19 May 2013 @ 02:42 pm
[So there's been an unusual amount of activity in the tower lately, and Yata seems to have been affected by it. Unlike some situations in the tower, this one's fairly humorous. He hasn't used the network in a while, but he might be recognizable to a few.]

...When I first got here, people told me this tower was crazy. But seriously? Giant chickens attacking this tower? What the fuck? That sounds like some shit from a cheesy video game.

[Although he seems to be aware that the idea itself is ridiculous, he's totally convinced enough that it's true.]

Even though it's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard of, we can't have people attacking this tower because we still have to find a way back home, assuming our worlds weren't actually destroyed.

[an annoyed sigh]

So what the fuck are we gonna do about these damn chickens?
09 April 2013 @ 08:58 pm
 [Hei's up, though if you look closer, you can tell he is very tired. The one thing that might let people know he is more awake is the little mogwai poking at his face, and the eye-twitching he was having.]

My apologies for being absent. [Not that it was his choice.] At any rate, I have been told a few things, but if there is anything I missed, I would appreciate being informed.

I am still recruiting teachers for the school system now in place thanks to Ishtar. For those that missed her network post, I am recruiting various people to put together a bunch of teachers to teach others within the tower. Currently, there is a listing here, and there is not set limit so far on the number of teachers for the subject, as new teachers can offer new input or new ways to educate the subject matter. Students are free to attend as well, and all those interested should meet at the library.

Currently, Cecil and I are teaching combat in place of Reno, for those that are unaware of his...absence. Cecil specializes in weapon's training, while I shall stick with hand-to-hand combat. Just a fair warning: during my training--[He finally growls a bit and sets Mao down onto the floor before looking back at the camera seriously.] I don't hold back during those sessions, at least not by much. Fair warning.

That is all.

[The feed cuts just as you can hear the whine of the Mogwai, and see Hei about to pick him back up.]
24 March 2013 @ 11:25 pm
Why do I never see anyone freaking out about the fact we can't die???

Doesn't that scare you? We can't even escape this place by dying! It's like a game to these people! Why is it no one talks about this!?

[OOC: Obviously backdated a tiny bit.]
23 March 2013 @ 07:57 pm
[A new face the network's seen at least once before appears on the screen. He's wet, like many other people using the network right now, and also looks pretty pissed. Other than that, he looks to be fairly okay- eh, well, he doesn't look horribly injured, at least.]

...From what people were telling me when I first got here, I was fucking expecting explosions, horrible medical experiments, monsters, and other stupid shit like that. And so far all that's happened is this god awful weather? What the hell. I don't wanna say some of you were jerking me around 'cause I still haven't been here long...but...this is kinda...disappointing.

[Yata's the type that likes a challenge and rushes headfirst into everything. Even when things look bad he's not the type to give up. It's almost as if he feels he's been underestimated and is personally insulted by it.]
10 March 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[A rather young looking redhead appears on the screen, looking extremely annoyed. Well, he's usually annoyed, but people watching most likely don't know that because he's new to the tower, assuming the people here are strangers. ]

"So...they bring us here and tell us our world has been destroyed and saved us. Yeah, okay, maybe that's a possibility... (after all, hadn't Mikoto-san's power been going out of control when he and that shitty monkey had been fighting the Black Dog? Not even he couldn't deny it then. Had Mikoto-san actually...done it?So what the hell do the people in this tower want with us?"

[He's talking very excitedly, and here he pauses to take a much needed breath

"How can we be sure it isn't the people of the Tower who destroyed our world? He bites his lip here, not wanting to admit that it was probably actually his hero that destroyed his world in his particular case) Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of you already wondered that. But I just got here and I want to know what the people already living here think..."