30 July 2012 @ 06:44 pm
k so lemme get this striahgt
stright* godamnit
fuck it u kow what i mean
but yea earth is razzed and we got our asses saved by some ~mysterious force~ or somethin?

Roxy, let me handle this. You’re far too excitable to handle this properly.
As far as I know, SBURB was supposed to save the world, but we are clearly not in the game. We didn’t enter it, at the very least. We are somewhere that is not of our home.
Which was going to be destroyed regardless, really.
jaaaney i got this, god!!!
LMAO oops this isnt my color
doo dee doo I’m Jane and i need to stop bein such a tightass

oh shit dirk and jake
u 2’d bettr b ok n safe somewhere or im gonna b rly upset n mad at u :(

Ugh, wait. This is needlessly frustrating.
And stop touching my chest! You have your own!
Dirk, Jake. Or anyone here at all, I’m not picky. Can any of you tell us our location, and how we got here? Anything pertinent to the situation.

also collers
wtf is up w/ them?

I think that would count as pertinent to the situation.
just gettin it out there, janey
honk wonk ;)
And stop using my color! You’re going to confuse everyone.
cant stop wont srop <3

y r we still typing when were right next to each other?
I’m...not really sure. But we are. And now nobody is going to want to help us!
Because there are already so many shenanigans.

shooosh janey shooooooosh
any1 wanna help us out w/ a few answers?

We would most appreciate it.
And please stop stroking my face. It’s kind of strange.

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