08 October 2012 @ 12:41 am
Hey uh, I was thinking for a while...

And I think we should probably call the date here Tower Time or something. See, I was thinking about when I left home... which was in October my time. Now it's October again.

So my birthday is in June, but I kinda did some math. So my birthday is... [He holds up some <s>really complex math calculations</s> math problems. At the bottom and circled is November 21st.] Yeah, so... if nothing happened it'd be spring '86 back home for me. Which means all this temporal crap shifted everything and now I'm turning 18 on November 21st here in the Tower.

Guess I just kinda wanted to get things straight...

But anyway, I help if you want to know your Tower Time birthday.

[Marty seems preoccupied with this birthday idea. Hey, at least he's trying to get into this temporal thing. Maybe actually help the doc with the science.]

16 September 2012 @ 08:17 pm
[ Have a robot, guys. Text begins appearing on the Network at a ridiculously fast speed; no one can type this fast. ]

We are Legion, a terminal of the Geth and integrated member of the Normandy SR2, a Cerberus frigate run by the human known as Commander Shepard. We have downloaded all external data from this Network that was not blocked or filtered through other channels presently inaccessible to our hard drive. We have spoken with several "captives" thusfar.

However, there are still inquiries that we would desire data on. Thusfar, our research has proven that some of the lifeforms here are capable of self-defense, but not all of them. The creatures here can prove extremely dangerous. As such, we would like information on whether or not accurate Mass Effect field generators have been created to allow adequate shielding from shell damage.

We would also like to know if weapons production has been studied. We could reproduce or aid in the manufacturing of organic-friendly firearms that would not need ammo, and would run on energy instead. This would be conservative due to the limited amount of ammunition in this place.

The "trunk" with which we were given has spare parts and Elements. With help, we could reproduce Geth shielding technology and armaments, if this is desirable among the others captive here. If this is of any interest to others, we await your replies.

We will be stationed on the twenty-seventh floor for in-person inquiries if deemed necessary.