarium? Has anyone tried them?

Thank you very much for your attention.

[The screen is on. Someone... or something, is staring very intensely at the screen. Very intensely, mismatched green and blue photoreceptors narrow in either thought, irritation, or concentration. The copper face is screwed up in a pout, hat cocked, skeletal fingers splayed across the keypad. Then-]

Get Ice Cream

[Typed very suddenly, the look of concentration deepening. ... Nothing happens. There's a puff of steam, and he tries something else]

Get French Fries

[Swing and a miss. He's annoyed now]

I-I-I know that letter was non-non-nonsense. What kinda me-messed up hotel is this anyway?

[Like his world was destroyed. Hello he'd totally know if that happened.]

A-a-anyone see a t-tall silver man? Or a li-little gold o-one? Wears a hat? Nice suspenders? T-t-talks about marmalade? Has a k-k-koi in his chest?

He's real hard to miss, The Jon. No? H-h-how about a little bronze g-guy with a smoke stack on his hat? T-t-talks like a posessed speak n' spell. Love ya, Hatchy.

[He taps on the screen with one of those long skinny fingers, hunching over the screen a little more]


[Because this is the time for yelling as loud as you can. Sleep? Sleep what sleep]

... Whaddya g-g-gotta do ta g-get food?
03 April 2013 @ 10:59 pm
EVE would like to verify that Chung, Raven, and Rena are still present in the tower. Additionally, if any others from Elrios have arrived in her absence, and updated list is requested.

EVE was not able to bring back any samples, but... I can confirm that our world has died. I was unable to find any traces of life or El energy. Not even the demons remain. The red-haired boy... I was also unable to find.

If there are still those here who doubt the information we have been given about our worlds, EVE urges you to reconsider. Whatever force caused this, there is no way anything could have survived. Revival is not possible. This death is absolute.

I am sorry.