15 March 2013 @ 10:37 pm
Okay, so I found out a bit ago it's March, which means I've been gone for at least six months. Someone mind telling me what's been going on in this place? It'd be appreciated.

[He pauses but goes on to add one more thing.]

My name's Cross by the way for anyone who knew me.
[The feed flickers later on in the morning in midst of the creeping fog settling within the lower levels (for now) of the tower before a clear voice speaks through. Despite the growing difficulty to see through it, he seems to have no trouble?]

Everyone, stay calm and listen. If my hunch is right, this fog is different from the kind that lingers outside this tower and if that's the case, there are some things you should know about it. You see... this fog is similar to the fog in a world I know.

For those who can't read well, I'll read it aloud... but the basics will be here in text.

[He pauses before speaking again, having only stopped to compose himself.]

[He pauses again before nodding to the screen.]

If any of you need any help for however long this lasts, the Investigation Team will be going around helping to tame any berserk Shadows that manifest. You'll be able to tell us apart from others because we don't have problems seeing through it for one reason or another.... usually special glasses.

[lol whut? ...For some reason, it looks like he's serious. He grows even more serious after this last pause and he filters the feed to his team and the others who know the power of Persona.]

Filtered to Persona Users + People from their worlds )
This is going to bring back a lot of memories...
[A text appears on the network.]

How many people...actually died during this attack?

[Post is backdated to 2:00PM on the 14th.]

[There's a few seconds of dead air, as she goes over what she's going to say one last time.]

..So we're kinda in a crisis situation here!

Cuz of that, I figured we should... try to do a status report kind of thing! The top levels got totaled, and I know monsters had pretty much taken over a few other floors in mobs when I was last there.


[She gulps, obviously upset by having to ask this.]

I'd... like to ask you guys to report anyone you know is dead. Since the dorms are gone, I... don't think anyone's coming back that way for a while.

12 August 2012 @ 06:43 pm
[The feed opens up and Cross appears on the monitor.]

Hey everyone. I've been kind of wondering...uhhh did anyone else find themselves waking up and find that the days were all messed up? I could of sworn the last time I checked it had been the 31st and then I ended up waking up on the 4th. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days soooooo any help would be nice.

We have taken the liberty of doing some research into the Tower's history and past trends, in hopes of uncovering something about the way this place operates, or solving one of the many mysteries that surrounds it. It would greatly benefit us if you could lend your assistance and help us with our research; the more people that answer the better, as it gives us more data to work with.

We understand that someone's probably sick of these kind of forms, questions and questionnaires, but we've done our best to compile the data from the past ones and hopefully not make it too repetitive, and get to the heart of the matter:

cut for length )

In addition, we have a few more gaps we'd like to fill about the earlier days of the Tower, but it seems that many of the people that were here at the beginning have disappeared. For those that were here in the very early days, we have a few questions about the environment-- nothing too invasive. Your cooperation would be invaluable.

Lastly, we have one more question to posit, both for discussion and for the sake of our curiosity and research; how do souls work in your world? If you have information on how your own soul specifically works and are willing to share it, this would help us a lot.

For any of these queries, if you feel more comfortable locking your answer, this is perfectly acceptable and we will take steps to make sure it is as private as possible. Anonymous posting may also be used if you're dubious as to the functionality of the lock system.

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23 July 2012 @ 10:32 am
[ Waking up in a strange bed wasn't a big deal. She doesn't own enough that the trunk cannot fit all of Satou's precious belongings. But that doesn't mean Satou can forgive the letter. Without giving her situation much more thought, she's rushing off to find some way to contact her friends and is immediately attracted to the nearest network terminal. Her expression is firm and determined, as Satou is initially very confident that things are about to be sorted out. ]

Mikale, answer me at once! Where are you? --- actually, don't answer, because I really don't know where I am either. But you can hear me, right? They saved you, right, Mikale? Stop closing off your mind, I can't feel you anywhere!

[ Satou puts a hand to her head. Mentioning their link makes her aware that it's broken. That should only happen if he's dead (or being a jerk). This thought brings her anger down a notch, though the feeling replacing it is a slow downfall into panic as the whole "world ending" thing begins to sink in. ]

Hey... hey, Mikale! Answer me already, please! Touka-chan! Touka-chan, are you there? Are you okay? They brought you here too, right? Is Masume there? Please tell me she's okay...! Please tell me they saved my little sister! Someone, anyone, answer me! The world can be destroyed, we can get through this, as long as you're all okay! They can't have only saved me, right? Someone tell me that they saved everyone else!

[ She catches herself about to sob, struggling to keep a straight face and wiping her tears with shaky hands. ]

Ne... ne, please... S-someone answer me! What's going on? What's happening? Please, someone respond! Where are my friends? This is a joke... please tell me this is a really stupid joke! And if it's not.... if it's not, whose neck do I have to wring out to get them back?!
22 July 2012 @ 02:51 pm

[Anyone tuning in today would find a video feed of Ven sitting in front of the computer, grinning a bit more devilishly than he usually did, and waving a green sharpie around bit as he held it up in his hand.]

So you know those clear-collared guys that run around taking care of this place? Turns out you can basically draw all over them as much as you want without them noticing or even caring! You can write anything you want on them and they'll just keep going about their day as if nothing happened!

[There was the distinct view of Roxas and Sayaka lingering and high-fiving in the background.]

Happy Anniversary~!
11 July 2012 @ 05:28 pm
[After the...last time he was on the network, Roxas isn't exactly eager to stick his face on it again. But he still wanted to offer something, so he accepted voice begrudgingly. There was an awkward few seconds of silence before he began speaking.]

Uh, hey. It's Roxas. I just wanted to ask something to everyone at large...

[A pause, and he gave a loud sigh.]

I've been keeping a journal, and I realized I've almost been here for a year. Who else is around who's been here that long? I'm...thinking of making a cake.

[Okay, so that was partially sarcasm, but-]

At least that way, we'll have something positive for the occasion, instead of just the usual stuff. I just, need help making it. I've never made a cake before.

[...of course, he also was planning on trying to shove it in the suggestion box, or the red-collar elevator, or something...but there wasn't a need to mention that part out loud.]
06 July 2012 @ 01:05 pm

[Click. The screen lights up with a young teenager on the screen. He taps the screen a couple of times, cheeks puffed as he does.]

Hello? This thing on? Jeez, took forever to get this thing to work for me. Why couldn't they have better stuff to use for this.

[He clears his throat though, raising his hand to his mouth. Now what does he say?]

Hey there, everybody! The name's Cross Blanchard! I just got here a couple of weeks ago when this tower was without any power. It kind of sucked. I had to go looking for my own food. Thank God there was an aquarium here. Lots of fish to eat inside...kind of hope I don't have to look again for food. I'd rather not repeat the shark incident.

Anyways, can anyone tell me about this place? I already get there are monsters here tryin' to kill me, but what else is there? I'd really appreciate it if someone told me why they've locked us up in this place. Plus, the whole "your world is destroyed thing, here have a tower filled with monsters," doesn't exactly sound like my idea of 'saved'.

Mm, also! If any of you have anything that needs fixing, I can give it a shot and fix it for you. Playing around with things is kinda my thing. I'm in room 1-04, well, not right now, but just so if you need to find me.

[He taps the visor on the side of his head.]

06 July 2012 @ 07:58 am
Self Defense - Hand to hand Training Class

For anyone interested in gaining or renewing combat skills. Single opponent, group and monster tactics.

Beginner to advanced. Will have to take placement test/demonstration.
Weapons Training - Staff, Sword, and Gun

For anyone interested in gaining or renewing combat skills with a weapon. Against single and multiple opponents, with focus on monsters.

Beginner to advanced. Must complete Self Defense or take placement test/demonstration.

All training sessions will take place on Floor 25 starting 0900 hours.

Payment negotiable. Contact either Reno or Siira if interested.
03 July 2012 @ 11:06 am
[ Hey there, kids. Somebody's decided to take the time to test this network thing out, so here he is, coming to you live from the nineteenth floor.

He gestures at the camera. ]

So, dudes and dudettes- a question: What's the worst thing that's happened since you've been here?

[ He tilts his head at the screen, a wry look on his face. ]

Color me curious.
02 July 2012 @ 12:33 am
This post, if people would like to utilize it, can be used to quickly meet up with those you were separated or stranded from during the previous month, as well as ensuring one another of your safety.

This will help ensure that we have one place to check for such correspondences, and will not flood the network with an overabundance of the same sentiment.

You're free to utilize your own means, of course- I simply figured this would be a useful tool, after all that has happened.