08 July 2013 @ 01:26 pm
alright, you chuckleheads.
you're all obviously very bored, and since you're incapable of coming up with entertainment that isn't pants-on-head retarded, I'm here to help you out.
I know, I know, I'm very generous.
so, here's what we're going to do:

reply to this post anonymously and say whatever the hell you want.

seriously, that's it.
blubber about how mean the admins are, talk shit about people you want to punch in the face, whatever.
trust me, you'll feel better after.

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22 October 2012 @ 06:22 pm
[The video clicks on, showing a clearly worn out Jade Strider, with a small handful of bleeding scratches and some burn marks on her face, and for once completely lacking her "cool kid" composure. She's breathing heavily and obviously panicked, but compared to John Lalonde it looks like she got off easy-- in the background he can be seen leaning over some pile of debris near two chairs, his face reduced to a bloody and battered mess from an explosion. Both of them seem to have an extra collar on under their colored collars, linked by chains to a strange box on the ceiling of the Library.
When she started talking, it was hurried and rushed, and she sounded like she was about to cry.]

H-Hey-- the fucking bomb just-- blew the fuck up in John's f-face and there's metal and shit in his face and it's all fucked up and we ne--!

[Her sentence was cut short with the sound of a "snap," the chain suddenly retracting on both ends, violently pulling John away from the bomb's remains and Jade away from the computer terminal.

Given the way both of their bodies were now hanging limply from the ceiling, that "snap" wasn't just the sound of the mechanisms.

After a minute or so of that image, someone enters the screen. She looks similar to a popular movie icon, if anyone into horror movies are watching, but just a little more terrifying. She smiles, waving a wooden hand at the camera, before switching the feed off.]

i see the network is working properly again!
good, good. that makes this easier.
i want to play a game, my fellow tower mates.
do you think you can survive any better than these two?
it's a shame they couldn't follow the rules, isn't it?
hee hee hee.
i hope you all are ready.
oh, before i go, if anyone needs candy there's plenty to be found in the library!
i'm sure they won't be needing it.
02 October 2012 @ 10:04 pm
Hello, everyone! Eheh, I don't know how many people are watching right now, so I figured I'd put this up early and hopefully people will see ahead of time? In any case, I'm really happy the kitchen has food again!

[Kazumi's cheery face breaks off into a bit of a sheepish laugh]

...even if it all kind of pumpkin-related.

[But she brightens up again quickly enough]

Still, it's a big help! Everyone really chipped in and helped make sure no one starved last month, but even so, I didn't realize how hard it would be to cook without flour or salt! Since it's not like we could make that ourselves here... luckily, that's exactly the sort of things we have again now! And there's still some things left-over from a few days ago in the refrigerators, so we don't have to make everything pumpkin flavor...

In any case, this is an invitation for dinner tonight! I'll be cooking a whole lot, so anyone is welcome to come. I'd especially like to extend invitation to Enoch and any of the Puella Magi here, either that I have or haven't met, since Saber would really like to meet you guys, but anyone is welcome.

Oh, and I guess for the people who still don't know! I can be found down in the kitchen around meal times, so if you don't like what the cafeteria is serving, I'd be more than happy to help out? Well, I hope to see everyone soon!

[In the evening, Kazumi can be found to have set out something of a feast in the cafeteria. About half the food ended up being pumpkin related anyway, but there's other things too, even if they're kind of simple. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in, tag others, etc, just like the other open party log, even if it's soon after... mostly this is because Saber wanted to meet Enoch and Kazumi's Puella Magi friends.]

[NOTE: all of Jade's posts can be seen as being posted all within the same minute, though they're still anonymous.]
02 September 2012 @ 03:20 am
AG: Sso I guessss thiss place issn't the Veil or anything like that, huh?
AG: Thiss note iss sort of vague. Doess it mean Alternia hass been desstroyed or that the meteor hass? Becausse the firsst one I already knew about.
AG: If it meanss the ssecond one hass too... Did everybody from my ssessssion make it here ssafely??
AG: I guessss this putss my planss on halt, though it could alsso mean that the Demon iss gone too? That would be kinda great and really convenient!! It'd be nice if I didn't have to get sstabbed after all.
AG: Maybe I had ssome of Tavross'ss luck?
AG: Anyway, all of that doessn't matter much right now, I ssupposse. I jusst really want to make ssure that my friendss are alright too.
AG: Honesstly, I'm not even ssure if anybody elsse is here, but I ssaw ssome other namess on the placard outsside the room I woke up in, sso that'ss gotta mean ssomething, right??
AG: I really hope ssomebody iss here, because it would really ssuck to be by yoursself in a huge tower with nothing to do! I guessss I could jusst go back to sshoveling hoofbeasst sshit or ssome other animal sshit on one of thosse floorss I checked out.
AG: But it would sstill really SSUCK even if thosse were the breakss, and that would mean that I'm a dumbassss who keepss talking to hersself. But alsso a dumbassss who issn't embarrassssing hersself if there are people around.
AG: Ughhhh, anyway!!
AG: If anybody iss here, esspecially if it iss ssomeone I know, but it'ss OK even if I don't know you, pleasse jusst messssage me back.
AG: Hopefully there iss ssomebody here that knowss more about thiss place than I do, that hass maybe been here longer? }:)
AG: Thankss in advance!!
30 August 2012 @ 02:23 pm
[If anyone hasn't seen Dirk for a while, it's because he hasn't been here. But he's back now, oblivious to what's been happening in the tower for the past month. The more pressing issue for him at the moment is processing what he's experienced in that wasteland.]

I refuse to believe that was my home world.

[And that's just all he has to say on the matter. What's probably most disconcerting is at this moment, as much as he hates this place, he's glad to be back here. At least here, he's not alone.]
...i Am Awware
that i havve not been particularly
so i wwould like to Apologize to anyone wwhos gotten caught at the receivvin end a me bein a grubfuckin asshole

...that includes you, vvan--karkat
i said a lot a shit i shouldnt havve
25 August 2012 @ 05:09 am
[It's about time she tried this thing out, so here she is sitting in the library.]

Heya! Thought I'd make a broadcast and here it is! This is the United States of America speaking. Crazy I know, I bet you're all like, "Oh shit, she's so awesome!" Don't worry if you can't handle how great I am, that's totally natural and everything.

[SHE CLAPS her hands together once and rubs them together in apparent anticipation.] Now that I'm here, these Tower dudes really have it comin'. See, I'm gonna get you guys outta here. Don't know how, where or when, but I promise! [slams a fist into her palm with a firm nod, determination glittering in her eyes.]

Between now and whenever the hell that is, let's get to know each other! You got that part about me being America, which is totally like... the best part, and also that I'm fuckin' awesome. Yeah that's right, I'm the U.S. of A. Comin' right atcha from...

[she looks around]

Uh. This library. [A pout. Which immediately disappears, because she's back to smiling again.]

Whatev, whatev. [Who could ever tell she's looking for information? Really looking, actually. It's a ruse.

... It's a ruse, and she really is showing everyone how fabulous she is. And don't you forget it.]

Peace out homies, and stay frosty!~ [she points at the screen and mock-shoots it with her finger, and with a wink from Amelia, the broadcast ends.]
15 August 2012 @ 09:02 pm
[Dax's voice can be heard, first muffled.]--is it on? Oh, good, we've got communications-- [He pauses, and shouts, obviously to someone else in the same area as him] Communications are up!

[There's another pause as he collects himself, and then his voice is calmer, more even-toned--though still worried.]

Okay, so I know things are kind of rough up there and we haven't really been able to do much. That attack damaged things down here, too, but we've got a lot of it back online and we're going to do what we can.

Since the dorms are gone, for the moment, we'll be moving revival to the infirmary for the moment. The room will be guarded by the retrieval units, so while it's not--foolproof, it and the floors below it are probably the safest places right now. The creatures are moving downward, but we have a plan--we just need time to repair one more thing down here before we can enact it.

Can you manage for another day?
oh WWell
so much for that
i guess im back noww
id ask wwhat i missed but
wwhy dont i savve us all some time
an just assume shit wwas throwwn into the biggest fan avvailable
good enough?

09 August 2012 @ 06:18 pm
so first
my names not dave strider lets get that out of the way immediately before i get anyone coming on here going
dave is that you???
cause its not
im jade
alternate universe bullshit
ok cool introductions out of the way
more importantly
does anyone know how to deal with a freaky darkness horrorterror possessing someone?
like i guess
does anyone know an exorcist?
or is an exorcist?
cause i got a friend here with a spooky brain tumor and we think it would be best if it went the fuck away
unfortunately i know shit all about horrorterrors and darknessy demon cult bullshit
except for what i saw in thirteen ghosts
but that movie was shit
and i dont think he wants his head doing a 360 :/
so yeah if anyone knows how to depossesify someone
thatd be great!
08 August 2012 @ 02:00 pm
[ The camera opened up to the view of a young man's face, who appeared to be holding it roughly arms length away from himself, his other hand holding a crystal ball. ]

So this is what they call a free weekend getaway, yeah? [ He laughed, looking into the device with an amused expression. Though the camera angle could not show too much, it was easy to see that he was sitting on a bed, with some clothes next to him. ]

They even packed for me. Must be my lucky day. I shoulda done a reading for myself before going to sleep, I would have been better prepared, yeah! [ Another laugh. ] They even gave me this thing to talk to people. It's a very well thought out trip, yeah? I don't remember seeing any commercials for it on TV though. [ He smiled for the camera, looking very relaxed. ]

So I'm talkin' to a bunch of other winners here, yeah?
04 August 2012 @ 03:54 am


Filter-fail to Kanaya Maryam )
03 August 2012 @ 10:57 am

john lalonde i am going to KILL you.


[[Once that ominous message has been left, the young girl abandons the terminal she found on third floor of dormitories and begins her hunt. She has an ass to kick and she will find it. There's a four eyed black kitten on her heels, batting playfully at her coat tails as they walk and under her arm is a very large book of some sort. Occasionally she checks a terminal as she passes because you'd better believe she will descend upon her friend like a hawk when he replies, but beyond that she's going to head down stairs to look on the floor below. Maybe go a few more floors down if need be.

She'll care about where exactly she is later. It's probably just like SBURB anyway. Do some exploration and eventually you'll run into some helpful creatures! Surely that's how it works.]]
31 July 2012 @ 04:30 pm
Text A;

cut for courier )

Action B;
[A short boy in a rather dark outfit can be found wandering around the dormitory levels. It seems that he doesn't want to stray too far and chance getting lost or losing terminal access in case somebody answers his questions. He's clearly looking for something, pausing at every nook and cranny and looking behind every terminal he passes. Fortunately, he refrains from trying to barge into anybody's room. The search for his loving daughter salamander hasn't gotten quite that desperate yet.]

[Won't it be sad when he finally realizes she isn't here?]

[Feel free to bother him, it's not like he has anything that's actually important to do right now.]
30 July 2012 @ 06:44 pm
k so lemme get this striahgt
stright* godamnit
fuck it u kow what i mean
but yea earth is razzed and we got our asses saved by some ~mysterious force~ or somethin?

Roxy, let me handle this. You’re far too excitable to handle this properly.
As far as I know, SBURB was supposed to save the world, but we are clearly not in the game. We didn’t enter it, at the very least. We are somewhere that is not of our home.
Which was going to be destroyed regardless, really.
jaaaney i got this, god!!!
LMAO oops this isnt my color
doo dee doo I’m Jane and i need to stop bein such a tightass

oh shit dirk and jake
u 2’d bettr b ok n safe somewhere or im gonna b rly upset n mad at u :(

Ugh, wait. This is needlessly frustrating.
And stop touching my chest! You have your own!
Dirk, Jake. Or anyone here at all, I’m not picky. Can any of you tell us our location, and how we got here? Anything pertinent to the situation.

also collers
wtf is up w/ them?

I think that would count as pertinent to the situation.
just gettin it out there, janey
honk wonk ;)
And stop using my color! You’re going to confuse everyone.
cant stop wont srop <3

y r we still typing when were right next to each other?
I’m...not really sure. But we are. And now nobody is going to want to help us!
Because there are already so many shenanigans.

shooosh janey shooooooosh
any1 wanna help us out w/ a few answers?

We would most appreciate it.
And please stop stroking my face. It’s kind of strange.

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23 July 2012 @ 12:52 am
Hello. Since I'm certain many of you are busy or predisposed searching for the people who were likely abducted for another experiment, I'll try to be short with this.

A certain FAQ has been forwarded into my care recently from the old owner. If you are new here, I'd really like to take the time to suggest you please read it, even if it's gotten a bit large, because this is very important for those of us who happen to be trying to simply live here, and doubly so for those who don't know what floor is dangerous or what goes on here. AKA you newbies.

I have but one simple request: Tell me what would you like me to add to this, if anything. Another one, if you're not busy: would you mind giving me some questions that you hear frequently? I'm considering adding a Q&A about what we know/don't know/what to do and not to do, but I'm not certain if it's necessary or not.

That's all, really; I want to do my best to make sure this is as well-maintained as the original author intended.

[ ooc: As is obvious any replies from Minato here will be COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS and untraceable. He will only answer in text, regardless of if voice/video is used. Some replies may come from my alt account too. Just an FYI. ]
18 July 2012 @ 05:32 pm
It has come to my attention that many people in this tower are without sufficient supplies of clothing, or have had existing supplies damaged through tower-related incidents. Seeing as our administrators are not exactly of the charitable sort, acquiring more is no easy task if you don't have the means to make it yourself.

The case is similar with food. I'm sure most of you are aware of the questionable status of many of the menu items this month. We are being fed things that are outright poisonous and being made to put ourselves in danger to trade for anything better.

I know that there are those among us who are capable of sewing and farming. I'd like to organise a go-to group to help the ones who are not capable.

The fifteenth floor contains a workshop where clothing can be made. I, personally, am willing to construct attire and give sewing lessons to anyone who wishes to learn. If you are interested in the sewing group, please reply with your name and what you're interested in. You can merely make clothes, or you can offer lessons, as well. Both volunteers and people who require clothing are welcome to make themselves known.

The thirty-second and thirty-third floors are both valuable resources for food. Floor thirty-two contains a forest. It seems completely on the level, from my investigation. There are normal, edible plants and animals that aren't mutated or monstrous. Of course, I have discovered that, like any other normal forest, there are also poisonous plants. However, these are fairly common Earth plants, so they can be identified if you're well-versed in wilderness survival knowledge.

Floor thirty-three has farmland. There are seeds in the barn on this floor, and I imagine you could also plant the seeds from anything you forage on floor thirty-two. Other people use this floor, so we must be conscious of their areas. But I think we can manage a small collective of farming efforts to give people food that won't kill them. I'm hoping that measures against theft won't be necessary, but if it comes to that, I'm willing to organise a guard duty, as well. For the time being, the honour system should serve well enough, seeing as there isn't yet anything to steal.

If you want to contribute to the food group, reply with your name and whether you hunt, gather, or farm. Please also state if you're willing to do more than one thing. For now, I'd like it if only volunteers for the food effort respond for this.

Once this post has run its course, I shall put up a list of people in each group, so that they may be contacted by people who need assistance in these fields. If you have any ideas as to how this little organisation should be run, please do not hesitate to bring them up to me.

My name is England, and I am often found in either room 1-20 or room 2-16. You may also know me as "Arthur Kirkland". Feel free to refer to me by either of these names. For those who are curious (and to save myself explaining it more than once), I am indeed the country of England. Or at least a humanoid representation of everything it is.

If that confuses you, I'd suggest just calling me Arthur.

I'm open to any other questions you may have regarding how the tower is run, but please do try not to get too off-topic.
16 July 2012 @ 12:26 pm
[Gaara has read the letters, and thinks this is just another sadistic experiment at the facility. He gets up out of bed and curiously looks around the room, making a mental note of the trunk. Where is the communication device? It might have been misplaced during the transfer. He needs to find a way to access the public network.

He leaves the room and walks swiftly through the hallways in a brief exploration. Eventually, he wanders into the library and finds a computer, recognizing the electronic device from the facility. With some experience, he navigates the functions and figures out how to post a video.

He stares impassively at the screen for a few seconds.]
Doctors, Consortium, Val. [Addressing all three to see which one, if any, would actually respond to his call.] This is an amateur tactic. Rather disappointing.

[Now, to figure out what is this week’s experiment. They’re not on schedule for an F3 expedition. Strange.]

Sai. [Brief pause.] Kankuro, Temari. Report in.
Current Location: Library
Current Mood: tired