frilliance: (Angst/Earthquake)
Miles Edgeworth/御剣怜侍 ([personal profile] frilliance) wrote in [community profile] animus_network2014-04-06 02:02 pm

Seventh Case [Text and action. Anonymous for text]

To anyone else who has 'regained' a pet at home, please tell me this:

Are they actually our pets or are they just another glamour imitation because of our captors' sick sense of humor?

If anyone can tell me the truth, I would be eternally grateful.

[Edgeworth can be later found on the hidden floor, sitting at one of the tables. A brown flat-coated retriever can be seen sitting at his feet, her tail between her legs. Sometimes, she tries to nudge her master. In response, Edgeworth raises a hand to stroke her...

Suddenly, he remembers that she might not be real and places his hand back on the table, going back to his notes which he has been writing in. The dog gives a little whine and lies down.

The prosecutor looks gloomier than usual.]

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