It appears that the floors are back to normal. Or expanded.

But what I'm more worried about is how many people have woken up from days of what I can only hope is sleep, like myself, and all of this fog. None of it feels right. I would appreciate some details, if someone can spare a moment.

[ filtered to Allen Ridgeley ]

I apologize if I'm interrupting anything important. Would you mind speaking with me?
31 July 2012 @ 08:48 pm
[ Guess who has already settled well into his apartment? Wilhelm has set himself up into a nice little corner, with a desk, a small phonograph playing some rather old music, and a strange, golden disc, complete with two rotating circles similar to a sextant, and a green, translucent cube made of energy. ]

What a fascinating world this is.

[ Wilhelm muses, though his face isn't quite in the camera; just the left half of his body, and the bottom part of his chin visible as he rests it in his palm. One of the circles of the Compass is rotating madly, while the other is only slowly turning. ]

The collective unconscious has become difficult to read. I find it difficult to believe that my world was destroyed, but the collective unconscious has never been this uncooperative before.

[ Despite the fact that he's been ripped out of his own world and into one entirely unfamiliar to him, he seems... calm. Perhaps even content. The truth is, he's feeling absolutely devastated right now, due to him knowing that somehow, he might have failed at his mission. Only one person here will be able to tell, though; and it's the only person here mentally connected to him that can tell his true emotions beneath the pokerface. ]

Might I ask what became of my own world? Or how it met its fate?
16 July 2012 @ 12:26 pm
[Gaara has read the letters, and thinks this is just another sadistic experiment at the facility. He gets up out of bed and curiously looks around the room, making a mental note of the trunk. Where is the communication device? It might have been misplaced during the transfer. He needs to find a way to access the public network.

He leaves the room and walks swiftly through the hallways in a brief exploration. Eventually, he wanders into the library and finds a computer, recognizing the electronic device from the facility. With some experience, he navigates the functions and figures out how to post a video.

He stares impassively at the screen for a few seconds.]
Doctors, Consortium, Val. [Addressing all three to see which one, if any, would actually respond to his call.] This is an amateur tactic. Rather disappointing.

[Now, to figure out what is this week’s experiment. They’re not on schedule for an F3 expedition. Strange.]

Sai. [Brief pause.] Kankuro, Temari. Report in.
Current Location: Library
Current Mood: tired
15 July 2012 @ 09:35 am
[Aleph is sitting at the terminal, with a winged girl in white hovering behind him.]

Nigredo and I have been discussing having a quick response team, and I apologize if anything like this already exists and I simply haven't run across it.

The main problem with responding quickly to any problem is that there are few methods of quick communication. For that reason, if anyone can make working cell phones, has telepathy, or any further method of communication across floors, please contact me. In the meantime, I'll make do.

This is Lilim. [The girl waves.] She'll be staying every day on floor fourteen, the media room, which is as close to the middle of the tower as I could convince her would be interesting to stay in. If you or anyone else need defense for any reason at any time during the day, please contact her. She'll get me from where I am. If you need the media room for normal reasons, feel free to kick her off the game console. [She pouts.]

Unfortunately I can't leave her alone at night with the monsters out and about. In that case, my room is 2-04. Please fetch me, and my roommates will have to deal.

This is as efficient a response as I can make under my current power. Again, if anyone has ways of improving this, please reply. My name is Aleph, and thank you, again.
Excuse me, everyone, but I have a question.

Is there any proof that our planets have been destroyed?

[And, of course, you can always go exploring with Nigredo!]