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[Ken appears on the network, a frown on his face.]

There's a very dangerous girl running around here. Her name is Minami Arisato. She's out of control. She killed me. I don't know why I didn't stay dead, though...

[He can play the innocent kid card right now. It'll work to his advantage, anyway. To everyone's advantage.]

[He sways a little, and takes a deep breath, clutching his head.]

Nemesis... no. Stop... it hurts...

[He mashes the buttons, finally turning it off.]
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[Whoever this woman on the other end of the line is, she looks and sounds incredulous.]

Are you certain?
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That cannot be... Admittedly, I only know her through this place, but she hardly seems the type to just... murder someone in cold blood.

[She frowns, concerned. Minami's her friend; she's helped her get through some of her darkest moments here. Surely something must be wrong--]

... Are you in need of assistance? You seem to be in pain.
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Lashing out violently at someone for no discernible reason is hardly something I would categorize as "weird" or "stupid". There must be something wrong...

[Okay, so, she doesn't know what a 'SEES' is, but that's hardly important at the moment. She'll ask about it later if it becomes necessary.]

It obviously is not, considering how you wince every time you move. But, if it is something you do not wish to reveal, I will respect that. Just... take care.
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I am not asking you to. I am merely attempting to make sense of the situation. Perhaps I should speak with her...

[A sigh.]

So it is not. All the same, I hope you recover from whatever is ailing you quickly.
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[His jab gets an unimpressed frown, but she makes no comment. There would be far more urgent things to do than cry if that happened.]

Why should I not? We are in the same situation, are we not? Surely, we stand a better chance against our captors if we are all at our best.

[And she doesn't like seeing kids in pain, okay. :|;;]
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[An awkward sort of smile.]

I suppose I am not 'most people' then, am I. This place is bad enough without everyone competing against one another, is it not?
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[Bro, you are lucky she isn't Link. He would have stopped at nothing to help the eff out of you. :|]

Is it truly? My apologies for coming off strangely, then. I suppose one of my friends has rubbed off on me.
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[And like that, the strained sort of pleasantness falls, replaced by a concerned frown.]

... Are you certain there is nothing I can do to assist you?
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I have seen a great number of strange things in my lifetime - I doubt one more shall cloud my judgment of a person who has thus far been entirely coherent.

Especially in this place.
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[She repeats, testing the word.]

Like... a spirit of some sort? Has she ever been upset like this before?
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I see...

[Sort of. She's trying, at least.]

Have you been in this place long? Perhaps it is the tower's doing.
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... I would wager it has something to do with the tower, then. If she was not like this when you first awoke, then it is likely her anger will subside eventually.

[A sigh. Why must they toy with the children as well?]

I am not sure if you have been told, but... this place enjoying playing sadistic games with us.
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That sounds... unpleasant.

[Really, really unpleasant.]

I am afraid you may have been right about my inability to aid you in a more substantial way. ... Unless she can be soothed by music, perhaps, I am unsure of any way to calm her.

[Regretfully. Sometimes, it feels like she's never useful when it really matters.]

... You said that there were others with this problem. Do you know if any of them are here?


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