06 September 2013 @ 05:06 pm
I have been within this Tower for over one month now. Tell me, what is a person to do within this prison? I feel myself going mad if I do not find an occupation or something to do, besides trying to find my way out. To those who have imprisoned me here, you would do well to listen, as you cannot keep a Nord warrior locked up here forever! [There is anger in his voice and his eyes fixed on the network screen.]

Also, the oatmeal I was forced to eat on arrival? It was disgusting. I would not feed such filth to my horse. We Nords need meat, not horse feed. You would do well to change the menu, as the choice is pathetic. [He wants to hunt, man.] If there was a choice, I would hunt for myself, yet I do not know where I can achieve such a feat.

Just a few questions from me and I will not give up trying to escape from here. Dragonborns are not prisoners.
30 August 2013 @ 06:58 pm
For the purpose of this post, I will be referring to the first year mentioned here as Year X, the second as Year Y, and the current year as Year Z. I will also be referring to the months by their numerical place on the calendar rather than their names. This is so that I can ensure comprehension by a wide audience in the tower, no matter what year they are from or what the calendar of their world is like.

I'd like to call the attention of the following people:

● anyone who arrived in the tower earlier than this date exactly two years ago; the thirtieth day of Month 8 in Year X.
● anyone who participated in the experiment during Month 9 of Year X.
● anyone who played in the entirety of the game during Month 2 of Year Y.
● anyone who played in the entirety of the game during Month 6 of Year Y.
● anyone who participated in any experiment or game during Month 7 of Year Y.
● any competent hacker who feels a little helpful.

I am not asking anything dangerous of you. I simply have a little project I'm working on, and I require assistance with filling in some of the blanks.

[ ooc| muns can refer to the plot guide to see which months/events England is talking about! ]
[There's an audible chime, like a cheery voicemail tone, from every terminal simultaneously, before text appears on the screen.]

Good afternoon, Tower of Animus. My name is The Observer. I've got a special message for you today, direct from one of our beloved administrators. Please read, listen to, and memorize this message, and reproduce it wherever you can!

Cut for long but very important message. )

Wasn't that a special little message? Now, copy it down in your notes so you don't forget it! No matter whom you're allied with, be it Pandora, Ganondorf, your friends from home, or just yourself! There will be a test on this.

And the first section of the test is this - I want you to place at least one copy of this message somewhere in the tower. No points for hiding it! It has to be visible to everyone! In a few days I'll tell you all how you did, and I'll repeat this message for you lazy people who didn't see or hear this today.

That's all for now!

- The Observer

[All characters with mailboxes will find a copy of the message in their mail as of this evening.]
30 April 2013 @ 04:25 pm
[There's Legolas, sitting at a terminal and looking thoughtful. There's a small, leatherbound notebook in front of him and a fountain pen. He wasn't sure if they'd belonged to anyone when he'd gathered what he needed but he could return it all later. In neat script on the first page is a passage written in Sindarin. And below it, a translation of it.]

What is it you miss of home, most of all? What is it, that if ever we return, you will seek out first?

I want to write it all here in this book. I want to make sure that no one forgets what most they miss here. No matter what it is that we endure, we'll need only look into it to remind ourselves of happier times. Times that, with hope, are not forever lost to us.
24 March 2013 @ 11:25 pm
Why do I never see anyone freaking out about the fact we can't die???

Doesn't that scare you? We can't even escape this place by dying! It's like a game to these people! Why is it no one talks about this!?

[OOC: Obviously backdated a tiny bit.]
13 January 2013 @ 12:11 am
[Something was off about the tower today.

For starters, there seemed to be far more people prowling about than Haldir last remembered. Over the years, there's been a steady decline of new arrivals here to Animus. Much of the friends he once knew were either dead or dying. Not many races could out live the Firstborns of Ilúvatar. The Elves, for better or for worse, have been cursed with longevity. Most of Haldir's kind are truly immortal in a sense. Many Elves never aged at all, including the march warden.

So this would explain why he seems so baffled as of why there's so many lurking about here. Has the Administrators found other worlds to ravage? Perhaps. He always doubted that they were doing more good than harm.]

How uncommon. There hasn't been this many newcomers since the old days.

[A slight frown settles upon his lips. Just why is there so many people here? It's so...sudden.]

I bid thee welcome! We seldom see so many newcomers; for it has been thousands of years, but we welcome all. If you're in need of aid, do not hesitate to ask. There's many amongst us who would be glad to assist you.

[Forcing himself to rid himself of his frown, Haldir actually smiles somewhat, though it's an awkward one.]

I can assure you that no harm shall come to you here. Just be certain to stay away from the floors above. That is where the danger lies.
12 January 2013 @ 11:35 am
[After having spent a good long while reading and rereading the letter he woke up with and figuring out how to access the network, a bedraggled, scraggly haired human appears. He is muddy, covered in blood splatter, and looks tired.]

I am seeking information on friends.

[Simple, but this magic might not have his best interest in mind. It's still heavy and much too soon to think that he is now alone. A world destroyed? How could they have lost the war so quickly? Was Frodo not just by his side?]
02 January 2013 @ 08:38 pm
What is strength to you, or what it is to be strong?

Alternatively, who is it that has right to rulership, or to command? Do you agree with the sentiment that those who are strong are superior and thus have greater rights than those who are weak?

And if that is the case: may the weak become strong?
[ on the screen is a small, unassuming character. the only startling thing about him is the large, tired blue eyes peering in. there's the glint of a chain beneath his clothes when he stirs, and over his body is a worn green cloak.

when he speaks, it's slowly, carefully. he looks pale, a bit shaken still from the network but his voice is sure: ]

While I haven't been here long, I'd like to leave as much as anyone else.

[ quietly: ]

I do not believe our homes are truly destroyed.

[ frodo's eyes lower, before he speaks again: ]

Not only that but I should like to know how many come from the world of Arda. Or 'Middle-earth'. To me, it is my home.

And..if any of you have seen a hobbit about my size, with lighter hair, a bit stout, with a frying pan? His name is Samwise Gamgee. Or perhaps a strange creature, who calls himself 'Smeagol' or 'Gollum'. He tends to like the shadows. I am..responsible for him.

[ it's sad how he's used to this. first the ship, now this strange place. it seems his road is far longer than he could have imagined, and frodo quietly despairs a little in his heart, though it stubbornly clings to hope. ]

If not, I would ask if any come from a ship called the 'Tranquility'. I had been dwelling there for a time, and would wish to know of it's fate. 

[ he seems to hesitate for a minute, but the question is necessary ]

Should you be from Middle-earth..I would ask if the Fellowship is a familiar word to any of you.
24 November 2012 @ 06:50 pm
[The network has rebooted, and with it the translation systems--everything is in working order once more.

The following files have appeared, apparently by accident, on the network:]


[These files will be available for two hours before being deleted, although those with particularly good computer skills will be able to find the deleted files again.]

[Oh look, it's the resident bowlcut again. He gives a faint nod to the feed before speaking.]

I hope not many of us fell victim to Jason's tricks earlier. It's bad enough that we had to suffer from it. Maybe we should have another party to celebrate? ...With whatever we can gather, anyway.

[Locked to Teddie]

Hey, Teddie. I have a small favor to ask of you. When you see this, meet me on the music floor, alright?

[Locked to Izanami]

...I have a message for you from another, and we need to talk.

["Failed" private, successful anon text to admin]

hey, jason. yu mad, bro?

[Why, yes. Yes, he is trolling! ....Though that might have been a spelling error on his part. Either way, screw you, Jason. WE DO WHAT WE WANT.]
Hey guys.

Betting it's a Jason month this time.

Mostly 'cuz I woke up with a note pinned to my hand with a scalpel.

So if you were planning on anything that isn't the tower being more awful, sorry, you're gonna have to put that on hold.

That's pretty much all I got to say. Peace.
23 August 2012 @ 07:24 am
[ Seemingly quite distressed despite everything said and done, a weary Haldir appears after several days of pure silence on his part. While many seem quite grateful and thankful for the feast, Haldir seems utterly aloof about it. Many probably would assume he's just being his usual "self" but those who do know him could probably sense his melancholic state. ]

They give us a feast to celebrate, yet I see no reason why we should. Had those fools acted sooner, we could've avoided such needless destruction.

[ He grumbles. ]

Perhaps there's no reason to lament so, yet still...

[ Unsure what to say, Haldir gives up and tries to set his bad mood aside. ]

Tell me, friends, is all well? Alucard, Legolas? I have not heard from many since the travesty first unfolded.

[ A soft sigh escapes him. ]

I must know, what sort of fate has befallen upon The White Wizard? He is another I have not heard from in some days now. The same goes for so many others who I'm certain attempted to be valiant in the face of death.
19 August 2012 @ 05:55 pm
A question.

Let us humor our captors and say that they are telling us the truth that our worlds are destroyed. Let us then assume we have only two places we can be: we might stay here, in this Tower for however long that may last or we might attempt to break out.

The Tower, while a cage, offers a sense of security. There are constant meals and general protection from what lies outside it's walls. We are, however, at the beck and call of the people who run the Tower and their whims. Yet with them you could say it's the devil you know, and know that their torment and cruelty would be as consistent as the stability they offer.

So assume a means of leaving this is found and we might venture out, and that what is outside is in fact inhabitable. But what we venture out into is a vast unknown and the only information we do have is that creatures like the ones who invaded here - and many more of them - roam the outside world. It would be a harsh, dangerous world. But also one with possibilities that could not be explored here. With freedom not to be found between these walls.

So given the choice if the chance of going home is out of the question, what do you choose: stability or freedom?
13 August 2012 @ 01:23 pm
Things are becoming increasingly dangerous. Several warnings have gone out already as well as offers of assistance

Make haste to the lowest possible floor that you can.

If you cannot, contact me immediately. I will be assisting those that need it so that we have as many people safely relocated as can be.
08 August 2012 @ 08:39 pm
[Oh look, it's Legolas' first post on the Network. Ever. Oh sure, he's replied to a few before but this is the first he's using it himself.]

I require some assistance. There is someone I wish to help learn the ways that my people fight however she does not have the weaponry required.

[At this, he draws his blades and holds them up to the screen for a clear view.]

I obviously do not expect the same level of craftsmanship as these but I would like a pair similar for the Lady Zelda. If there's anyone that can assist me, I would appreciate a swift reply.
20 July 2012 @ 03:34 pm
hey tower folks
im in a bit of a jam
and i aint making any jokes
and im gonna stop right now because i almost started some sick rhymes and that wasnt what i was aiming for
so lets say you got hit by some major sick fires
these burns are pretty bad
anyone know how to take care of sick burns
its probably like taking care of actual burns
but yeah
you tell me how to deal with all these sick burns
and idk
we can figure something out i guess
aint a big deal anyways
just need some friendly help once in awhile
and since im on the network
has anyone noticed that there are people missing?
more than usual
like the place just seems to be severely lacking in more people than usual
11 July 2012 @ 09:11 pm
Ahh it seems we have some new members amongst us! Well hello kittens, Michel knows that this place isn't exactly a beautiful concert hall, but despite everything, we are trying to put a little joy in our lives! Tomorrow there will be a party celebrating not only the radiant Maya Amano, but all those who have had birthdays for the past few months.

You are all invited, of course! It would not be a party otherwise. And if you did not see my post last time - in which case, how shameful to have missed my visage, but regardless, there is also blind dates organized so that you may meet new friends and mingle with others. This is nor purely romantic of course, but who knows what might come out of that toss of fate...

Therefore, I give to you the list of names that have signed up so far!

[If you continue to read, you realize he has listed off the entire list of anyone who was signed up for a blind date, by themselves or otherwise.]

Now, now don't forget the rules; if you signed up, you cannot back out! Oh no, that would be wrong and of such terrible spirits! And if you were not signed up, then...that is how the apple falls from the tree, I'm afraid! Think of it this way; if someone deemed you important enough to sign you up, you must be important to someone! And that, my los residentes de la torre is in the spirit of tomorrow's party!

Speaking of which, there will be lovely little flower corsages' for those who wish to bestow it upon their date tomorrow found near the entrance. No, no you don't have to thank me...but rather my fellow bandmate, Jun Kurosu who was kind enough to assemble them. Do not worry yourselves silly either - this is not a requirement, but if you wish to capture your date's heart, one would think you should use all the chances presented to you, hmmm?
02 July 2012 @ 12:33 am
This post, if people would like to utilize it, can be used to quickly meet up with those you were separated or stranded from during the previous month, as well as ensuring one another of your safety.

This will help ensure that we have one place to check for such correspondences, and will not flood the network with an overabundance of the same sentiment.

You're free to utilize your own means, of course- I simply figured this would be a useful tool, after all that has happened.