05 August 2013 @ 02:20 am
[It is nighttime when a live video feed appears on the network. The blonde girl on the screen looks shaken and gloomy, standing in front of a terminal that is obviously in the dormitory hallways rather than in the library. Anyone from Auldrant who happens to check the network will recognize her as Natalia, though her general demeanor is less chipper than they may be used to.]

Is... is there anyone who is free at this moment? I...

[She closes her eyes.]

Someone died today. A girl younger than me, a fonist who used wind and lightning. We were lost in a maze and the sun went down, and the plants... they came alive. She used her powers to save me, but I was unable to save her. Is this sort of thing a commonplace occurrence here?

[She takes a shaky breath and does her best not to cry.]

...I never even asked her name.

[Natalia has not yet learned that those who die in the tower return the next day. She'll remain at the terminal looking lost and downtrodden, for those who would prefer to meet with her in person.]