09 May 2012 @ 01:52 am
[The nightmares that had plagued him the last few days seemed to have stopped. His Persona powers had returned as well. This did make him more eager to fix his sword that was still in pieces, and unable to wield it himself, he turned to the tower for help.

The only problem, then, was understanding this complicated computer system. He could understand it in due time, of course, after all he went into programming for a reason, but he also came from 1996, an age where the internet was still unused to such a degree of the future his new friends talked to him about. Even just pressing the right buttons seemed like a new experience. He tilted his head, stroking his chin. What were all these HTML codes? Added in new versions? Did he really need to pick a color for the text he was writing? Well, when in Rome..or in the Tower...he didn't notice that he had accidentally turned on the video, however. Behold, a teenager, typing.]

Good evening.

My name is Naoya Toudou. If you find this hard to pronounce, a few American friends have nicknamed me 'Neo'.

It seems those of us who sponsored those stuck in the maze were struck with a series of nightmares. I was one of those affected. Moreover, those in the maze were inflicted with terrible punishments.

This Tower is trying to toy with us. Do not let it win.

I also have a request. I have a sword from my World, and would like to know if anyone is skilled enough to repair it. Thank you.

[If you continued to watch, you might realize that the video went on for a few minutes more, as he moved to his bed, maliciously putting in the proper clips for his gun before cranking it and turning on the safety mode. It was only when that time was up did he return, and realizing what he had done, stuck out his lips in mild annoyance, closing it.]
29 March 2012 @ 06:29 pm
These machines are rather odd... I hope this is working?

... Yes, it is. Good. Well, then. This might be a little long-winded, but the short of my question is this: has anyone bothered attempting to decorate this place a little?

And the TL;DR version. )

I simply cannot bear these drab, same, repetetive rooms. They have no style, no... personality.
27 February 2012 @ 04:35 pm
HoLy mOtHeRfUcK, tOwEr pEePs
OkAy a bRoThEr gOt a fEw tHiNgS To gEt aLl oUt hIs cHuTe
FiRsT ThInG To bE AlL SpEwInG At tO ThIs sCrEeN Be



Oh fUcK, oKaY I AlL FoRgEt wHaT ThE FiRsT MoThErFuCkEr wAs sUpPoSeD To bE BeInG
BuT ThE SeCoNd hAs tO AlL Do wItH ThIs dOpE FuCkIn pIeCe oF ArChItEcTuRaL BeAuTy
WhAt's tO Be gEtTiNg iTs mOsT WiCkEd oF ChIlLs oN RiGhT Up iN ThIs fUcKiN HaLlWaY
ChEcK ThIs sHiT OuT, mOtHeRfUcKeRs

Cut for more video and less retina-searing text. )
hello i have a lot of questions its about an animal here in the twoer
its a little thing with wings and horns and it cant fly because i think it hurts them?
and landing hurts them to becase their legs break becausetheir legs are too small to hold them
i dont know what to do but i adopted one adn its sleeping on my pillow and i fed it some of my leftovers from lunch that i snuck in
isthere a way to fix its legs because it is in a lot of pain
also im sorry im not good at speling and i dont know how to make it show me on the screen instead so i have to write with this box instead
08 February 2012 @ 05:22 pm
[...] Hello.

Scientists: I know you're most likely not listening, but is there a reason you've suddenly decided to destroy our worlds too? I'm unsure if I believe that, for starters, though the sudden change in environment-- recompensation, perhaps?

I've yet to recognize anyone, which surprises me a little... Everyone else is here too, right?


Does anyone have a hairbrush I could borrow?
06 February 2012 @ 10:39 pm
[Teal text appears on the screen, but it is not accompanied by capital letters or numbers.]

I hλve λ problem!
Ψhoever is in chλrge of this tower, I'd lichen it if you could lend λn eλr.
It is λ big problem. I just don't know ΨHλT I'm going to do with this bλd little seed.
You see, this isn't λt λll where I'm supposed to be.
This L-ΣTT-ΣR is λ LI-----Σ! I think it's wreλthsonλble thλt I'm λ little bit UPS---ΣT!

How do I know it is a lie?
Because this isn't what I agreed to.
No, no, not at all.
I was working with plenty of time to spare.
You didn't save me!
Nothing could have saved us.
Well, you must already know if you've already gone and... interrupted it.

And to be honest, that's making me pretty angry.
Really angry.

I knew exactly what I was doing, and you'd dare to

[The text suddenly cuts off as if the writer has tried to gain a grip on their anger. When it returns, the tone is decidedly more cheerful.]

I hλve no interest in stλying!
So if λnyone could point their fork towλrds the exit, I'd be releλfed. :)

[It then switches to video. A young female troll is shown on the screen. Nothing out of the ordinary for those familiar with her kind.

Except, maybe, for the fact that she looks like she's splattered with a rainbow of paint. Huh. There is a strangely dreamy look on the girl's face, and she gazes at the camera in an unfocused manner, a smear of dark red on her cheek.]

I am Feferi, by the way. I almost forgot my shrubbin' manners!

translation for text )