05 April 2013 @ 07:47 pm
Got a problem? Don't want to risk your life solving it? Then just ask:

Red Savarin's Job Hunters!

We'll do whatever you want! Finding items, doing chores, settling scores! No job is too big or small! All we ask is that you trade us something in return, from food to favors!

If you're interested, contact us over the network, in person, or send mail to Postbox #0302! We're also recruiting new members, so if you like helping people and getting rewarded for it, join today!

[Red's been planning this for a while. Sure, there's only him and maybe the Warmage involved so far, but it'll keep him busy and maybe it'll help ease the pain of a Jason month. It could help him build camaraderie with the residents, too... as long as people actually request jobs and the whole thing doesn't fail horribly. At least Red's got tons of experience doing this sort of thing...]
01 April 2013 @ 10:15 pm
Nutrition bars this month. Of course that has a more sinister meaning here in this tower, but it's also tedious to eat. If you're going to be gruesomely experimented on, there's no need to tolerate bland meals as well. I don't intend to put up with it all month, and neither should you. Here are places you can find the ingredients for better meals in the tower.

Floor 101: You can find many plants here, and they're no more likely to be toxic than anywhere else.
Floor 79: There are fish and other marine animals here which don't appear to be poisonous.
Floor 63: This floor also has fish, but many are very alien. It's impossible to predict which of the strange ones are poisonous.
Floor 62: More fish.
Floor 60: There is no food here, but there's everything else you could need in a kitchen.
Floor 33: I've examined the soil in this field and it appears to be arable. There are seeds in the shed.
Floor 32: There are deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc in this forest. (But you'll have to kill them without any unusual powers you possess, on this floor.) There are also berries and mushrooms, but you're an idiot if you get careless with the latter.
Floor 10: More fish.
Floor 6: More deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc but these are freakish mutants who also render powers useless near them.
All floors: Some of the monsters are edible. Others will probably do bizarre and terrible things to you if you consume their flesh. Choose wisely. (I can speak for the safety of the huge, bloodied yellow birds if you can corner and kill them, as well as the small and weak flying bulls, but I have tried no others.) Good places to farm for kills are the tower on floor 75, the maze in floor 72, floor 57 at night, and floor 30. If someone could find out how to get our powers to work on floor 97, that would be the best place yet.

Since I've already written this much, I'll add some warnings.

Floor 87: You are an idiot if you try to use any of these flowers as ingredients, and soon you will be a dead idiot.
Floor 86: Don't try to pick the mushrooms, much less eat them.
Floor 76: Did you really think they would give us a normal greenhouse? Most of what's here is poisonous.
Floor 71: It would be too convenient if we could carve up the flesh here for meat. The beast has defenses. Don't try it.
Floor 61: You can pick the mushrooms here, but I haven't tried eating them yet. I don't know what species they are. It's on your head if you risk it.

I won't babysit you if you want to try to use any of this information.
16 March 2013 @ 01:52 pm
Now that I've collected what I'd evaluate as the basics of this place and how it's run, I'm curious enough to ask for a discussion of general opinions rather than concrete facts.

Particularly, regarding the supposedly confirmed ideas revolving around the state of our worlds. While the evidence supporting our homeworlds' destruction is considerable, I'd still like to hear what people think. It initially crossed my mind that it could be a very well-constructed lie, and while that has become a very distant possibility I'm hesitant to discard it altogether. And if it is in fact true, what happens then? Do you think there is a way to restore the places from which we've originated, or are we fighting for a Pyrrhic victory at best?

And that's not yet touching upon the more clearly confirmed matter of our souls and the replica forms we're using in place of our original bodies. I'd imagine this has caused existential crises aplenty, but let's put that aside for the moment. If the administrators possess the technology or magic to create such close copies, how is it they can't simply take out original bodies along with our souls in the first place And if there is a way to restore our worlds, would you logically assume that includes our original selves?

You're free to answer if you like, or ignore me altogether. It's your own choice. I can't really picture this as a simple matter to talk about without inciting a sense of dread and misery, so I'll hardly be offended if everyone shrugs this off and pretends they never saw it.

--Lord El-Melloi II

[Waver, honey. I'm sure signing your name like that is simply habit by now, but you might give your younger self a stroke.]
13 March 2013 @ 09:15 pm
[The Caninu man's sitting in Dahak, his robot, in front of one of the many terminals on Dorm Floor 2. Originally, Red had tried Dahak's radio but found that it didn't work at all. He didn't even get static; the thing just wouldn't turn on. The terminals were his only option for communication. It took a little while for Red to get the hang of them - that and waiting for them to come online - but at last he manages to get an audio entry through. The halls were quiet, thankfully, save for some red goo monster that Dahak had easily dispatched. Hopefully nothing worse than that would show up...]

Hey, anyone in this tower know anythin' about weird blood stuff? I saw this poor girl with blood spikes stickin' out her back yesterday, and tonight somethin' in my bed stabbed me and now my blood's movin' around. Is this normal for the tower or is somethin' real strange goin' on?

Oh, and if anyone knows where a guy can get some real clothes around here, I'd appreciate it.

[Now to wait and see who would respond... or track him down.]