26 January 2014 @ 08:07 pm
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The video opens up on Jade Curtiss, picking up and slipping on his glasses, then looking at the camera while smiling his usual unconcerned smile and wearing his usual military uniform.

"Forgive me my abruptness, but I'd like to conduct a little survey," he says pleasantly. "My name is Jade Curtiss, and I had the fascinating experience of my first death yesterday--at, apparently, the hands of Death itself, no less. When I awoke this morning, I couldn't help but wonder, what sorts of deaths have you all experienced thus far? If you wouldn't mind indulging my curiosity, please leave a response in whatever format you prefer with as much detail as you feel comfortable with giving.

"Please be aware that I will likely ask follow-up questions. This is, of course, completely optional. For those of you who do participate, thank you in advance for your cooperation."

He nods his head politely, then reaches forward for something off-screen. The video cuts there. ...Morbid much?
19 April 2013 @ 08:27 pm
[There's a moment where you can see Luke, looking angry and about to cry, before his fist suddenly descents on the terminal screen, punching it as hard as he can. The view rattles angrily, and again when he plants his hands down on either side of the keyboard hard. His voice is high pitched as he struggles not to cry, but it's a futile effort, and it's not long after he starts speaking before he can't see the terminal because of the tears.]

Jason, you damn bastard!!! How could you make me do those things?! How could you make anyone do those things!? I killed my friends; I killed people I care about because of you! And then you made us tell you about everyone!? Betray everyone?! You... you...!

[He just can't anymore; he sinks down against the terminal, just barely in view as he curls his arms around him, sobbing so hard it feels like his chest is going to burst. It's a moment before he can say anything more, and when he does, it's barely more than a whimper.]

...I hate you... I hate all of you...
04 February 2013 @ 11:55 am
So we're letting creeps into the library now, huh. Nice.

I wouldn't think that setting these terminals up as some sort of monster-laden booby trap was really a clever idea. Blame the weird technical earlier on the mass of construction, sure. Bait them to have something crawl out of the shadows when you have your back turned to read a message? Not so much.

But hey, joke successful, I guess. I'm surprised.
[And splattered with the blood of god-knows-what-that-was in an effort to rip himself out of the library, down the stairs and into the elevator. Details weren't exactly important right now.]

So, does this kind of trick happen a lot around here? Monsters braething down your neck, I mean.

[There's a slight pause before a second message is written up, a filter hastily applied.]


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28 January 2013 @ 02:51 pm
[Someone hated him. He's pretty sure of that. Well, no..

Lots of people hated him, on Auldrant, that is. Here, he hadn't been here long enough to annoy anyone to the length of which would deserve this kind of punishment.

The first sensation after waking up was the soreness. Everything ached and Jade couldn't open his eyes or move yet. Sleep paralysis, how he loathed it. Until here, he'd never had the displeasure of feeling it for any amount of time. When the soreness began to go away, tingling spread from his toes all the way up to his ears as his body continued to try to wake up.

When he could finally open his eyes, he was blearily staring at the ceiling and feeling like his mouth was stuffed with cotton. Every time he began to move any limbs, he could hear popping and cracking and other various old people noises. As he finally got himself to sit up, he hunched over and held his face, making a garbled noise. He was never sunshine and rainbows in the morning, but he was never this bad. Then again, he felt like he'd been asleep for a while; much longer than was necessary. There's a bit of a shift as Jade gets his legs over the side of the bed and sits there idly for a bit. Best to get all his faculties in order before he tries to get to a terminal.

When that's accomplished, Jade is up and going to get dressed before he goes into the hallway, shuffling for the first few steps before he gets himself back up to walking a bit better. When he's reached a terminal, he turns it on, his expression far less intense than it had been last time he'd addressed anyone.]

Is it normal in the Tower to fall asleep for three weeks?

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13 December 2012 @ 10:54 am
[Jade's finally awake, but he doesn't feel like he is. As the sleep paralysis wears off slowly, Jade becomes aware he's not in his own room. Nothing felt right, not to mention that he never slept in his uniform, even if it wasn't the complete thing. When he could move, Jade pushed himself up in the bed, wincing as his joints made complaints at the sudden movement. Seeing the notes, he picked up the first and glanced it over briefly, a frown crossing his face. Immediately concerned, Jade tried to get out of bed, only to have the lingering effects of the sleep paralysis turn him into a jumbled mess of blankets on the floor.

When he's finally back up, muttering to himself about the damn situation, he seems to search for something and finds the collar around his neck. After a few good minutes of attempting to remove it or find some sort of catch, Jade gives up and he's heading to the door. When he opens it, he leans on the doorframe and rubs his eyes before he surveys the area.

This was entirely abnormal and Jade did not like it one bit. There seemed to be people around, so he wasn't the only one who'd apparently been kidnapped. The Tower? Auldrant was destroyed..? No, there had to be some other explanation. He wasn't stopped, so he assumed the environment wasn't as hostile as he'd initially thought.

Jade finally spotted a Terminal in his searching. Being at least somewhat decent at technology, he approached it and began to fiddle with it, figuring out just what to do with it and how in a few minutes. He didn't have control of the system, so 'Corpse Hunt' was certainly not a command he could use. Too bad this wasn't the Tartarus.

When he did figure out the video function, Jade appeared over the network with a stern expression, the dishevelment from before smoothed out.]

This Commander Jade Curtiss requesting to be properly informed on the situation immediately.

[Even if this was going to result in setting off an alarm, he'd get some reaction from the place that would explain the situation a bit better. At the very least, he'd get some answers.]