02 July 2012 @ 05:29 pm
I-Is this thing on?

[The screen shows Tara, looking more than a little confused and lost as she fiddles around with the settings on the terminal. Those of who you know her might be able to tell that she's different in appearance. Gone is most of the softness to her body. Now, muscles can be seen on her arms, as her shaking hands move over the terminal's settings. Her face is leaner, more angled, less round. Even so, she still looks healthy. She's lost weight, since being voted out and dropped back into the tower. But she hasn't starved. She's taken care of herself.

She also looks like she's been crying. Even now, Tara takes a swipe at her eyes as though chasing away the last few tears.]

It's...is it usual for people to be just...gone? To just...go away and, a-and not be here anymore?

...does anyone know what happens to them? I mean...our worlds, th-they're gone, right? So...if they're not here...w-where are they?

[But she knows. She knows in her heart what's happened. And so Tara plunges on, onto new concerns, onto new friends, onto new life and new problems that she might just be able to do something about. Tara wipes at her eyes, sniffles a bit more, and then forces herself to look back up at the camera.]

Well...it looks like the food's back, a-and the power, and...I've seen some people that, th-that I thought were in the pods with us. Guess that means it's over, right? That's...th-that's good. That's s-something.

Are you all okay? Everyone? Being back here, and all. I mean...I-I can't do a lot, with healing. But I can do some. I know a potion. Trust me. I-It helps. So, i-if you're still not feeling great...give me a call.

...I'm okay. [Some of you will know that this is directed very deliberately at you.] I mean, I'm tired, but...I-I'm okay.

Cut for length and Tara making plans for future )

...th-thank you.

((ooc: Holy frack, sorry for the TL;DR. But these were all the points weighing heavily on Tara's mind, and I thought it made sense for her to get them all out of the way at once. I'll be making a proper log post in a couple of days, in case anyone would prefer to catch her there.))

02 July 2012 @ 02:05 pm
Hello, Tower.

If what this letter says is true, then my world has apparently been destroyed. You'll excuse me if I call that a load of bull. Maybe it's denial, but I can't accept that, not after everything that's happened. Not after what my allies and I went through in the Lockdown to save it.

So, long story short, does anyone know who or what was responsible for supposedly destroying all of our worlds? I need to have a word with them. Thank you in advance for hearing me out.

It seems I haven't introduced myself. Sorry about that.

[With that, the video flickers on, showing a girl with blue hair, blue eyes, odd headphones...and a long black cape. From the video, it looks like she's in the cafeteria already. She also looks pretty calm and wide-eyed for someone who was just implicitly threatening violence against people and/or creatures.] My name's Asako Minegishi, and if the circumstances were better, I'd say it's nice to meet you all.

Oh, um, does anyone know who's responsible for the cafeteria, by the way? I'd like to have a word with them about this oatmeal, too. I mean, I get that everyone's worlds have ended, so it's probably kinda hard to get supplies, but would it kill them to put in a little salt, for crying out loud? Thanks!

[...She's got a pretty cheery voice for someone who was just threatening violence, too. She grins for the camera, waves, and turns it off.

Tower, meet one of your newest residents.]
20 May 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Once upon a time, in heaven, Buddha sat down and looked into a pond.
And at the bottom of the pond, he saw hell and the damned.
There was a man, in hell, who only had a single good deed to his name.
Once, while walking in the woods, he chose not to kill a spider he was about to crush with his foot.
Buddha felt pity for the man, and threw down a single spider thread for him to climb out of hell.
The man began to climb, and was amazed to realize he might actually get out of hell that way.
But then he noticed others had started climbing up, too, and he feared the thread would snap.
He yelled at the others to get off, that it was his, and that was when thread did snap.
Down and down went the whole lot tumbling, back into the depths of hell.
And Buddha sighed and went on wandering.