13 June 2013 @ 09:55 pm
It's dangerous to use the network long. I only use it now briefly: one, to show my face. It's night, so I take the risk so that you know I'm not a monster. I advise caution, when you do reply - also, I ask you not to shoot the messenger. My name? Patchouli Knowledge. Don't tease me about my last name.

Those from Gensokyo: If you see this, I must speak with all of you, and in person. Tomorrow morning, in the library on the 19th floor. If you don't know what Gensokyo is: another world. Not yours. The matter I speak of only concerns those that know.

[Attached is a text file.]

I've learned some things from Ruana about the 'rules' of our game, and one in particular that I have a question about.

The question first: I understand what psychic powers are. How are psionics different? Ruana told me that the 'glamour system' was a mix of technology and psionics. I can't say that I understand technology - working this terminal has been a difficult undertaking, but as a researcher, I've had to learn. But it's more confusing when mixed with a term I've not encountered in my many years of magical research.

Next, what I gleaned from our conversations with Ruana, and her 'hint' today:

- There were five starter monsters. They have extra powers: one is based on something they 'had', and one something a person close to them 'had'. Or has. It's a riddle, obviously. I don't know enough about how Ruana's games work in general to say; I only arrived in May.

- The masquerade masks were 'because we liked them'; the colors, however, correspond to the emotions the person that became the monster was feeling at the time. Red for anger - I've encountered this one. This monster growls. Green for fear, yellow for happiness, blue for sadness, silver for apathy.

- If you encounter a monster, there is a chance you will turn into one yourself. Not everyone will turn; I can vouch for this, because I encountered a monster and haven't turned. But there's a chance.

- I don't think that those that become monsters know they do. That's because of what it takes to kill every one except the five starter monsters: you have to kill them during the day, when they don't look like a monster, and you have to know that you're killing a monster. In other words...killing someone with the intent to do it, when they aren't actively being a threat.

We are, none of us, in an enviable position. Use this to strategize, as best you can. These are the rules, as best I understand them.

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