14 January 2013 @ 11:35 pm
[The feed clicks on, showing a surprised masked man.]

Okay, what did I just--

[He clears his throat.]

Hi. I’ve been trying to hack this terminal for an hour or so, to see if I can verify the information I’ve been given. It’s not really working, so I guess the next option is to ask around.

[He rubs the back of his neck, clearly not used to having to ask for help.

He’s not alone, either. Behind him someone happens to be hovering past the doorway silently at first, but then backtracks and stops in the entrance. Since his back is facing her he probably won’t notice, but she’s definitely noticed him. Her eyes open wide and her jaw drops with an audible gasp.

Yeah, her surprise is definitely apparent.]

Nightwing?! You are here??

[He jerks around in surprise, already brandishing a pair of escrima sticks.]

Who are you?

[Who she is might just have to wait, because (heedless of the weapons, she’s just that excited) before the last word has left his mouth she’s already halfway across the room, throwing her arms around him in relief and accidentally sending them both against the terminal. The last thing that the feed picks up from either of them is a shout (“What in--?!”) from “Nightwing” and a relieved string of WORDS (“I am so relieved to see you are undamaged!”) from the weird orange girl before the feed cuts off rather abruptly.]

[OOC: Answers will come from both Starfire and Nightwing!]