12 April 2014 @ 08:11 pm
[Ion clears his throat as the feed comes to life. He looks tired and shaken and most definitely uncertain about his choice to make this message a video.]

I apologize for any trouble I may experience in this recording, I...I'm afraid I'm not terribly used to using the Network, but I have an important announcement I feel is necessary to make. It's...

[He hesitates, taking a deep breath before he continues on.]

...it's been a few days since those of us who were transported to outside of the Tower returned. I'm sure many of you know Patrick Dawn. He was my roommate and my friend. I wasn't sure what to think when he didn't wake up with the rest of us. I kept hoping...

[Again, he pauses. Ion's face turns a bit stonier and he gets to the point.]

He died. Outside. I followed him when he wandered off and I meant to bring him back to the group but he--there was an accident with a machine.

[For most of the message thus far Ion had been unable to make direct eye contact with the screen, but here he looks up, eyes pleading.]

It's with a heavy heart I inform everyone that I do not believe Rick will be returning. I'm sorry. I couldn't save him. If anyone would like to join me and share in saying kind words, I'm going to be paying my respects to him tomorrow on the forty-eighth floor.

[With that said, Ion makes to turn off the feed but then hesitates, his expression darkening further. After a brief deliberation he speaks again.]

I have something else to say, and I hope you can forgive me for not...bringing this subject to light sooner. I should have, but I'll admit that I've been afraid to. For those of you I haven't already informed, on February 14th, Ruana...[Here Ion struggles briefly with his words.]...disposed of her heart.

[As an afterthought, he adds one final thought--] Please be careful. [--before the feed goes dark.]

((ooc: Ion will reply to any replies made to this post, but he may not be particularly talkative.))
07 March 2014 @ 03:44 pm
[As the feed starts, everyone can see a familiar, or unfamiliar, boy, looking quite worried. For those who don't recognize him, he probably looks like some kind of hero wannabe, with the weird hair, goggles pulled over his eyes, and the cape worn around his shoulders. The reality is, he's just a weird soccer player.]

...good afternoon everyone, this is Kidou Yuuto. It looks as though I was sent home again... and I get the feeling I've been away for quite a while. This place seems different, though I can't put my finger on why. Would anyone like to explain what has happened since I was last here?
07 February 2014 @ 12:31 am
[A text post on the network. Simply because if it's with a text and not a video, his expressions, however controlled, won't betray him.]

For anyone who didn't know yet, Hidetoshi Odagiri is gone. Any business you may have with him will be on hold.

As this is February and Ruana's month, do be careful around Valentine's Day (on the 14th of this month). If it's like the last few times, it won't be odd if you find yourself falling in love with someone and possibly risk death for a number of reasons.

[He remembers the previous Februaries he experienced here, which were really...something.

He'll be sticking around to watch the post. Or someone could walk up to him, as the young man is using one of the terminals in the dormitory hallways
04 February 2014 @ 01:30 am
Jin's gone

just as an fyi since he'd been here a long time

and if you want to take this post to whine about how you didn't like him, fuck off

gonna be watching movies if anyone wants to find me

[And indeed, for the rest of the day Ken will be found on the media floor, either watching movies (including his Featherman R DVD) or playing a shooting game.]
26 January 2014 @ 08:07 pm
[[OOC: This is backdated to the 16th, after the Nyx Avatar battle. I meant to make this post earlier, but so it goes. Better late than never!]]

The video opens up on Jade Curtiss, picking up and slipping on his glasses, then looking at the camera while smiling his usual unconcerned smile and wearing his usual military uniform.

"Forgive me my abruptness, but I'd like to conduct a little survey," he says pleasantly. "My name is Jade Curtiss, and I had the fascinating experience of my first death yesterday--at, apparently, the hands of Death itself, no less. When I awoke this morning, I couldn't help but wonder, what sorts of deaths have you all experienced thus far? If you wouldn't mind indulging my curiosity, please leave a response in whatever format you prefer with as much detail as you feel comfortable with giving.

"Please be aware that I will likely ask follow-up questions. This is, of course, completely optional. For those of you who do participate, thank you in advance for your cooperation."

He nods his head politely, then reaches forward for something off-screen. The video cuts there. ...Morbid much?
17 January 2014 @ 09:47 pm
[The feed opens to a Shirou who looked a bit tired, but then again it's still a bit early in the afternoon and everyone might be waking up too. Which is always the best timing for something like:]

Morning, everyone. Well, those who are actually up at this time, at least. It's still pretty early after all.

[For someone who had been through Sab- Arturia's training session, he seemed awfully normal about it. Then again he was used to it after all, even back home when it was still in one piece and not ruined as the telescopes showed him it's not a lie it really happened why is he still the only one saved.]

Considering the weather has been a bit... cold [understatement of the year] I'll be cooking brunch in the cafeteria, just let me know and I'll cook a portion for you! I mean, it does get boring if you all eat the same thing everyday, right?

[He seems sincere in his offer too!]

Oh, yeah, to those who don't know who to look for, my name is Shirou Emiya.
07 January 2014 @ 07:07 pm
[It's been a while since Yukiko has been in the Tower at all - three months, give or take a bit. It shows in her face when she appears on the video feed; this isn't the face of a surprised newcomer. It's the face of someone who has explored enough to know that while she was gone, a lot of her friends have left. Her voice is just a bit shaky when she speaks.]

...hello, Tower. This is Yukiko Amagi. I was here, before, and now I'm back. I think it's been about three months. It's kind of hard to tell time when it passes on a dead world. One day blends into another after a while.

[She pauses, briefly, taking a deep breath.]

I know that there were people from the Japanese town of Inaba here before. They were my friends. I also tried sending them a message. I - I know that they're all gone. The message said 'user not found' for all of them, and so I went down to the graveyard to doublecheck. They're definitely gone.

I'll be okay, though. I know they're gone now, but I can be strong enough for all of them. I know I'm back here for a reason, and that reason must be to make sure they're saved, in the end. Really saved, not just 'saved' as in pulled here again.

...so. What did I miss while I was gone?
06 January 2014 @ 01:51 pm
[It's Lorelei. For those who haven't encountered him yet, he looks remarkably (one could say exactly!!) like an older, adult Asch or Luke. Right now he looks fairly sober.]

It might be easy, with how things have gone recently, to give into despair and believe none of us are ever getting out of this place. I have chosen to believe that we will, and that our recent efforts against one of our captors proves that where there is a will, there is a way.

We simply weren't prepared enough this time.

[He frowns faintly.]

But aside from that. There is very little I can offer anyone here as consolation. We made our effort, and we failed. ... But I can offer this. Should we ever escape this Tower, should we lose these collars and regain the power that belongs to us.. ... I can't save your worlds. I can't repair the loss of life that's happened there.

But I can repair mine.

[There's no sense of bragging here at all.]

If ... we can't find a way to restore all worlds lost, but find a way to escape, then Auldrant will be open to any and all survivors of the Tower. You don't have to take up the offer, I will not force you. There will be those who would prefer to have their native homes or nothing at all. But for those of you who feel otherwise ... I offer what I can. And I can offer my world. It won't be your first homes, but it will be a home, somewhere to return to that won't ask who you are or what you are or even what you did. Everyone deserves a home. Everyone.

We just have to survive long enough to get there. Don't give up.
07 December 2013 @ 06:50 pm
I have a few quick questions if anyone wants to answer.

First, is there any sort of thing that happens during the holidays here? I was curious to know if anyone celebrates Christmas and what they've done the last few years?

Also, is there...something I should be expecting or worried about for my birthday? I know that this place isn't the greatest... But I don't want anything else to happen to myself or anyone else that I care about. [ he smiles ] Which reminds me, thank you for taking me to see the garden, Suzaku. I really appreciate it. And even though things have happened, I appreciate you taking care of Rolo and looking out for him.
04 October 2013 @ 12:02 am
Yu Narukami is no longer in the Tower.

If anyone needs me for the rest of the day, they can find me on floor 48.

[And anyone who does look for him will find him wandering between two graves - Yu's and Shinjiro's. Two years ago... he still feels somewhat conflicted about being saved, but he's glad it happened.]

[Still, losing a friend and an enemy turned friend is difficult.]
19 September 2013 @ 05:15 pm
This is Minato Arisato. I’ve been absent for the past month due to being sent home. Would anyone mind filling me in on what happened while I was gone?

[He already have the basics from Yu. But what if his roommate was unaware of other things? Hence the question.]

For a lighter question, what are some of your favourite activities/hobbies?

[A seemingly innocent, useless question. But it’s a topic Minato purposely choose for this just to talk to people, either via text or audio or just face to face. As long people talks, he's happy.]
07 July 2013 @ 05:26 pm
[The feed cuts on to a frantic-looking Nazi who's struggling to smile.]

Look. No, okay, look, ja? [He holds his hands up to the camera in a "calm down" motion.] There are three posts about that silly collar thing. Talk in those. Let us do something else now, okay?

[He lifts up a book.]

We are going to read some stories, then we may discuss them. That is fun und unrelated, right? Here, I will begin.

[He clears his throat.]

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...'
05 July 2013 @ 06:32 pm
✑ text

I do not know what happened to my own world, but I would ask that nobody visits Floor Twenty-Five, for now. I'll be headed there after I make this entry.

[ He has heard that it will always appear that way; peaceful spring weather, with a pretty meadow. Maybe then, if he stays there... his magic won't affect it. Hey, it was worth a try. ]

I don't wish to introduce myself. It is better if nobody here knows who I am, or what I am. Though if anyone encounters a book in either of the libraries titled 'The Book of Zeref,' tell me. I will dispose of it. I may be the only one here who knows how.

✒ action, floor twenty-five

[ And sure enough, there he is, later. He's kneeling in a small clearing, staring down at a certain white flour. The flower was oddly resilient. It wasn't wilting, wasn't turning black and crumbling to dust just from being near the Black Wizard. But isn't that how it always is? ]

Our world... destroyed.

[ He whispered to nobody in particular, feeling tears threaten to roll down his cheeks. He picked the small flower, ripping the stem between his fingers. It immediately wilted, the petals shriveling up and falling off, with the stem becoming coarse and rubbery. Zeref simply dropped it where it was. ]

Was it me? Was it Acnologia? [ Again, asking nobody in particular. ] I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe it was better off, after all.

{{ OOC: Zeref's magic makes it dangerous (and possibly deadly) just to be near him, so naturally, a permissions post was mandatory. }}
18 June 2013 @ 11:23 am
This is a bit embarrassing, but does anyone know where to find a prosthetic leg or cane? I got into a tangle with one of those new monsters recently and, well, that about explains it, don't you think? Of course I plan to put in a request, but I don't feel much like hopping everywhere in the meantime. Hopping is fun, but it's a lousy way to get around. Thanks for hearing me out.

PS: to the person who rescued me - thank you, and thanks to your friend. Sorry for the trouble.
[Yes, she's calling Minato's persona a friend, because what is a persona anyway?]
09 June 2013 @ 12:14 am
[Feferi clears her throat, when the feed comes on. And she's grinning. The other noticeable thing about her? Her hair. She wears flowers in it pretty often, but now, the green leaves of the multicolored blossoms are more prominent than the actual flowers.]

I'm Feferi Peixes, and it's sing-along time, Tower. This one's straight from the files of protest songs that my ancestor - some of you remember the Condesce - well, she had a bunch of songs banned. Her heiresses were expected to know them, so they could have anyone singing them killed.

I think it's time to break that rule entirely.

[She clears her throat. Anyone who is at all familiar with musicals? You'll recognize the tune of 'Do You Hear the People Sing'. It crossed worlds.]

Do you hear the sufferers sing?
Singing the songs of angry men
It is a music of a race that won't be
Beaten down again

When the blood rushing through your veins
Echoes the honking of the horns

You'll know there's an end to all the pain
Come tomorrow morn

[No. Feferi pauses. The words...they need changing.]

I'm sorry. Let me just...this is gonna be off the cuff from now on, forgive me. But I can't just sing the version the Condesce banned. It's not right.

Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
When all this glamour fades, is there a world you've longed to see?
Then join in the fight that will give us the right to be free!

Do you hear this Tower sing?
Singing a song that's writ in green
It is a music of a people
Stronger than you've ever seen

When the beating of your heart
Starts to be more than you can take
Show them you're strong, and play your part
I know you won't break!

Will you give all you can give,
So that the admins can't advance?
If we fall, or cry? We'll live -
it's up to you to take your chance!

Our blood, sweat, and tears will bring forth our resolve - that's our stance!

Do you hear this Tower sing?
Singing a song that's writ in green
It is a music of a people
Stronger than you've ever seen

When the beating of your heart
Starts to be more than you can take
Show them you're strong, and play your part
I know you won't break!

...for Sayaka. For everyone who's left this place. And for us.
25 May 2013 @ 10:39 am
[On one hand, he could keep quiet. But after weighing the pros and cons, he decided to make a post to the network.

It’s best if people are aware of this.

Avoid reading the message on the 31st floor, or else you will die. Try to avoid the floor for the time being. Or leave as soon as possible without reading it.

If you did read it, I’m sorry.

(OOC: IMPORTANT. Minato can die on the spot mid-thread. Let me know when it's okay for him to leave the thread.)
19 May 2013 @ 06:11 pm
[...Woooow there's a lot of posts on the network today. A lot of people sound really worried about a lot of crazy-sounding things...but what she's got to say doesn't sound that crazy, all things considered.

Worried as she is, Rise is still an idol at heart, and she smiles for the camera like a movie star.]

Hi hi! Rise Kujikawa here, bringing you all an important message!

I know things are kinda crazy today, and lots of people are saying really weird stuff, buuuut this is a little different, because this one's not that unbelievable.

So everyone, be really careful if you're eating the cafeteria food! There might be poisonous plants in it...and honestly, in a place like this, I'd say you're better off safe than sorry.

[Filtered to the Investigation Team + Nanako, Hidetoshi, Luke, Tohko, and (after a moment's debate) Asch, Ken, and Frederick + EDITED (at Luke's request) TO INCLUDE TEAR]

Even if it's not true, I don't think we should risk it, guys... So...who wants to go hunting and who wants to help me see what we can find to make in the kitchen? We should meet up for meals somewhere at least twice a day, and maybe we could invite more people, too.

[EDIT: brief additional video, filtered to the same crew as above]

Senpai says to meet up in the cafeteria, and we'll decide where to go from there!
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[Yukiko has seen the writing on the wall, and she feels like she has to say something about it. She thinks she's hit 'voice' on the terminal. But because the terminals themselves like to play tricks at the worst times, of course, it's coming up as video.

And she has no idea.

Her face is approximately the color of her sweater as she starts to speak.]

A-ah, hello. This is Yukiko Amagi. Um, I think everyone's...probably seen what's written on the dorm walls.

[She still doesn't realize that this is video, so her little sigh and toss of her hair and added blush? All perfectly visible.]

...that whole 'Amagi Challenge' thing? It's kind of embarrassing, but that's how people referred to trying to actually get me to go out with them back home. I was always really busy with working and school, and, well, I didn't always read the situation well. So I pretty much wound up always saying no to everyone that tried asking me out on a date.

[She giggles, then, playing with a bit of her hair and smiling.]

But, well...I guess there's no sense in hiding it anymore, is there? I was going to say something to my friends privately, but since everyone can see it for themselves, I really shouldn't deny the truth. I'm dating Ryoji Mochizuki. And I'm really, really happy.

I think I might even be -

[She claps a hand over her mouth, shaking her head furiously.]

No, no, I can't say that much, not in such a public space! It's one thing to say the truth, but I can't tell everyone everything that I feel! There are things in a girl's heart that she just can't say in such a public space.

I just - it's not moving too fast, okay? Maybe we do spend a lot of time together, but that's perfectly normal! It's fine to want to be around someone you're going out with! Sheesh, saying things like that is way too much.

So that's that, all right? That's the truth of the situation, nothing more.
02 May 2013 @ 04:44 pm
[Arturia appears on the video, turned halfway and politely asking someone behind her to step to the side. Those who are not new to the Tower will recognize it as a retrieval unit. Apparently the one following Arturia is obliging enough to move out of the frame when she politely asks. She turns back to the screen, runs a hand through her hair to straighten it out. Then begins speaking, apparently unaware she hit the 'record' button a few seconds too early.]

Good evening. For those who don't know me I am 'Saber of White,' a resident who has stayed in the Tower for four months now.

In my time here, a colleague of mine named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and I have been working on a map of the residential area of the Tower. It includes a list of the dangers of the various floors and the monsters that normally lurk there.

We've recently completed the map and would like the help of the residents of the Tower. Our intention is to create copies and pass them out among the populace so they will be aware of the dangers here. However, we are only two people. Is there anyone amongst you willing to help us pen and create copies? Diarmuid is on another terminal in the media room and will be answering questions alongside myself if you have any.

(ooc: As usual, threadjacking is a-okay! Replies will come from both Diarmuid and Arturia.)
19 April 2013 @ 09:02 pm
[Feferi can't face the network, and she really can't face anyone she knows in person right now, so this is only voice. And it sounds tired, and defeated. It's clear she's been crying, a lot, and she just sounds broken - not angry, just broken.]

...I'm done.

I can't do it anymore. What is the fucking point, when my words are only going to be used as a weapon against us? If I can't trust people I love...and it's not even their fault. I know that it's not, but I...I can't handle this uncertainty. I could handle having my heart broken, but I...I can't handle this.

Congratulations, Jason. You wanted to find the exact point at which Feferi Peixes can't handle the shit that you throw at her anymore? Well, this is it. I'm done.

My lusus - my guardian, my mother, sort of - is here. Don't worry; she can't hurt anyone, not with me around. I'm going to be with her for a while. Don't come looking for me. I breathe underwater, she is underwater, and most of you couldn't get there anyway. I don't want those that can - assuming any of you can - trying. I don't want to talk. I just want -

[She starts to laugh, and then her laughs turn to sobs, which she has to calm before she can speak again.]

- you know, I found out a while ago that if I hadn't been brought here, I would have died roughly fifteen minutes after my last memory from home. Till now, I thought there was a point to fighting, because I didn't want that to be my end. But I just don't know anymore.