09 October 2013 @ 10:21 pm
[That's right, Alex is actually making a video post. Obviously something is up. Though anyone who noticed him missing for the last few weeks might have a faint idea of what it is.]

To anyone whose statements I doubted about the condition of our homes, I'm quite sorry to admit I'll have to retract my comments. In return, I'd appreciate any known possible explanations.
09 October 2013 @ 11:32 am
Hi, everyone! I wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out last time I was on here. Anyway, uh...

[She pauses awkwardly and stares pointedly at the screen.]

Sheba, if you're watching this, go do something else right now, OK? I'll explain later. Just don't watch the rest of this video!

[She waits about twenty seconds or so before smiling brightly.]

So, I still don't know exactly how the dates here translate to the dates on Weyard, but the weather is about right. Three days from now, when the dates on the terminal say "12," I want to have a party to celebrate Sheba's sixteenth birthday. We didn't really get to have one for her fifteenth because we were in the middle of some stuff back on our world when it happened, so I want to make up for that.

You're welcome to come as long as you know her even a little! And you don't have to bring anything either, I know it's kinda short notice. I've been reading a book about something called photography in the library and I think I'm going to try and find a camera so I can give her a collection of pictures of everyone who shows up, so just being there would be a really good gift.

For now I'm thinking it'll be at the meadow with the flowers and the nice weather, but if anyone has any better ideas, I'm all ears. If you could let me know if you plan to come, that would be awesome! I'm going to be cooking and I want to try and make enough food for everyone. But, uh... [And now she looks a little sheepish.] Same as last time. I've gotten better at making cakes and stuff, but I'd really appreciate the help if it looks like I might be getting in over my head.

Be sure to keep this a secret! [She brings a finger to her lips in a universal "Shhh!" gesture.] It can be really hard to surprise her because she's good at finding things out, but I don't think she's ever had a surprise party before, so I really want to make this work. ...and it'll be good to have something nice and normal before that Ruana lady starts messing with us, right?

Thanks a lot!
28 August 2013 @ 11:53 am
[Jenna is smiling but it is fairly clear that she feels a touch awkward using this thing's video function. It was nice that someone had explained it to her, but she still didn't get how it worked. As long as it got the job done, though...]

Hi, everyone! My name is Jenna. A lot of you probably don't know me, since I only arrived here earlier this month.

This is probably really bad timing with everything that's going on, but I wanted to ask for some help. I don't know how the months from my world carry over here, but based on the seasons, I think my friend's birthday is in a month or two, and I wanted to do something nice for her. I'm a terrible cook, though, [A twinge of annoyance is fairly clear to see on her face,] so I was wondering if it might be possible for someone to give me some quick cooking lessons so I can actually make something for her on her birthday.

I'm not asking you to do this for free! We can work something out if you want payment of some kind. I'm a warrior, so I can provide protection if you're a good cook but you're not one of the people with powers here. I'm also pretty good at hunting, so I can get you some actual food instead of that nutrition bar crap. And we used to make our own clothes where I came from, so I can sew too! That kind of thing. There's more I can do too, if none of that sounds good to you.

[She smiles brightly into the camera.] Thanks a lot in advance!
So, "rescuees".
We've known what we really look like for the last few months. So I ask, have any of you even wondered what our so-called "administrators" look like without the glamour?

Well, now that the monthly distractions are over, I have one thing to show you. Say hello to your favorite scientist.

[Ira smirks, holding up a picture to the camera of a certain drawing that his friend drew from his sister's memories.]

Some of you may remember another person sharing this sketch, and it's true - even the admins aren't what they seem.

Now Jason, I ask you directly: How do you call yourself human?

[Can't even say that it's the way he claims to be human, either.]

[[ooc: The visible sketch is a WIP because Jason literally crashed photoshop four times when I tried to load it. Will update it later when it lets me finish.]]