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[He'd tried to walk away and calm himself down, so he didn't get steamed like everyone else was.

But it was Roxas, and a computer, and this guy was being a total asshole, and-]

Fuck it, no, no. Okay?! I'm not- I'm not playing these games anymore. Why? What if we don't want this- I-

[Yeah, someone's flipping his lid. It's been a long time coming, with the maze and Ven's issues and Sayaka and-]

I'm tired of your bullshit passive-agressive attitude! If you're not going to fix anything, then why don't you come down here with the rest of us?! Get this thing [He tugged at his collar-] off and save our worlds!
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vid 5ever because he's an idiot

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No- okay, you, do you even have one of these on you?! I bet you don't, you don't need it, you're...from, here, right?

So you- no, everything is tight and enclosed in this tower, and I want this goddamn thing off. I want you to stop watching us. You think I care if I die, or, not die, whatever the hell, anymore?! It's happened before! Going back to my destroyed home? Happened. Fucking. Before.

[He's practically white-knuckling at the screen, as if that's going to help.]

I'm not going to be scared of whatever the fuck you guys can do anymore! I'm not going to sit here and be a good experiment, okay?!
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What do- what even do you all do here? Besides watch and- study and, experiment,'re using this all for your own entertainment. Just, admit it.

[You are now TOO TIRED to keep screaming at some text guy, but Rox did have some sort of horrible thought. Dying didn't matter anymore to him, or so he told himself. He'd learned something last time by not sleeping in his bed, and...Rox's got just enough depression and high-emotions to use that. Time to let go of the screen and slump over the terminal.]

Take the fucking collar off.