23 April 2013 @ 07:52 pm
[Why hello Tower, here we have a rare sight. It's Kidou with his goggles off, showing off his beautiful red eyes! But he doesn't look very happy, and was there someone standing behind him for some reason?]

Good evening everyone, this is Kidou Yuuto...

[From behind Kidou, Genda steps to the side so he can wave at the camera.]

And I'm Genda! [waves!]

You all must be curious about why the two of us are sitting in front of a terminal like this... well... he and I had a little competition earlier this evening, and I have lost, unfortunately. We both wagered on it and because I lost, that means he gets to punish me in whatever way he wants. He chose.... a haircut.... [He says that almost as if the thought of cutting his beautiful dreads was going to kill him.]

[Genda laughs a bit, ruffling Kidou's hair.] You guys should be glad I won, really! Kidou'll look great with short hair! [Kidou makes a face at Genda and paps his hand away.]

I can't believe I'm letting you do this.... [Do you know how long it takes to dread his hair again Genda??? It'll be a hassle to do it after he grows it out...

He lets out a defeated sigh though.]

Anyway, let's get it over with already...

Alright! [The tower gets a nice view then, as Genda re-situates them both so everyone can watch while he chops off his friends hair, dread by dread by dread. They're gone for good, bro. Or at least, for a long time. All that's left is small, fuzzy curls.]


[There's a small silence as Kidou dreads (ha see what I did there) looking into the small mirror they brought with them. And when he does, there's even more of a silence as he makes a face almost akin to the kind of face you'd make if you were in pain.]

I look ridiculous.....

[There's another chuckle from the goalkeeper, as he starts cleaning his friend up.] No way, Kidou; I think you look great!


[And that's where a grumpy Kidou shuts the feed off, unable to show his ugly mug to his fellow Tower comrades any longer.]

(ooc: kidou is in red and genda is orange!)
13 March 2013 @ 07:24 pm

Were there always so many floors? I got lost a little earlier... did I miss something big?
21 November 2012 @ 10:12 pm
[Genda, for the record, is not very bright. Definitely not compared to his friends; he may have taken other language classes, but this does not mean he passed them.

So, in Japanese:]

Excuse me - er... I suppose I can't include "everyone" in these posts anymore.
But is there anyone besides Kidou, Sakuma, and myself who speak our language?

Feferi - do you?

[And now, in troubled and very accented English (aka one of the classes he has failed multiple times):]

I am... sorry! I... don't... English well.

[And he gives the feed the most embarrassed little bow, because even he knows how dumb that must sound.
And that's also when he cuts the feed because he does not want to do this anymore, no.]
24 August 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Hello. It's... ah. It's Genda again.

I just want to thank those of you who helped reassure Feferi of herself and stood up for her over the network not long ago.
Seeing so many people stop to cheer up someone I hold dear made my view of this place brighten, if only a little.

So thank you.

... And if the man who said those terrible things to her happens to be watching the network: Feferi and her kind are not monsters.
They're the farthest thing from monsters - even though they are different on the outside, they're people just like us on the inside.

What's on the outside doesn't matter, especially in a place like this.
11 July 2012 @ 09:11 pm
Ahh it seems we have some new members amongst us! Well hello kittens, Michel knows that this place isn't exactly a beautiful concert hall, but despite everything, we are trying to put a little joy in our lives! Tomorrow there will be a party celebrating not only the radiant Maya Amano, but all those who have had birthdays for the past few months.

You are all invited, of course! It would not be a party otherwise. And if you did not see my post last time - in which case, how shameful to have missed my visage, but regardless, there is also blind dates organized so that you may meet new friends and mingle with others. This is nor purely romantic of course, but who knows what might come out of that toss of fate...

Therefore, I give to you the list of names that have signed up so far!

[If you continue to read, you realize he has listed off the entire list of anyone who was signed up for a blind date, by themselves or otherwise.]

Now, now don't forget the rules; if you signed up, you cannot back out! Oh no, that would be wrong and of such terrible spirits! And if you were not signed up, then...that is how the apple falls from the tree, I'm afraid! Think of it this way; if someone deemed you important enough to sign you up, you must be important to someone! And that, my los residentes de la torre is in the spirit of tomorrow's party!

Speaking of which, there will be lovely little flower corsages' for those who wish to bestow it upon their date tomorrow found near the entrance. No, no you don't have to thank me...but rather my fellow bandmate, Jun Kurosu who was kind enough to assemble them. Do not worry yourselves silly either - this is not a requirement, but if you wish to capture your date's heart, one would think you should use all the chances presented to you, hmmm?
24 May 2012 @ 06:28 pm
[ooc: set after this thread, of course.]

[The video flips on - after maybe an hour of arguing with himself - and one (1) goalkeeper's beet red face shows up on the screen. He looks like he has something really important to say!!]

... Sakuma.
I know you're out there, perhaps listening, perhaps not, but this will - [A gulp] - it will be here, for when you check the network next!

This may be unconventional, and I know you will be angry about me for this, but...

[C-c'mon Genda, you can do it - if you don't Kidou will lord it over your head for ages...!]

... I-I love you, alright!?

[And now he's switching off the feed because he kind of feels like punching a certain googles wearing jerk with dreadlocks...]
22 May 2012 @ 04:29 pm
Miss Lina was right! There is a big white spider! It ate me! But I'm back now! Everyone has to be very careful though because being eaten by spiders isn't very nice!

[He doesn't look to worse for wear though and he smiles.]

The first meeting for all the people littler than fourteen is going to be this afternoon, in room 3-01! Anyone little enough is welcome to come!
21 May 2012 @ 09:46 am
[Even though the feed's started, Genda's quiet for a moment or so - it's unclear if he doesn't know the video's running, or if he's just nervous. But he does speak after a bit of silence, his face serious.]

Hello. I am... Er.
My name is Genda Koujirou - I am the goalkeeper of Neo Japan, if anyone is familiar with my team. I have a few questions, for those willing to listen and answer them. Please be respectful - I am new to all of this, so...

[How did Coach Hitomiko put it?]

... So backtalk won't be tolerated, alright?

[... Augh - he shakes his head at that, steeling himself again. Talking to presumably a lot of people - it's got him nervous. But his Coach wouldn't be nervous like this, and neither would the rest of his team!]

I want to know just a few things.
Was our world really "destroyed"? Is there real, tangible proof?
And where are we? Looking out the windows, there was only fog as far as I could see... it's odd.
Is there a way out of here?

[He pauses then, looking to the side, before looking back; he doesn't really want to believe there isn't, but...]

... If there is no way out, I have just a couple questions.
Is there a way to stay preoccupied? And what kind of animals live here?
Also, is there a soccer field? Or, at the very least, a field large enough for one?