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Hitori Kakurenbo

[This is the only thing the Network will allow you to access on the 29th.

Characters who are participating in the game may make new threads. Characters who are not participating may only reply to threads, not make new ones. There are no filters present. The cell phones the participating characters have are capable of voice, video, and text communication.

The cell phones have a disturbing tendency to film things on their own, from a character talking to themselves while hiding to a character's messy death.]
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Hour Ten [video] death

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[Shion looks scared.]

They found me... hours ago but they wont leave... I can't get out...

[He gasps and the arm of a teddy bear (Strange Toy, if anyone is wondering) appears on the screen and touches Shion.

He gasps but doesn't scream, at first it might look like nothing is happening, his body shakes and his skin dries out. He seems to be wanting to talk but as the moisture is sucked out of his body he can do nothing. He almost seems to age, his eyes become sunken, his skin looks like parchment.

He falls, dropping the phone yet it still records as the bear continues before leaving Shion's dried out body.]