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Video; Dated earlier Valentine's Day!

[So after figuring out how everything worked, you get to see a familiar blonde haired elf wearing a green tunic and hat. This one in particular shouldn't be familiar. But there are a few others who look just like him. He steps back a bit and holds up a box of chocolate.]

If anyone can see this, I have a question.

[He pulls a chocolate out of the box and stares at it.]

What are these?

((OOC: Ok so. Ghirahim's player and I have a little plot thing that's gonna be going on so due to what is happening, Ghirahim will be replying to everyone who replies and Link may not. Basically, Ghirahim's gonna be in jealous hate-love with Link and Link's gonna be trying to rip Ghirahim's heart out so yeah <:))
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[... Okay, so. Seeing this particular Link alive and well again is both a relief and discomforting, given recent events. But this is important so she'll swallow her PTSD for now.]

Antidotes, supposedly. I would not trust them.
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[ Did somebody say trauma? The feed obviously shows a little back and forth as Ghirahim gets in Link's way, answering in his stead. ]

Antidotes? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't THOSE normally come in a vial?

[ Not... whatever these adorable heart shaped boxes are??? Anyway. ]

Hello again, by the way, my dear. I'm afraid Link is... a little tied up at the moment, you'll have to excuse him.
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Zelda visibly tenses, sucking in a breath when Ghirahim shows up on screen. Honestly, it... takes her a moment to find her voice again, and when she finally does, it's rather shaky.]

... Normally we are not at the whims of these mysterious "saviors."

[And she doesn't like where this is going, nope.]

Do not harm him.
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[ DRAMATIC, INJURED, TAKEN ABACK LOOK! Oh Zelda you wound him so. ]

How hurtful... you see, I have gone to great lengths for him, you know... just to find him... time and time again...

[ Still, even he is acting a little odd, given his usual routines. ]

Really, it was his fault, you see, for what he did. ... But I've forgiven him, now. Why don't you take your regalities, my dear, and leave him be? I am sure he would like some time alone.
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[And not a single fuck was given that day. ... Mostly because she's nearly at her wit's end right now.]

If he wishes for it, then I shall. But you have no right to speak for him.
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And YOU'VE none to speak with him, in that case.


How do you like him NOW.

That's for not telling him what he wanted to know. B| ]