10 April 2014 @ 07:25 pm
[GUESS WHO'S BACK. BACK AGAIN. And is on the network to say hello. If you guessed a fish troll, you would be correct.]

...huh. Didn't think I'd ever sea this plaice again. It feels like everything and nothing have changed at the same time. New room, new people, same glubbing oatmeal.

[She laughs.]

How long has it been, anemoneway? Last thing I remember was getting a box of tentacles in my mailbox and a bunch of weird shadow kids following people around.

Right, right. I'm Feferi Peixes.

[She waves at the camera.]

I was here for - glubbing shell, I don't remember. You start to get somefin like aquadementia - ocean madness - after spending too much time on a dead world. Things get fuzzy.

I'm guessing, though, based on this timer and what people are saying, that we don't have a whole lot of time left. Figures that I'd be coming back at the end. It seems to be a thing!

[She doesn't look upset; more amused than anything.]

So. What did I miss? I want to hear everyfin.
02 July 2013 @ 12:29 pm
[Needless to say, Rick has seen better days. He's had a chance to read his note and change and get a feel for the dormitory level of the tower, but no amount of acclimation is going to make him comfortable with the fact that everything he knew--everything he was comfortable with knowing--has simply vanished. Desperate to find some tangible connection to his world, Rick makes a call for the one person that he knows can support him. So far, he's found no evidence that she's even here; an open post is all he can think to do next.]

Codi? It's Rick. You're probably hiding, and that's okay--you don't have to say where you are. I just want to know if you're all right.

I love you.

[He might be starting to panic a little bit.]
09 June 2013 @ 12:14 am
[Feferi clears her throat, when the feed comes on. And she's grinning. The other noticeable thing about her? Her hair. She wears flowers in it pretty often, but now, the green leaves of the multicolored blossoms are more prominent than the actual flowers.]

I'm Feferi Peixes, and it's sing-along time, Tower. This one's straight from the files of protest songs that my ancestor - some of you remember the Condesce - well, she had a bunch of songs banned. Her heiresses were expected to know them, so they could have anyone singing them killed.

I think it's time to break that rule entirely.

[She clears her throat. Anyone who is at all familiar with musicals? You'll recognize the tune of 'Do You Hear the People Sing'. It crossed worlds.]

Do you hear the sufferers sing?
Singing the songs of angry men
It is a music of a race that won't be
Beaten down again

When the blood rushing through your veins
Echoes the honking of the horns

You'll know there's an end to all the pain
Come tomorrow morn

[No. Feferi pauses. The words...they need changing.]

I'm sorry. Let me just...this is gonna be off the cuff from now on, forgive me. But I can't just sing the version the Condesce banned. It's not right.

Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
When all this glamour fades, is there a world you've longed to see?
Then join in the fight that will give us the right to be free!

Do you hear this Tower sing?
Singing a song that's writ in green
It is a music of a people
Stronger than you've ever seen

When the beating of your heart
Starts to be more than you can take
Show them you're strong, and play your part
I know you won't break!

Will you give all you can give,
So that the admins can't advance?
If we fall, or cry? We'll live -
it's up to you to take your chance!

Our blood, sweat, and tears will bring forth our resolve - that's our stance!

Do you hear this Tower sing?
Singing a song that's writ in green
It is a music of a people
Stronger than you've ever seen

When the beating of your heart
Starts to be more than you can take
Show them you're strong, and play your part
I know you won't break!

...for Sayaka. For everyone who's left this place. And for us.
19 April 2013 @ 09:02 pm
[Feferi can't face the network, and she really can't face anyone she knows in person right now, so this is only voice. And it sounds tired, and defeated. It's clear she's been crying, a lot, and she just sounds broken - not angry, just broken.]

...I'm done.

I can't do it anymore. What is the fucking point, when my words are only going to be used as a weapon against us? If I can't trust people I love...and it's not even their fault. I know that it's not, but I...I can't handle this uncertainty. I could handle having my heart broken, but I...I can't handle this.

Congratulations, Jason. You wanted to find the exact point at which Feferi Peixes can't handle the shit that you throw at her anymore? Well, this is it. I'm done.

My lusus - my guardian, my mother, sort of - is here. Don't worry; she can't hurt anyone, not with me around. I'm going to be with her for a while. Don't come looking for me. I breathe underwater, she is underwater, and most of you couldn't get there anyway. I don't want those that can - assuming any of you can - trying. I don't want to talk. I just want -

[She starts to laugh, and then her laughs turn to sobs, which she has to calm before she can speak again.]

- you know, I found out a while ago that if I hadn't been brought here, I would have died roughly fifteen minutes after my last memory from home. Till now, I thought there was a point to fighting, because I didn't want that to be my end. But I just don't know anymore.
19 April 2013 @ 06:18 pm
[It's taken him a great deal of time to get his composure together, after everything is said and done. He might have his body back, but the rush of memories and actions and guilt guilt guilt is enough to make him want to vomit. The images of himself, coated in women, stained in blood, saying one thing while meaning another, leading people astray while knowing otherwise - PRETENDING....

How dare they... How DARE they...


As overwhelming as it is, he can't just wallow. Someone HAS to know, and as much as it might hurt to hear it so soon, they have to know immediately.

So Guy slips to a terminal, holding himself composed if not extremely worn... and as strong as he tries to stay, he can't quite keep the small tremble out of his words as he starts to speak.]

If you're hearing my voice right now, then you need to stop and listen. What I'm about to tell you is going to be hard to hear, and I'm sorry. But it's important.

This week was a mess. No one can deny that. But some of you here in the Tower might have been aware of a few of us wandering around, claiming we had "control" of our minds. To some of you, we were your superiors, ordering you to do or say things for us. The few of us that had mixed colors in our collars or could maintain a conversation like normal, despite our modifications, claiming that the Administrators had failed and that we were fighting back.

We sent out a message this week, gathering people and information to try and establish what we claimed was a counter-resistance. Many showed up. Many put confidence in us.

[He pauses, swallowing hard.]

That was a mistake.

The truth is that we were just as brainwashed as anyone else... Even more so, I guess. Despite what we might have said or made people think, we were all actors. The few of us you may have talked to were sent out specifically for sabotage and information, all for the ones that did this to us. We were spies, and before coming back to normal, many of us just gave away information that...

[Another pause, a deep grimace crossing his face.]

Well, it might prove to be a disaster for quite a few people. If you spoke to a drone in what you thought was a form of confidence, especially against the Tower or in details of the resistance...

[His expression pains, grimace thinning into a guilty frown.]

Then I'm sorry. We've done something truly horrible.


There's another long pause, the man at the screen tense and quiet. Either he's searching for something else to say, or his composure is about to slip from him. It's hard to tell.]

There's nothing we can do to take it back. Think what you would like of us. But we've tricked you, and you deserve to know. And right now... I'd recommend to be prepared for the worst.


If you have questions, then feel free to ask. I'm... not sure what any of us can tell you. I'm sorry.

[And with a tired, forced smile, the feed ends.]
04 April 2013 @ 01:32 am
[There's something off about Feferi when she gets on the network - when has she ever had good news to announce? - but it's not the blinding rage or crushing silence that had been there before. It's clear that she's been crying; the tear stains on her cheeks are all too telling. But when she speaks, her voice isn't as wavery as it could be, for someone who's been upset.]

...Eridan Ampora is no longer here. I checked, and there's a gravestone for him. There's not a whole lot more I can say, reely. What do you say when you grew up as close as you cod be with someone and then they were gone? Just like that. Yeah, I know, he was never the eelsiest perchson to get along with, and I know what happens further down my timeline back home. But this plaice changed even him. I wanted to believe that if we suddenly got taken back to that moment with our memories intact, somefin would have changed.

[She pauses, having only just realized she was tensing up so hard it hurt.]

I always said I wanted to make a betta world for everyguppy out there. And I still think...even with all the pain. Even if I know that bastard Jason would like nofin betta than to get me under the knife again this month, even with that crazy beach Ruana running this plaice...I still haven't lost hope.

There's something out there that's betta than this plaice. I know it. And I know we'll find it.
28 March 2013 @ 12:28 am
[ Greetings people of the tower, have the King of Evil who cursed the tower this month appear on the terminals, for the first time in over six months. He looks fairly neutral, with a very light smile. ]

So long as it been since I last posted here, and yet I see nothing changed. The same cycle has been repeating over and over again, both here and where we come from. Higher powers play with those they see as inferior... Cruel and pointless games meant to satisfy their own amusement. From the tortured crowds sometimes a voice arise, then many--

But at the first bone tossed their way, the mindless masses go back in rank behind the higher powers they chose to venerate as deities. At the first occasion to forget, they chose blissful ignorance. Yes... In the end, complacency reigns. People always return to their meaningless preoccupations and lose of sight what should matter most.

[ He pauses and shakes his head in disapproval before continuing. ]

Have voice even been heard in this tower? Many entertained -and without a doubt still do- the idea that following certain golden haired women would bring them what they longed for. Yet, nothing happened. All they did was replace a deplorable situation with another, build a false hope they could comfort themselves with. All they did was turn a blind eye on reality.

Not a voice arise to stand against the status quo. [A very short and deep chuckle.] How pathetic. Tell me, Tower of Animus, do you not believe time has come for you to awaken and bring about an end to this?
13 March 2013 @ 07:24 pm

Were there always so many floors? I got lost a little earlier... did I miss something big?
28 February 2013 @ 12:37 am
[Feferi's gray skin looks pale as she steps forward, and it's clear that she's shaking. But she takes a deep breath, because this is too important not to tell everyone.]

My name is Feferi Peixes. Anyone who knows me knows I'm infamous for fish puns, but I'm going to hold off on them here, just so the message is as clear as possible. I don't want it to get twisted by a bad turn of phrase.

The message you all saw about the soul thing...it's true. I know, because...

[She takes another deep breath, swallowing hard.]

I went down the elevator, with some others, when we saw it open. We had to take the chance. We needed to know what was down there.

When the group I was with saw a soul being extracted from a dead person, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. More than anything, we knew what a precious thing that was. We didn't want it to be harmed, and so we followed where the retrieval unit was taking it.

...we didn't expect that it would be carrying the soul straight to Jason. We confronted him, we refused to give up the presence of the other groups that were in the administrators' area, and he punished us by forcing us to go through the soul extraction and re-implantation processes while we were still conscious.

Before I go on any further, I have to stress this point: DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN INVITATION TO CONFRONT JASON. He will not hesitate to put you through that process, and no one should ever have to experience a thing like that. I don't want anyone to consider this as an invitation to take some kind of vengeance. That path only leads to pain.

I didn't think that he was actually capable of anything close to mercy until I went through that. Everyone in this tower has been through it while unconscious, and that is truly a mercy. When it happens, your body is taken downstairs and placed into a sphere. That sphere fills with a violet liquid, and then it begins to contract.

[Tears start to run down her cheeks as she remembers, and her voice cracks.]

It quite literally squeezes your soul out of your body, and that is like no physical pain in this or any other universe. I don't think there is a single word that is capable of describing it. Agony isn't strong enough, because the pain keeps going while you feel your body stop working.

And even when you are only that shining light, the pain doesn't fade immediately. It takes time.

Then, you're surgically put into - into a...a new body. I...

[She can't keep talking. She breaks down sobbing, and then the feed cuts.]
03 February 2013 @ 03:48 pm
[Feferi generally manages a smile for the network, even when things aren't going well. This time? She's not even trying to smile. She looks a mess now, though. Her hair's unkempt, like she's been tearing her hands through it, and she looks like she's thrown herself on the ground and cried for a while, then come back to one of the terminals and continued to cry.]

Ruana, you bitch. You took away - you - you -

[She breaks down in sobs again, finally catching her breath after a minute.]

There's a fresh grave with my matesprit's name on it and there are hearts everywhere. You are just throwing all of this crap right in my face, and it's probably giving you some sick kind of enjoyment. You probably watched when I went down there and cried and screamed and you laughed.

I don't care what you did to me last month and how it was supposed to teach me that I couldn't get past you or something. After the crap you pulled at the wedding and after you did this?

I will be hoping that you find someone and develop feelings for them. And then? I will hope that something happens to them, so that when you cry? I can find you and kick you when you're down. Over and over and over again, in your fucking face.

[The threat doesn't seem to help. Feferi just breaks down into tears again, hugging herself loosely until she composes herself enough to speak again]

I...I need some time. I'm sorry, to anyone I said I'd go exploring with. I just...I can't do it. Not now.
13 January 2013 @ 10:26 pm
[When the feed comes on, it's a face people in the tower might have recognized at one point. By now, Feferi's an adult troll, who looks like she's 11 sweeps (roughly 25 Earth years) old, not the teenager that would normally appear. There's no sign of the necklaces she used to wear, and the only sign of her place in troll society is the tiny sign on her tiara, which she's had remade over time.]

Are we reely having new arrivals again? It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what it was like...it's been sweeps and sweeps.

If you're just now arriving...I hesitate to say welcome. This isn't the kind of plaice anyguppy wants to wind up coming to, and I say that having been here for sweeps now.

It's dangerous here, for reasons that include monsters both human - the admins - and inhuman. But there are a lot of us who have been in this plaice for a very long time, and we're glad to kelp if you need anyfin at all. I'm Feferi, and if I'm not answering the network, I can usually be found in the aquarium, the pool, or the meadow. Please feel free to come find me.

...is everyone else holding up all right? You know me, I worry way too much about everyfin ever.

[OOC: apparently my troll math gets funky late at night, edited for slight correction on her age).]
16 December 2012 @ 05:38 am
)(ey, everyguppy. It's Feferi, and I )(ave good news and bad news.

T)(e good news is t)(at the coug)(ing, sneezing, fever, and all t)(e ot)(er flu symptoms go away in about five days or so. It sucks, but it's not forever.

T)(e bad news...w)(ale. I t)(ink it's betta for everybody t)(at knows me to stay away from me for a couple days more. I'm not quite mys)(ellf yet and I don't -- okay, yea)(, SCR--EW IT. T)(e flu )(as some reely crappy side effects t)(at don't go away w)(en the sneezing and all t)(at do. I'm absolutely conc)(vinced t)(at's t)(e admins' fault, t)(e bastards.

But yea)(. I'll be fine, I t)(ink. It's just betta that I keep to mys)(ellf till I'm s)(ore I'm okay.
09 December 2012 @ 01:50 am
)(i, tower. I don't remember if I )(ad any plans to )(ang out with anyguppy, but as tempting as it is to dive into a pile of people and stay t)(ere, it's probubbly not so smart. I'm s)(ore it's just t)(e weat)(er and t)(e food getting to me, but I don't feel so w)(ale. I've never caug)(t a )(uman sickness before, so I don't know w)(at to do and w)(at not to do about it.

T)(e last time I reely got sick was when I caught t)( t)(at fis)( flu t)(at went around a w)(ile back, but t)(ere wasn't muc)( to do about t)(at otter t)(an to stay out of t)(e water because your gills just got gunked up if you stayed in t)(ere too long. Not being able to breat)(e t)(roug)( t)(ose sucks w)(en you're underwater. So maybe snuggling up wit)( otter people will )(elp? Or somefin...

Does anyguppy know if t)(e restaurant is open and w)(at t)(ey're asking for rig)(t now? Maybe eating somefin besides t)(ese stupid bars will kelp a little.

[ooc translation: 'Hi, tower. I don't remember if I had any plans to hang out with anyguppy, but as tempting as it is to dive into a pile of people and stay there, it's probubbly not so smart. I'm shore it's just the weather and the food getting to me, but I don't feel so whale. I've never caught a human sickness before, so I don't know what to do and what not to do about it.

The last time I reely got sick was when I caught that fish flu that went around a while back, but there wasn't much to do about it otter than to stay out of the water because your gills just got gunked up if you stayed in there too long. Not being able to breathe through those sucks when you're underwater. So maybe snuggling up with other people will help? Or somefin...

Does anyguppy know if the restaurant is open and what they're asking for right now? Maybe eating somefin besides these stupid bars will kelp a little.]
02 September 2012 @ 11:48 pm
[Chihiro looks extremely excited because he's just found out that there is... there is a gym! Now he can train properly and soon be big and strong and manly! It's a dream come true~!!]

Good morning!
Is anyone here familiar with the use of the machinery in the gym and willing to teach me how to use them? I'd really, really like to make use of the gym as soon as possible!
Thank you very much for your kind attention!

Filtered away from Oowada Mondo & Kuwata Leon

Also, I'd like to thank everyone for their advice earlier. I'm more certain of my feelings now and I'll tell that person. I'm still a little scared but... I'll tell them! I'm sure I can do it!

27 August 2012 @ 03:11 pm
[When the video starts, the first thing I'm sure anyone would notice is that Kidou isn't wearing his goggles. For once, everyone can see his gorgeous red eyes. And if anyone were inclined to notice this kind of thing, he looks dead beat tired and a bit like he had rolled all over some dirt though that's not the case. Needless to say, he looked like a mess.]

Good afternoon... this is Kidou Yuuto.

[His voice doesn't have the normal liveliness to it, either.]

I was wondering if there was anyone who could work with glass in the Tower. [He holds up his goggles, showing off a bad crack in the right lens.] I'm not sure if anyone could fix this kind of crack, but if you'd be willing to help out, I'd really appreciate it. Even making a new lens would be okay.

... These goggles are really important to me.
23 August 2012 @ 11:41 pm
[Feferi's been careful to look nice for the camera this time, or as nice as she can look here. Her hair's brushed out, so it's not unruly, she's set her goggles off her head and is wearing them like a headband, her jewelry is on straight and looks shiny, and she's found lipstick so her lips are just the right shade.

But despite all that, she looks pretty upset and pretty nervous. Something's got her shaken up.]

Um, hi. It's Feferi. I have a question, after this...rude...conchversation...

...I know I look...different. But I don't look like a monster, do I? I never thought I did. I always thought I looked, whale, pretty. Not like I was full of myself or anyfin! But everyone should feel pretty, you know?

I mean, I know I don't look the same as a human gill looks, but I didn't think I looked like a monster. Not till now. If I look like that to anemoneone, I apologize. I'm reely not a monster.

...I also think that stuff that he's talking about is absolutely disgusting. I don't know where anyone would get such a sick idea. It kind of makes me want to throw up...
01 August 2012 @ 11:24 pm
[Feferi looks...tired. That's all you can really say about her, when she lets the video come on. She looks like she hasn't slept much, and she looks like she's gone somewhere to cry for a few minutes before calming down enough to speak.]

H-hi, everyone. I hope everyone's all right?

I - mm. I was going to ask whether or not anyone else's roommates weren't waking up, but...

Please be all right, Sayaka.

...what do you do when this place finally gets to you? I've been trying not to - to let it, but...I think I just really need some friends right now. I was up by the aquarium earlier and I think I'm gonna go back up there.

[She wipes at her eyes, and she thinks she's cut the feed, but:]

...it's never easy, this whole 'actually needing to step up and make decisions' princess stuff...
01 August 2012 @ 12:41 pm
I know a lot of you have noticed the unconscious people... so I'm not going to talk about that right now. Though it is worrying, and if anyone has any information about why it's happened, please tell me.

[It's obvious the boy isn't in highest spirits. He looks completely drained, and he's not even bothering to fake a smile. There's also a pause before he speaks up again, his voice a bit quiet and he's not looking at the screen anymore. It's as if he's scared to speak...] This message wasn't for the purpose of discussing the unconscious though...

It's been a few days, but I'm still bothered and I'm sure a lot of you are still upset too... So I would like to apologize for... bringing up what I brought up during the recent meeting. I feel as though the purpose of that meeting was a bit ruined and derailed and it's my fault.... so... [He steps back from the screen and bows deeply.]

I'm sorry.