27 January 2013 @ 07:43 am
[After a long month spent gathering information, pouring over the guide to the Tower he found, and generally just trying to gather his bearings, Mello decides to turn to the network at long last. He never did like the idea of a completely solitary investigation.]

How's it going, Tower? Everyone been having fun? Great. Down to business.

First off, let me say that you're just about the craziest bunch of kidnapping victims I've ever had the displeasure of living with.

I mean, come on. Weddings? Birthday celebrations? I know that people have an innate need to try and make unmanageable situations as normal as possible, but surely there are better things you all could be doing with your time.

Now, this might come as a shock, but I'm not content to sit here and leave myself to the mercy of my kidnappers. I've already read that guide that some of you have put together, so don't bother explaining how dangerous the place is to me, or how there's no way out, or blah, blah, blah. However, if anyone has info on hand that hasn't yet been added to the guide, feel free to cough it up. If our hosts have allowed you to write up that guide in the first place, I'm sure they won't mind my asking for a little more elaboration, right?

Information is key, especially in a place where nothing seems to make sense. I fully intend to make use of it and find a way out. You're free to join me, if any of you are up for it.

All right, now time for a question.

I've heard that we all come from different worlds. That isn't normally something I'd believe, but since I've arrived here, I've seen a ton of strange things, so I'll bite. In the interest of finding out which "universe" I'm from, give me an answer: have any of you heard of a mass murderer named Kira? He kills people - criminals - with heart attacks. Just in case any of you are from one of those "alternate timelines" and Kira hasn't yet reared his ugly head, have any of you heard of a detective named L?


[The young man on the screen has seen better days. Other than looking like he ended up on the wrong side of a curb stomp, that's more believable than what actually happened. It was his "first", after all. Sweat slowly beads down his face. The normally pristine, stark white hair of his was little more than an orderly mess. While this didn't make him unattractive, it nonetheless signaled that something was off. Very off.]

[His voice, unmoved by his current state, is a far departure from expectation.]

My name...Is Allen Walker. I know you've already met me, but it was under the worst possible circumstance.

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25 January 2013 @ 07:15 am
Hey, Kidou?

Yeah, you're sword's ready.

[He looks a tad sheepish as he speaks.]

Uh, sorry it took so long. I was gonna have it all ready last week, and then... uh... something kind of happened, so I had to make another.

[Actually, it was a Rupee that made off with it, but he won't tell anyone how he had to chase down that thing only for it to toss the damn sword into the void floor. Yeesh.]

But it's here down in the Workshop. I'll be down here all day if you wanna get it.

Oh yeah, before I go: anyone else that wants or needs a sword? I got extras.
[ on the screen is a small, unassuming character. the only startling thing about him is the large, tired blue eyes peering in. there's the glint of a chain beneath his clothes when he stirs, and over his body is a worn green cloak.

when he speaks, it's slowly, carefully. he looks pale, a bit shaken still from the network but his voice is sure: ]

While I haven't been here long, I'd like to leave as much as anyone else.

[ quietly: ]

I do not believe our homes are truly destroyed.

[ frodo's eyes lower, before he speaks again: ]

Not only that but I should like to know how many come from the world of Arda. Or 'Middle-earth'. To me, it is my home.

And..if any of you have seen a hobbit about my size, with lighter hair, a bit stout, with a frying pan? His name is Samwise Gamgee. Or perhaps a strange creature, who calls himself 'Smeagol' or 'Gollum'. He tends to like the shadows. I am..responsible for him.

[ it's sad how he's used to this. first the ship, now this strange place. it seems his road is far longer than he could have imagined, and frodo quietly despairs a little in his heart, though it stubbornly clings to hope. ]

If not, I would ask if any come from a ship called the 'Tranquility'. I had been dwelling there for a time, and would wish to know of it's fate. 

[ he seems to hesitate for a minute, but the question is necessary ]

Should you be from Middle-earth..I would ask if the Fellowship is a familiar word to any of you.
14 October 2012 @ 05:27 am
Does anyone nearby have a Potion or any healing ability? I'm in the third floor library. I think I've been out for a while.
03 April 2012 @ 12:50 pm
[Hello, network. Have a nine year old. c:]

... Um. Okay, so... I noticed that a lot of people were getting really confused!
About us, I mean. The Links around here! And that's not good, being confused about us - we didn't mean to confuse anyone!

[He gives the feed a little bow, before continuing.]

But it's okay! I'm going to explain it, now - I even have a picture! Pictures always help me understand, so I thought it would help everyone, too!

[That's when Link holds this up to the camera, smiling around it.]

See - we go really far back! The Link that came from the sky - we call him Sky so we don't get confused. But Sky was a really really old Link!
All the other Links are named after him, I think. And without even knowing it! All the Heroes throughout time are named Link, maybe!

There's probably a couple Links between Sky and the next two, but these two are who we call "Woods" and "Forest"! Forest is Woods when he's little, so I guess they're kind of the same person. They're Sky's great-great-great-great-a few more greats-grandkids! Or, um. Grandkid, I guess, since they're kind of the same person.
They're the Hero of Time, and really legendary where I come from, so be polite to them, okay? And Princess Zelda too, but everyone knows that you gotta be polite to princesses.

And uh... after they fought a big evil man called Ganondorf and sealed him away, something happened and the world got flooded, and then I was born!
Um... The King told me I'm not related to the other Links, though. I've just got the same name.
You can tell I'm not related 'cause I have green eyes, and they have blue!

[And getting all up in the feed so everyone can tell --]

See? Green.

But um - I'm the really latest Hero; the Hero of Winds! But it's not hard to understand now, right? It's a Hero thing; all Heroes are named Link! And we're not the same people, either! Except Woods and Forest, I guess. Since Forest is just Woods when he's little.

I can answer questions if people have any, too - I don't mind! I'm really nice, I promise!
02 April 2012 @ 10:47 pm
[There's a burst of static, and a garbled sound like someone talking for a brief moment before it clears, beginning a voice message.] -doesn't this thi-[More static, along with the sound of buttons being pressed. Likely buttons that should NOT be pressed, if the beeps that keep sounding mean anything.]-ith instructions or something?

[That? Is the sound of TEN MILLION BUTTONS being pressed. One of them has to let him write. But WHICH ONE?

Until now, this has been a mystery to Sora.

But apparently he figures it out, because suddenly, text!]


oh, there it is! Now I can send messages to people. This is neat!

but writing everything out like this takes forever.
[Because guess who's typing one. letter. at. a. time.

But there must be another way! Maybe if he can figure out how video works...

Oh, hey. Time to abuse the terminal's keyboard again.

This goes on for a few minutes, occasionally accompanied by various warning beeps and error messages. Finally, the video flashes on briefly, revealing the face of one (1) VERY SURPRISED Sora, who...was maybe starting to think that this wasn't going to actually work.

...but then he has the biggest smile because GUESS WHAT? IT DID. Computer: 58, Sora: 1.

He's definitely catching up, okay?]

Alright, it wor-huh?!

[And all of his hopes are dashed when the screen turns bright red, and the video shuts off after another, this time much angrier, error noise. Apparently, the terminals do not take kindly to misuse.

Finally, there's just a minute of silence. Then...]

...did I break it?

[Meet the future savior of all worlds, everyone.]


search: location|

results not found

search: where is this?|

results not found

[then, to the sound of furious typing, the video feed starts. for anyone who knows the Tower well enough, it looks like the terminal in use is in the third floor library. the one using is is a frustrated-looking young man, typing very fast without noticing that he's being recorded and getting more and more irritated, until--]


[--he looks up, mildly surprised. he shifts uncomfortably, slightly embarrassed:]

Hello? [he clears his throat.] My name is Terra. Is anyone there? I came here from-- [he stares, mouth forming the next words, but his expression darkens and he clearly changes his mind, shaking his head.]

What is this place? [a pause.] Is this world dealing with monsters that you can't control? I can-- [--nope, he can't. Terra's jaw visibly clenches.]

I may be able to help. But... Please. I need answers. [whatever thoughts were distracting him finally catch up for a moment:] I shouldn't be here. This isn't possible.

[he shakes his head again, before fixing the feed with a firm stare:]
Thank you for any help.