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one ♓ video;

[GUESS WHO'S BACK. BACK AGAIN. And is on the network to say hello. If you guessed a fish troll, you would be correct.]

...huh. Didn't think I'd ever sea this plaice again. It feels like everything and nothing have changed at the same time. New room, new people, same glubbing oatmeal.

[She laughs.]

How long has it been, anemoneway? Last thing I remember was getting a box of tentacles in my mailbox and a bunch of weird shadow kids following people around.

Right, right. I'm Feferi Peixes.

[She waves at the camera.]

I was here for - glubbing shell, I don't remember. You start to get somefin like aquadementia - ocean madness - after spending too much time on a dead world. Things get fuzzy.

I'm guessing, though, based on this timer and what people are saying, that we don't have a whole lot of time left. Figures that I'd be coming back at the end. It seems to be a thing!

[She doesn't look upset; more amused than anything.]

So. What did I miss? I want to hear everyfin.
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You too?

[Yeah, okay. At least he didn't turn out to be the only one reappearing in this damn place. Same room, same oatmeal, same everything. It's like having a pleasant dream and reawakening in your worst nightmare.

But John doesn't have anything to offer towards what she missed.

Maybe there was a reason we were brought back.
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I can probably say that it isn't just me and you, I could call it a coincidence otherwise.

[This is probably a sign of much bigger things.]

I feel like I'm missing a huge chunk, though. I can remember a lot of stuff going down and then nothing.
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I remember finding out that the other John and Rose had disappeared. The glamour failures were getting worse. Do we really want the rest of them to come back as well?

[It's been a while, he's still recollecting his thoughts.]
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Right, it started failing last summer. I recall some time in the fall I refused a collar check. Boycotted it, or something.

[He's still digging. All the memories are rushing back at once.]

I understand. Coming back here may ultimately end up being better than nothing. The timer is running short, and maybe it'll be for the better. We just have to figure out what is happening right now.

[He's still kind of sorry that he can't help her with that. If only they could have the knowledge available.]
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I was here right as winter started, but not long after that. I honestly can't remember much from that time. The blur starts right around there.

[He gives her a grin.]

We already know the ropes, so I guess it won't be much trouble settling back in.

[A pause.]

We are definitely going to get out of here this time.
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Whoa, no kidding? At least we know one piece of the puzzle. Who offed him?


It's just a matter of time, we were unsuccessful before. But now? I have confidence.
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I always knew she was a crazy bitch, but not to that extent. Finished him off? Like...finished him off? [He doesn't wanna go into that. It's pretty gruesome. Though Feferi should know what he's talking about.]

If we see more people, well, then that's more that are also going to get out of here.
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Damn, we really did miss a lot then. Though I am almost unsurprised considering this is Ruana we're talking about.

[Fef is always so optimistic. It does brighten his own mood.]

Have you found anyone else you know that maybe didn't leave?
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Let's just hope she doesn't go bat crazy and try to eat anyone else.

[He nods.]

I'll keep a look out for the others. If they also come back of course.