03 April 2013 @ 04:02 pm
[ A small girl is sitting at the first floor terminal, tapping softly on the keyboard but not actually pressing any of the keys. Her situation is a hard one for her to process, after all. One moment she was leaving her family home in flames... now she is here. Somewhere. It's certainly nowhere she has been before. Neither is it a place with anyone she recognizes.

Honestly, the eleven year old is sitting at the computer and facing loneliness. That letter, her situation, the absence of anything familiar (as she has yet to open the trunk). Aya tries to keep her head in the game and focus, but it's hard.

This is a... device of some sort. I wonder if it's working? [ She can see her own video in the screen's corner. Interesting. That's her there... but she's right here? Her young and flexible mind begins making the connection, flowing right along with the technology. ] Hello. This is Aya Drevis speaking. I'm um...

[ The girl looks over her shoulder, then back at the screen. ] Lost, um... I want to go home, I think... I don't like that letter. I don't think it's true. Telling lies that like is bad, but it's okay. I'd just like to go home to... [ Her house? Aya remembers how it was in flames and shakes her head. ] Can I? I'll be good. I won't tell anyone you were lying.