19 May 2013 @ 03:02 pm
[Accelerator has been in his room since seeing a strange rumor regarding others suddenly being able to hear your thoughts. To Accelerator, this rumor is not only possible as far as he's concerned, but even substantiates the fact that this tower is similar to his home world- where strange powers (like mind reading) were taught. He has little to say, and gets straight to the point. ]

My thoughts are none of your goddamn business, assholes! Stay the fuck out of my head!

[Ordinarily, Accelerator wouldn't worry too much about strange powers considering his own power simplt reflected most of them off him, but he wasn't too sure about how strong his powers were here- or even if he still had them, as well as whether or not they'd be effective against these mind reading powers.]

10 May 2013 @ 10:18 am
[The feed turns on to a young boy, sitting with his feet up on the desk in front of the terminal. He's leaning back in his chair, and his attention is away from the camera, at the knife he was spinning on his pointer finger.]

Hey, is the food here always so flowery? I had to eat peasant slop because it was the only thing appealing on the menu... there should be some steak here.... Ah! Sushi.

They should have sushi here, though it won't be any good if it isn't made by that Yamamoto guy... oh well, sushi is sushi, I suppose. It's far better than that disgusting... oh what do they call it.... warm cereal? Or was it oats in a meal? Hmm...

Well, whatever.

[He finally turns his attention to the feed, with a big grin on his face.]

My name is Belphegor~ Though please, ca--- [Before he can finish his sentence, the knife he had lost interest in fell off his finger onto the ground, making a slightly loud clank.]


[He leans over his chair to stare at it.]

It fell.

[He stares at it for a few more seconds before stretching, and he places his arms behind his head, no longer interested in the knife on the floor.]

Anyway, call me Bel! I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, everyone.

By the way, what's with this metal thing around my neck? It won't come off, no matter how much I cut away at it!

It's not right to treat a Prince like a dog, you know. You could be beheaded for such an act!

[Suddenly, he leans forward very close to the screen with a very serious expression.]

Or worse.

[His mouth spreads into that big, sadistic grin again.]


[Then the feed cuts there.]
10 April 2013 @ 11:35 pm
[The feed starts with this young guardian prince fidgeting around a bit as tries to see if he's doing this properly. So for a moment, there's a closeup of one of his aquamarine eyes with rather unique pupil that appears to be a pawprint. Then he sits back and clears his throat a little with a smile.]

Hello. Can anyone see me?

It's nice to meet you all. I'm Chung Seiker of Hamel. I've been here for around two months now but this is the first time I've used this device so I do apologize if I'm doing anything wrong.

Anyway, my purpose for communicating with all of you in this manner is that I would like to ask if there are any existing patrols set up in the dormitory levels, especially at night to help anyone who might be stranded outside their rooms and left at the mercy of the monsters. If there are, I would like to join them and if there aren't, are there any plans to set one up?

And another question I have is... does anyone know of any good places for fishing here? Can we eat the fish in the aquarium? Has anyone tried them?

Thank you very much for your attention.

08 April 2013 @ 09:45 am
[The feed turns on to reveal a thin, angry looking albino not one, but two collars on his neck. One is the standard collar for the tower with a violet color and is a generic looking electrode collar from his own world. This collar is is what corrects a brain injury and allows him to move and speak, as well as use his powers, but he's not going to go into that, at least not unless you're nosy and start asking questions. He seems particularly agitated at the moment.]

I'd almost believe the bastards that run this tower were from Academy City. It'd be just like Academy City to kidnap people and tell them they can't go home for whatever bullshit reason. I'm guessing a lot of people here have some kind of powers, and that the shitheads that run this tower aren't just letting us live here in peace, right?

[He pauses a moment and lets out an irritated sigh.]

We're either being forced to train for fighting or we're being experimented on, right? Maybe even both. That reeks of Academy City to me. Sorry for ruining your fun if that was supposed to be a surprise or plot twist or something boring like that. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and this bullshit tower doesn't have some kind of ulterior motive, but from what I've been through, that isn't gonna be the fucking case.