What in Shiva's name…?

[When the video turns on, the figure is clearly frustrated and distrustful, if not looking very exhausted. Honey-colored eyes are dulled and strained, her skin a ghostly shade of pale, a single bandage pressing against the right side of her cheek. Fingers grasp at the top of the note she had been reading, lips pulling in a frown.]


This can’t be right and it isn’t funny. I’m in no mood for jokes right now, so I demand an explanation for this.

[Lowering the note beside her on the bed, Elena gently rubbed at the side of her head, giving a slight wince. She had been under constant watch for the last 48 hours, being pumped full of Cure and Restore to mend internal and external injuries. But clearly she wasn’t entirely healed, which earned a frown.]

Also, what was with the paralysis? Did somebody drug me while I was sleeping to perform a relocation? This isn’t the room I was in last…
22 May 2012 @ 07:03 pm
 [Hei doesn't exactly looked to please, but is there any day where he CAN smile? Probably not. And today's question was not a good one. He had a feeling more trouble was waiting for him in the future. Why of why couldn't the kitchen have proper materials to cook with? This place was just getting on his nerves now.]

Does anyone know where I can find a Deathclaw around here?

[...Quite a large request.]
15 May 2012 @ 06:03 pm
 [Hei appears on video, though his eyes are still focused on the letter he received. This was certainly some trap, considering the fact they caught him without him even knowing of how it happened. He was used to being captured a few times, but at least then he had a means of escape, or knew of the organization and its strength going on for it to plan a counter. This was nothing like any of those times.

But he doesn't show that worry on his face, instead keeping a deadpan expression on his face. And his gaze flickers back to the video.]

....Who is behind all of this?