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text | I feel like I should translate this for you guys

hello i have a lot of questions its about an animal here in the twoer
its a little thing with wings and horns and it cant fly because i think it hurts them?
and landing hurts them to becase their legs break becausetheir legs are too small to hold them
i dont know what to do but i adopted one adn its sleeping on my pillow and i fed it some of my leftovers from lunch that i snuck in
isthere a way to fix its legs because it is in a lot of pain
also im sorry im not good at speling and i dont know how to make it show me on the screen instead so i have to write with this box instead
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[ He shrugs. ]

Come find me, then. I really don't care what you think you can do. It should at least be entertaining... the sky child is, of course, far more interesting, but I imagine you'd be good for a laugh or two.
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[So guess who you passed by while storming of to your doom confront Ghirahim, Link?]

... Link? What is wrong?

[All of the concerned looks. Why are you walking around armed and ready, little Hero?]
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[.... FFFFF--]

Oh, Link, no! I know who you speak of - I know how cruel he is, but please, you must not go after him!
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[She kneels, bringing herself to his eye level. This is serious, okay.]

I know. I know it is, but please, listen to me. This man, Ghirahim... he is very powerful - my magic barely did anything to him when I encountered him, and he... he hurt one of the other Links very badly.

[That's all she'll say about that.]

I know you are very strong and brave, but, please, I do not wish to see you harmed in such a way.
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[Oh, thank the Goddesses. She doesn't even try to hide her sigh of relief.]

If she awakens here, we will find her and warn her, like I did with you just now.

... I know it is not a certain method, and for that I am truly sorry, but it is all I have right now. [She places a hand over her heart.] And I promise, if I find her, I will do everything in my power to protect her.
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[Reaching out to cup his cheek.]

No, it is all right. I should apologize for telling you to endure his taunts and then do nothing in response, but...

[A sigh. Augh, she hates how helpless she feels against this man--]

If you must fight, to defend yourself or others, then... do so. But, please, do not seek him out if it is not absolutely necessary.
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[She returns the smile just a bit, nodding.]

Yes, that is it. Your grandmother is a very smart woman.
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[No, she's slowly starting to get used to this hugging thing. In fact, she'll go ahead and wrap her other arm around him, pulling him close.]

I was going to go down to the cafeteria to find something warm to drink - would you like to accompany me?

[Fact: hot chocolate fixes everything.]
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[In that case, she'll stand, take his hand, and lead the way to the cafeteria. CRISIS AVERTED, HUZZAH.]
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[Not much!]

A lovely, warm, sweet drink they have been serving at the cafeteria this month. I believe they called it 'hot chocolate'.
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[She nods!]

I had not experienced it before coming here, either. But I find it delicious, and thus far there have been no negative effects.

[Which... really shouldn't be a plus, but hey.]
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[PFFT. Link you are incredibly obvious. But hey, as long as it gets his mind off of Ghirahim.]

Fortunate you are accompanying me then, hm?
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Indeed. It does seem to be one of the more stable areas of this place, thankfully. I do not think I would have the energy to battle for a meal every day.

[Speaking of, looks like they're coming up upon it now!]

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