19 August 2012 @ 10:16 pm
[ Video? With her hair as dishevled as it was? Not likely! Aerith was quite happy sending out just her voice, which sounded just fine! ]

Do monsters attack this place very often? I wasn't expecting that at all! But then I bet nobody knows what I was expecting.

So, I've found what looks like a food hall and there are things here I actually recognise! All I need is Tifa to mix some cocktails then I'll forget that I've been brought to strange place that's being attacked by huge, flying whales.

Does anyone want to come with me?

[ There's a pause in which you can almost hear her smiling ]

It'd be just awful if I had to go on my own.

18 August 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Gettin' bit and shit from things other than zombies... that don't mean that yer gonna get extra limbs or shit, does it?

Or baby monsters poppin' out yer chest?
14 August 2012 @ 08:46 pm
[ The last few hours had been a blur, Aerith could vaguely remember going to the City of the Ancients and she could somewhat recall going down a seemingly endless series of steps on a glass staircase, and maybe Cloud was there? But she couldn't quite focus on what had happened after that as she had been so rudely awaken by the sound of crashing and sensation of the room shaking.

The young Cetra sat up with a start, in an unfamiliar place and couldn't help but panic. She quickly scanned the room and spotted something that might just help her. A small device that resembled her PHS! Launching from the bed she had been snoozing laying on she reached for the object and began to fiddle with it, inadvertently turning the video broadcast system on.

Oh what was his number? Oh-seven... nine?

If I could just have my PHS with me this wouldn't be a problem! Who can remember strings of numbers like that? That's why they have address books in them!

[ A sudden thud against the tower walls caused her to stumble, at which point Aerith noticed herself displayed on her new PHS ]

Oh! That's me!

Is this sending out this is a video? Who's it sending it to? Maybe it's just broadcasting it to everyone? Well that's more sophisticated than what I used to but alright.

[ Aerith clears her throat and stumbles again as the room continues to feel the tremors from above ]


Is anyone there? I think you have the wrong person, I'm not meant to be here right now.