So, "rescuees".
We've known what we really look like for the last few months. So I ask, have any of you even wondered what our so-called "administrators" look like without the glamour?

Well, now that the monthly distractions are over, I have one thing to show you. Say hello to your favorite scientist.

[Ira smirks, holding up a picture to the camera of a certain drawing that his friend drew from his sister's memories.]

Some of you may remember another person sharing this sketch, and it's true - even the admins aren't what they seem.

Now Jason, I ask you directly: How do you call yourself human?

[Can't even say that it's the way he claims to be human, either.]

[[ooc: The visible sketch is a WIP because Jason literally crashed photoshop four times when I tried to load it. Will update it later when it lets me finish.]]
09 August 2013 @ 02:17 pm
[ Regarding Jason's recent post and the, sad and pathetic, attempts he has seen to yet again beg Jason to cooperate with them, Ganondorf reacts. After all, he has not accepted to assist the foolish masses last months only to see them ruin everything they accomplished. ]

I see a number amongst you are still trying to beg Jason for his favors. Still trying to convince him to work alongside us. Clinging onto the hope that everyone can live together and work without any ill thoughts. This is all very beautiful in theory.

However as a matter of fact, you are only building more illusions on top of those that make this tower what it is. Jason does not desire to work with you. All he wants is to use all of you as test subjects for as long as he can. If anything, he will exploit your naivete to reach his ends and make the tower he dreams of a reality.

Of course, in certain situation people will work together. Yet, Jason appears to be under the impression we broke his precious tower-- Which indeed happened. He will never accept to work with any of you. If he does, he will only be deceiving you to reach the aforementioned purpose.

You have to accept the fact he is an enemy and will have to be defeated. Not everyone can be swayed away by your optimistic and delusional speech. This is a reality that you have to accept if you truly desire to survive.

What happens in this tower is not some sort of fairy tales for children. There are no higher beings guiding your every steps and ensuring you victory at the end of the road. This is not a story written by a benevolent author who will it to give everyone what they want in the end. There are no Gods who will save you.

And even if all of this were nothing more than a story, believe me when I say those writing it would have proven to be particularly cruel and sadistic people by your standards.

Text - Filtered to the Evil Alliance )
02 June 2013 @ 09:30 pm
*It's a recorded video. Enoch stands before the terminal. He eyes the screen before taking a breath and beginning to speak.*

Shall I tell you a tale, Animus?

In another world, there was a dark and foreboding tower with no name, ruled by seven Fallen Angels. Heaven sent a man to capture these rulers, but in the three hundred years this man searched for them, the Tower built its own story. Inside the Tower, people thrived, and enjoyed a life of luxury and abundance in beautiful, otherworldly lands. Each level was as its own world, and had beauty all its own. Even the land of cold steel and eternal lights was breathtaking in an eerie way. But all was not as wonderful as it seemed. The people lived luxurious lives surrounded by beauty and wonders, yes, but when they died, their souls did not ascend to Heaven. They were taken from their rightful course and sent to The Darkness, to sate the gluttony of the demon prince Belial. No one seemed to know this but Belial himself and a resident of the Tower named Ishtar. Ishtar heard the voice of God, and knew that the Fallen Angels were not to be trusted - she gathered followers. It meant severing their connection to the safe and the familiar, to spurn the luxury of trust and plenty and ease of life. It meant turning their rulers against them. But...

*Enoch pulls something from his pocket - something small. Those who look hard enough might be able to catch a faint green glow before he closes his fingers around it, and a strong female voice speaks.*

They became the Freemen. The Fallen Angels became angry and rebuked us. I knew then that God's Word was true.

*Enoch's fist lowers, and he continues.*

But the Freemen knew the truth. Ishtar died in battle against the children of the Fallen Angels, who were in such misery they ate one another to end their brothers' pain. But she left behind prophecies. Messages that outlived her, to aid the Freemen that had sworn to follow her. The prophecies promised Ishtar would return to save them, but until then, they had to work hard to survive when those who were as gods in the realm were against them. And then, when the time came, they surely would not stand by while the resurrected Ishtar fought alone.

That is the story of the Freemen, a story that I did not know of until my own intersected it. Do not forget, Animus, that there are always stories other than your own. Thank you for hearing me.

*The recording ends, showing Enoch sitting at the terminal, feed live to hear responses.*