14 November 2013 @ 01:50 pm
I've been thinking. It's getting to be almost winter, and I know a lot of times, especially during Jason and Ruana's months, there's no real heat.

[Either they lost power or someone turned it off or... something]

So I think that those of us who can sew should get together and try to make as many clothes as we can that people can use. Especially people who don't have a lot of warm clothing from home. We can't really do anything [read: mount resistance efforts against crazy administrators] if we're too cold to move.

Anybody who's interested could meet on floor 51. The fabric there isn't too good, but we don't have much else and I've read about how to survive in the cold; layers should still help. And we should pick a place where people can get the clothes as they need them.

[If nothing else, her room would probably work in the short term. There were two empty beds in there, though there was also the problem of people not being able to get them if there wasn't somebody in the room]

Could anybody help me with this? I'm getting better but I can't do too much by myself.
16 October 2013 @ 09:48 pm
Demon seeks good summoner.

[Zett's calm when he makes this post, with a hint of a smile on his face.]

Experience with dealing with demons specifically a plus, but any type of spirit summoner will be considered. Mostly looking for someone who can match me in a fight and who I can feel good about entrusting my strength to. Also someone who won't lock me in a COMP all day. I've got family to see, you know?

To discuss in person, contact Zett Takajo, Baal Zebul, in the library.

[It's been decided that Zett's ultimately going to join up with Asako, but he'd like to talk to other summoners as well!]
08 July 2013 @ 01:26 pm
alright, you chuckleheads.
you're all obviously very bored, and since you're incapable of coming up with entertainment that isn't pants-on-head retarded, I'm here to help you out.
I know, I know, I'm very generous.
so, here's what we're going to do:

reply to this post anonymously and say whatever the hell you want.

seriously, that's it.
blubber about how mean the admins are, talk shit about people you want to punch in the face, whatever.
trust me, you'll feel better after.

[ ooc: The most IC of IC anonmemes! Just indicate whether something is anon or not in your comment header. Shinji will put up a couple of example thread headers, but feel free to have characters make their own. Some of Shinji's replies might come from [personal profile] gamechamp. ]
[ Whilst the first thing he'd have liked to do would be to find those in the Tower he counts as friends and reassure them, the months spent in a blood-soaked and rotten Tai kingdom gave him much to think about, and a determination to be of use. SO. He's figured out these terminals already, and he had plenty of time to come up with something to say as he roamed a land so dead even spirits and demons had abandoned it.

Whilst he looks weary and worn, the aura of a ruler of the Twelve Kingdoms isn't so easily banished. ]

Citizens of the Tower. I have been unforgivably late in introducing myself, excepting those few I have had the fortune to meet in person. I am Gyousou, given name Saku, and I was the Peace-King of the kingdom of Tai... until its destruction. [ a wry smile. ] I appreciate that such a title means little, but I hope that those in need of advice or my paltry century of experience will not hesitate to seek it.

As I have been gone awhile, some... [ He glances down at the date on the monitor- ] half a season, I see, I have missed much. Should you have any information on what has happened in the time since summer ended, I would like to hear it.
We have taken the liberty of doing some research into the Tower's history and past trends, in hopes of uncovering something about the way this place operates, or solving one of the many mysteries that surrounds it. It would greatly benefit us if you could lend your assistance and help us with our research; the more people that answer the better, as it gives us more data to work with.

We understand that someone's probably sick of these kind of forms, questions and questionnaires, but we've done our best to compile the data from the past ones and hopefully not make it too repetitive, and get to the heart of the matter:

cut for length )

In addition, we have a few more gaps we'd like to fill about the earlier days of the Tower, but it seems that many of the people that were here at the beginning have disappeared. For those that were here in the very early days, we have a few questions about the environment-- nothing too invasive. Your cooperation would be invaluable.

Lastly, we have one more question to posit, both for discussion and for the sake of our curiosity and research; how do souls work in your world? If you have information on how your own soul specifically works and are willing to share it, this would help us a lot.

For any of these queries, if you feel more comfortable locking your answer, this is perfectly acceptable and we will take steps to make sure it is as private as possible. Anonymous posting may also be used if you're dubious as to the functionality of the lock system.

(OOC: responses may come from either [personal profile] morituramfides or [personal profile] beknightedheroine.)
21 May 2012 @ 04:42 pm
[Hey, here's a guy who's never used a computer before. But he's gonna show this weird technology who's boss! (The exclamation points were hard to figure out, but this is clearly urgent, so he needs them.)]

okay i got the hang of this thing! yeah! hi everyone my names zidane are you all right im not sure about this place i dont like it one bit im looking for my brother his names kuja its very important thanks!!!!! dagger vivi eiko freya anybody are you there???
14 May 2012 @ 03:42 pm
Arthur Kirkland here.
I am finding that i am in

nened of asaissitnance

thers sosmrhgting vryee wrongw tih em

[There are a few more messages that cross the line completely into incoherence, before finally:]

swithcign to video

[The feed flickers on, and-- yes, that most certainly is England. Or it looks sort of like him for all of two seconds before he doubles over with his head in his hands, blue and red psionic sparks crackling over his body as it shifts -- struggling between something like a tortoise shell and a werewolf, or something vaguely structured similarly to one. Spines ripple beneath his flesh and a few manage to extend outwards, easily tearing through his shirt (or what's left of it -- he's clearly been fighting with his body for quite a while now). His skin tightens over his bones and almost deadens in appearance before England finally reigns the shifting in for a moment.

He's still clutching his head with one hand, though the other has moved to his chest. Bruises show on his neck where it appears someone -- or something -- has tried to strangle him. Along with the bolts of psionic energy, wisps of fox fire occasionally burst into existence in the air around him, usually when he chokes on his own breath. With a strangled noise of pain, books come flying off the shelves behind him, thudding into a surface off-screen.

Finally, he finds it in himself to look into the camera. His eyes flicker with the alternating colours of the Vision Twofold, and at a close look, the multiple pupils of the Vision Eightfold can be found in the left eye whenever it flickers blue. His voice is hoarse when he speaks.]

Urgent assistance. Please.

[ ooc: a list of the competitors in the labyrinth, along with their powers, can be found here. as of now, it's still in-progress, but if your character was in the labyrinth and i have missed them, or the powers listed are inaccurate, please tell me so i can change it! c: also, THERE IS A REAL CHANCE THAT YOUR CHARACTER COULD GET INJURED IF THEY APPROACH ENGLAND. please be careful. ]
14 May 2012 @ 05:58 am
that was incredibly stupid
this is stupid
thanks btw
for the people who sponsored me
i mean it kind of sucks that you did
since i lost
and im pretty sure sponsoring didnt come scot free
misery sure does fucking love company
and i dont appreciate the gifts this place keeps giving us
seriously like i need to start some smuppet collection
that isnt even my shtick
im running out of space to keep shoving these stupid stuffed toys around
if i wanted a smuppet id just make them myself
i mean i lived with that shit for thirteen years
im pretty sure i would know how to make them
but thats besides the point
i dont even know why you guys would care

it looks like new people arrived while we were all in there though
welcome to the tower of this is complete and utter bullshit
population us

[Filtered to Taiki]

i mean i appreciated it and all
but youre probably neck deep in bullshit now
even if you say youre okay
im going to call you out on that
so dont bother
02 May 2012 @ 12:39 pm
[Switch off the labyrinth and check the network proper on any one of the terminals, and you shall be greeted by the stern, stoic face of one Princess of Hyrule. She looks somewhat tired, like she hasn't had a good night's sleep, but even so, there is a tranquil sort of absolute fury in her eyes.]

Is it possible to access the locked elevator without the clear- or red-collared workers' "assistance"?
19 April 2012 @ 03:53 am
[Hello, Animus. Today you have a man in stiff posture standing in front of the terminal.]

Hello. My name is Major John Perry, former Administrator of Roanoke Colony. Sorry, I don't have a uniform with me, so no fancy costume for you to laugh at.

[He grins a bit, and seems to relax a little.]

I haven't been here as long as many of you seem to have been, but in the interest of both knowing who's here and learning more about each other's worlds, I've made up a little survey for those who are interested in sharing some information. Don't worry, it's not too long or too painful, I promise. I hate forms just as much as you probably do.

And if anyone wants any of my answers to these questions, just ask.

Form. )
11 April 2012 @ 06:53 pm
what the ever loving fuck was that???
thanks so much shitty tower
i wanted to see earth as a desolate shithole
forget the fact that it shouldnt have even existed
and i was bored out of my skull
im back
got a little lost and went by the ruins of earth
worst roadtrip
the radio kept playing bruno mars on repeat
the ac was busted
i have sand in places i didnt think it could get to
the scenery kind of sucked
considering there was none
what i miss???



Her Imperious Condescension
Orphaner Dualscar
The Grand Highblood Subjugglator.

If you know these names, then you know that to encounter any of these trolls is dangerous at best, and very likely to be fatal.

To be honest, I feel partly responsible. Since they arrived in the tower, I have tried to show them that the hemospectrum doesn't give them the right to cull indiscriminately, that there are other ways of dealing with people that are more constructive, and even beneficial to them. All three of them have rejected this notion, and while I do have hope that they might come around eventually, we cannot allow them to simply continue to treat the tower - and the people here - as their own personal sporting arena.

But I'm just one troll, and I'm not a very big one. I need help, I need a plan. And taking revenge upon them is not going to make a positive difference in this situation.

So please. Is there anyone here who can do something to, at least temporarily, make them stop killing? Maybe if they can start to feel what it's like to be powerless, they can begin to relate to those of us whom they have held down for so long.

I don't want to hurt them, and I believe anyone else in this tower who engages in violence should be dealt with in the same way. This tower is our home, at least for now, and if we are all going to live here, I think it's time to lay down some groundrules, and figure out how to enforce them.
29 March 2012 @ 06:29 pm
These machines are rather odd... I hope this is working?

... Yes, it is. Good. Well, then. This might be a little long-winded, but the short of my question is this: has anyone bothered attempting to decorate this place a little?

And the TL;DR version. )

I simply cannot bear these drab, same, repetetive rooms. They have no style, no... personality.
[The video feed is focused on a pretty egg-shaped gem, colored blue and swirling black. It's sitting on the keyboard, and Sayaka's face is level with it, staring at it. She's not blinking. From the angle, you can't see her (normally violet) collar.]

It's right there. But I keep thinking it's over there. [She waves a hand into the camera's view, dismissively at some-direction.] But it's not, but it feels like it.

Maybe this is what happens when one of us uses too much magic.

It's driving me crazy.
29 February 2012 @ 12:15 pm
[This is the only thing the Network will allow you to access on the 29th.

Characters who are participating in the game may make new threads. Characters who are not participating may only reply to threads, not make new ones. There are no filters present. The cell phones the participating characters have are capable of voice, video, and text communication.

The cell phones have a disturbing tendency to film things on their own, from a character talking to themselves while hiding to a character's messy death.]
25 January 2012 @ 06:24 pm
i dont use this netwwork vvery much
but i guess i should do this or so it seems i dont knoww

i just havve a question an i dont really knoww anyone to ask so maybe some fuckin strangers can answwer it wwhatevver
this is probably a bad idea

so uh
howw does romance wwork for humans?
i knoww you dont havve quadrants
but i thought i should check if theres more to it than that since i find myself in a certain position wwith a member a your species

an dont tell wwilloww i asked this
i knoww she asked a similar question a the collectivve you about troll romance but she didnt tell me until later an i hadnt thought to ask myself so i wwant to keep this on the dowwn loww for obvvious reasons
12 January 2012 @ 12:23 pm
It has come to my attention that the greater part of you [humans, he means--] remain completely and inconcevviably ignorant of the fundamentals of troll romance. WWhile this is not all together surprising, considering the lack of reading material pertaining to our culture, are you incapable of making any sort of inferences wwhatsoevver? I didn't think it especially difficult to assume an alien species wwould also havve alien customs, nor is observvation from afar a particularly arduous task.
If you still fail to comprehend my forthcoming explanation of a single aspect of our culture, ask a lowwblood to further elaborate; howwevver grueling that may be.

Matespritship is of the flushed quadrant. I expect this to be the easiest for you to grasp, as it is the most similar to human romance. Howwevver, the concept of 'pity' takes more prevvalence. It is concupiscent.
Moirallegiance resides in the pale quadrant. It typically occurs wwhen twwo trolls devvise something of a pact wwith each other in order to counterbalance their traits. As insinuated, one is the instigator, wwhile the other is the pacifier.

[INSTIGATOR OF... WHAT. sure is being inexplicit here]

Kismissitude, in contrast to matespritship, is a rivvalry; though it is also the other of the reproductivve quadrants. It is considered to be caliginous. This seems to be the most difficult for humans to wwrap their thinkpans heads around, as it lacks a more distinct parallel. Consider it synonymous to havving someone you loathe dearly, though also find attractivve-- the description in itself provving to be a markedly shalloww comparison, but that's a necessity. Generally, as it is a rivvalry, it requires the acceptance of equality.
Thus, I suggest you refrain from ostentatious displays of hatred for another of my species here, lest they get the... wwrong idea.

[hint fucking hint. ahem.]

Auspicitization occurs wwhen a third troll intervvenes wwith the relationship abovve. This is to prevvent one another from outright murdering each other, wwhich wwould obvviously vvoid the possibility of a successful filling. It is also to prevvent unitentional infidelity, as a kismissitude can quickly become destructivve to nonparticipants. Its quadrant is the ashen one.
And this concludes the summarization of a sypnopsis.

As for the lesser of the trolls here: Do go on embarrassing yourselvves wwith your purposeful naivveté; it isn't as if there is an entire exposition of the superficiality of human culture in the form of a library a feww floors awway.

[locked to [personal profile] agoodoffen2e]
Some questions regarding your flawwed reality. I suggest you answwer them.
[This post is locked to Psiioniic, Suzaku Kururugi, Taiki, Minato, Sam Winchester, and Ed Elric]